Craig groeschel relationship sermon

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craig groeschel relationship sermon

Videos of Messages. Speaker: Craig Groeschel · Biblical · Character · Discipline · Instruction · Relationships · TXT. The Bible is much more than a book of stories and rules from the. Instead, her list would include the relationships she has with her family, her interactions with friends, teachers, coaches, mentors and, most importantly, her.

We have the power to do friendship on our own terms. I can read a text, respond to it, not respond, or respond later. I see that friend who posted another cat picture.

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The author of Hebrews said: Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them. When we pray together, study together, join in small group together. How do you show love? One very acceptable way right now is to text them or send them a message: You can actually use it to call.

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Go visit them face to face over a cup of coffee. Put a hand on a shoulder. Give an appropriate hug.

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I experienced the power of presence when I first became a pastor at SCC. I quickly met Ken and Mary Ziegler. Over my first year or so of being a pastor he was in and out of the hospital quite often, and in my second year his health deteriorated quickly. Toward the end of his life he was moved to home and given palliative care. I visited Ken and Mary several times. I have also been the recipient of this kind of presence.

I remember one day when Bill Chu, a fellow pastor and friend of mine, and I were planning on getting together to discuss some strategy about our mission and ministry. We had some very specific things we wanted to talk about, but something happened that day.

He was present to me and prayed with me and encouraged me in my time of struggle. Friends, do life together because life is better together. Be present together in this or any of the other twenty-three small groups this semester. You also need to be emotionally and completely engaged. Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.

They are alone together. What if we were in the middle of conversation over coffee you pulled out a book and read two pages? Then you kept talking a bit.

craig groeschel relationship sermon

Then you pulled out your to do list and did something on it. Then you talked a little bit. Then you walked off and talked to someone else. Then came back and talked. What kind of friendship is that? Not any kind that I want. Rules of Engagement So let me suggest four simple rules of engagement.

First, turn the notifications off on your phone. No phones during meals.

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Third, turn off your phone during your small group. Fourth, make this a rule in your house: On a side note: God would rather have you cold than lukewarm.

Three chapters into Acts, we got bored and skipped to Romans.

craig groeschel relationship sermon

Midway through Romans, I got so excited that I started reading ahead. When I reached Ephesians, I encountered two verses that would forever change my life: The next thing we hear is: Kneeling on the grass, I heard a voice.

With me, you have everything. Was that Christ speaking to him? But what it did say sounds familiar: Yes, that was Satan speaking to Christ.

No, he comes as an angel of light, speaking as if he is God or represents the truth of God.

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But Jesus knew who He was dealing with: They must be filled with the Holy Spirit, taught, trained, and above all, brought into submission of the cross. Paul was confronted on his sins against God.

craig groeschel relationship sermon

Paul was told against Whom he offended and Who was speaking to him. Paul was given specific instructions. Paul was greatly shaken, as are all who come into contact with God.

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Craig was elated, as is often the case with those in touch with the one who savors the things of men Matthew He came out of them; he was no longer partisan or denominational; he preached against those. In his fresh revelation and zeal, Paul was creating problems for the Body of Christ, however, and needed to be set aside.

Craig just kept going in the works of men, where he still is, decades later. And Craig presents no threat to the dark side. He IS the dark side. Paul, after many years, was called by God to the ministry ordained for him from the beginning, witnessed before godly men. No such thing with Craig. How can atheists minister the faith of Christ to others? That is plainly unscriptural and preposterous. The Lord guides, corrects, and above all, accomplishes all His will in His true servants.

craig groeschel relationship sermon

The reason Groeschel has been an atheist is because God is absent from his life, despite anything he says to the contrary. Craig has been on his own, doing his own thing, as you will be with his counsel, which is full of Scriptural platitudes and general statements that sound good, but go nowhere. If you used to be close, you can be close again. Yes, God wants your obedience, but he wants your heart even more. He says over and over again that if you seek him, you will find him Deut.

Get to know him and allow his presence to impact every area of your life, every day…. Get to know God. When you do, you will never be the same. For example, Craig says you can find God by reading the Bible.