Doctor who season 8 episode 12 ending relationship

doctor who season 8 episode 12 ending relationship

The hour-long series finale, dramatically titled The Doctor Falls, was a twisting . For me, the original Bill/Heather relationship hadn't resonated. Doctor Who - “Death In Heaven” (Season 8, Episode 12) Recap/Analysis her to shut off his emotions to avoid the pain of their relationship. Indeed, many of the problems with season eight (and Moffat's run on Outside of the three-part finale and a general sense that the season's mysteries . the deeply felt connection between her and the Doctor didn't always.

doctor who season 8 episode 12 ending relationship

The Mondasian Cybermen Credit: When the homesteaders shot them, then tied them back to their stakes, it was almost like an origin story for scarecrows. Peter Capaldi had long called for the return of the Mondasianshis favourite Who monsters in childhood.

Death in Heaven

Cute kids added some heart to the drama The Doctor made his final stand to protect a tiny band of humans from destruction — and fittingly for this family-friendly show, they were a bunch of pint-sized ragamuffins with a few token adults.

Was it just me or did you think she was going to be a young Bill in flashback? It was the hair wot dun it. It was reminiscent of The Magnificent Seven, with Cybermen invading the settlement instead of bandits, while our plucky heroes fended them off.

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See what he did there? Doctor Who Who is Nardole? He escaped from the Master and Missy, hot-wired a space shuttle from the hospital loading bay and flew up to rescue the Doctor from the rooftop — before bashing the ship up through odd floors to the solar farm level.

See ya, secret badass. Samantha Spiro as Hazran Credit: Amid the gags, this episode was also full of emotional goodbyes. Pearl Mackie hinted as much in the run-up to the finale, saying: First Doctor compensated for fudged ending Just when we were scratching our heads over that Heather twist, all was forgiven.

Which is why their final goodbye for now so perfectly reflects their relationship's current status. Thankfully, and I've said over and over, the dynamics between Clara and The Doctor have always been the crux of this season, the finale feels both natural and necessary. Too bad I can't say the same for the rest of the episode. The finale had some major plot problems.

doctor who season 8 episode 12 ending relationship

Firstly, Missy's plan ended in a bizarre and lazy twist. Maybe the army gift would have worked on its own, but there were so many plot points revealed with no resolution or payoff. We find out that Missy gave Clara The Doctor's phone number, because she wanted them together—but her reasoning is flat, at best.

Its representative of the whole storyline up to this point; all the components are cool, but when examined under the tiniest bit of scrutiny, the causal events that led us to the endpoint are weak and unimaginative.

Like The Doctor's new position as "President of the World"—a completely laughable idea even superficially—Missy's role in Clara and The Doctor's relationship is introduced without much explanation for why it's even worth mentioning. What's worse is Danny's final act in the afterlife. He sends the child he accidently killed in Afghanistan back to the world of the living, leaving Clara with the responsibility to return him to his family.

Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 12 Review: ”Death in Heaven”

Me and the Doctor bandied around a few, not enormously imaginative, theories — ranging from Me part human-part Mirethe Doctor potentially also half-humanand a two-person hybrid of the Doctor and Clara.

The big threat to all of time and space transpired to be not that big a deal. The Doctor barely cared. But when Danny died at the end of the series without ever having reproduced it left a big question mark over how Orson Pink ever came to exist. Many speculated that Clara would turn out to be pregnant, but it was not to be. Does this mean that Clara will travel back in time to somehow be reunited with Danny? Clare Higgins as Ohlia in Doctor Who: Hell Bent 5 But what about the other Claras?