Domestic violence relationship fanfic

Domestic Abuse Chapter 1: Her name is Mabel, a gravity falls fanfic | FanFiction

domestic violence relationship fanfic

you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about #domestic-abuse on Wattpad. domesticabuse. abuse. domesticviolence. violence. romance. love. fanfiction. Aug 17, This story contains scenes of Abuse, physical mental and emotional. Scenes of graphic violence and Domestic Abuse. This is also a trigger. National Domestic Violence Hotline is available to help victims and survivors of domestic violence. Get help for your relationship abuse today.

He finishes work at 5: I hear someone come through the door. Great and the cheater returns!

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Just call me babe. What am I doing?

Jack gets up of the floor, gently holding his cheek "It's fine babe I mean I'm use to it" I smile slightly "I'm going to go and get some air" I say grabbing my bag, running out of the door.

I rest against our brick built house, sobbing silently. Am I turning to him? No of course not! I smile to myself slightly and walk back inside, and see Jack on the phone to someone. I tilt my head slightly, feeling my anger lower "You can't tell you didn't deserve that one" "I keep losing track which one was that for?

domestic violence relationship fanfic

We all know that means your going to dump me! I rest my hand on my bump slightly "Sure! I'll even drive myself.

Domestic Violence, a kickin' it fanfic | FanFiction

Jack nods warily, and walks outside and climbs into my bright red 'beetle, I smile at him as I get inside my car. Jack doesn't respond he just looks down.

If it isn't you talking to girls it's you working to late or not helping me decide on a paint colour" I say pulling up.

domestic violence relationship fanfic

I'll wait for you! He doesn't even deserve me driving him! Heartbroken over his family and his so called friends, Logan ran away to California with Chad and his scholarship to pursue his career with his mate. Like all of his life, Logan was doing great in school and his and Chad's relationship only grew stronger. Until about 2 years after graduation.

Logan and Chad got in an argument over Logan not listening to Chad, and Chad just got so angry Chad had always been stronger. Chad soon apologized, and Logan forgave him and figured it wouldn't happen again Over the course of 3 years after that,it got progressively worse to the point where it's counted as domestic violence, and Logan can't fight back Chad would just get so angry. It took a toll on Logan's school.

Logan had to pay medical bills for the broken limbs of Chad's range.

domestic violence relationship fanfic

Chad quit his job and forced Logan to take care of him, basically wasting Logan's scholarship money, so Logan had to drop out of school. This on top of the abuse that was still happening. He lost weight because he wasn't eating as often Chad wouldn't allow him to. He basically got things for Chad, while he withered away to nothing and dwelling on this, he turned to cutting. It was just a way to get a relief from everything happening.

You know what the worst part is? It's what Logan thinks about when he cuts deeply, because it hurts the most. He gave up his entire life; gave his life for a boy that he thought he loved and that he thought loved him, and he can't take it back or fix it Carlos Garcia on the other hand, had a pretty good life going for himself.

Growing up, Carlos stuck by his very close friends, Kendall and James even though he had plenty of friends. Carlos, Kendall, and James were a team and it was odd to see one of them alone or two of them without the other. Carlos discovered he was gay when he was a teenager and he kissed a boy at a party…he liked it.

He told Kendall and James about his discovery and they praised him for his boldness. They didn't treat him any differently and they hung out just the same as they did before.

Kendall and James were just amazing friends that were always there through thick and thin.

domestic violence relationship fanfic

Confident with the support of his best friends, Carlos came out and that went well for him. Of course there was the occasional homophobic asshole, but Carlos kept his head high, and ignored them, smiling.