Fatal frame 2 nightmare ending relationship

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fatal frame 2 nightmare ending relationship

Awesome Music: The Ending songs performed by Tsukiko Amano. Of course, people with terrible Internet connection are absolutely screwed. Nightmare Retardant: Some of the unlockable costumes look so out of place that they The Scrappy: Mayu and Rui (from Fatal Frame II and V) are this due to being The Load. Successfully complete the game on the hard difficulty setting to view the alternate ending and unlock the "Nightmare Mode" and "Album" options, the true ending. True Ending of Fatal Frame 2. Have a good marriage you too!" sisters were able to find love in their relationship like how Yae and Sae did.

Of course, people with terrible Internet connection are absolutely screwed. And now we have the revelation that the skimpy alternate costumes, common to every past Fatal Frame, are being replaced with Nintendo themed costume. Though the base had always been broken about the fact that vulnerable pre-teen girls would run around in bikinis.

Fatal Frame V took it Up to Eleven by having the female characters have dessous as costumes, plus Gainaxing, creating an outrage.

Nightmare Mode - Zero Wiki

In III, it grants Rei and Kei unlimited Spirit Powerallowing them to spam their lens attacks like crazy, and grants Miku unlimited Double charges, guaranteeing she deals insane damage every time. It's also the most difficult function to unlock in both games, requiring you to complete all missions with the highest ranking possible S in III, SS in V and on the highest difficultywhich makes it a Bragging Rights Reward more than anything.

Miku and Rei gave off mild vibes in the third game. Do you need to sleep in here with me? Miya and Misaki also have a few moments which are And Female Head rolls in midair as she moves, which just makes her hilarious. The English voice acting is honestly terrible in places with V being the most notorious offenderwhich can make it difficult to take things seriously.

For example, the monologues in the tapes across the series detailing horrifying events happening to them while in the same placid monotone that someone would use for recording machine instructions. During the third game, Rei wakes up and gets surprised by Yoshino's ghost slipping onto her bed and grabbing her wrist. There's a few seconds of silence as the camera remains still on Rei and then Yoshino.

Rei's face looks less like it's saying, " Oh, Crap! Some of the unlockable costumes look so out of place that they make it hard to take the games and all the horror elements seriously.

This was actually a criticism for Maiden of Black Water. IV has a number of bugs, with a couple being particularly notable. The biggest ones are the game freezing if you take a logical though thankfully incorrect path through something, and six ghosts being glitched and not being recorded properly, thus preventing you from getting the Festival Lens without hacking or a cheating device.

This is actually what kept it from being localized: Nintendo wouldn't publish it abroad unless Tecmo fixed the bugs, which they were unwilling to do.

fatal frame 2 nightmare ending relationship

Now with its own page. Mayu's also hated for being a Manipulative Bitch and for getting her and her sister lost in All God's Village, and Rui gets hate for being a boring Satellite Love Interest and not doing much apart from being a Damsel Scrappy.

The Stealth-Based Mission in III; while there is precedent for being stripped of your camera, III takes the cake by forcing a character on the player whose ability to squat behind things is advertised as his 'special ability'.

Made even worse by it not working most of the time.

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From the same game, the frickin' candles. After a certain part of the game, the whole house becomes covered in miasma, causing more and more dangerous ghosts than usual to appear, including Reika who is unkillable and kills you in one hit even if you have a Stone Mirror. Also, the whole game turns black and white, making it hard to see anything. The only way to counter this is to find candles, but they last a few minutes at best, are scattered at inconvenient locations in the manor, so you have to go out of your way to find them.

fatal frame 2 nightmare ending relationship

In the end, you're stuck between a rock and a hard place: Do you hunt for the next candle being hunted yourself by Reika on the way in order to be able to proceed more safely to the next location you actually need to be, or do you just try to rush on without and risk getting one-shotted somewhere close to your goal.

Good luck trying to kill those required ghosts with an unkillable one-hit-kill distraction chasing you around! Permanently distorting the player's view and forcing them to run as fast as possible without paying attention to their surroundings in a game which in no small part relies on its visual aesthetics? I see nothing wrong with this plan In IV, the piano segments.

fatal frame 2 nightmare ending relationship

They require you to point at the narrow keyboard keys with game tending to think you hit the ones next to them instead, and they're also picky about timing. To make things worse, if you fail three times at the end of the final boss fight, you have to fight Sakuya again and repeat the process. Whose bright idea was it to force you to fight through a long series of tunnels starving you of checkpoints?

Right before the instant kill boss? Can lead to potential Paranoia Fuel of a ghost suddenly jumping out at you, but ultimately fails at the frequency of having to watch an unnecessarily long scene of Mio picking up an item, instead of simply picking the item up with a simple push of the button.

Mio has a bandage over her eyes since the Malice has blinded her. Mayu asks Mio if she's ready to go. They get up and Mio starts to walk away. Then there's a voiceover of Mayu saying "We will always be together" as she watches her sister. Game must be completed on Hard or Nightmare mode for the Playstation 2 version. Game must be completed on Fatal mode for the Xbox version. The Lingering Scent Ending "I'm sorry. I can't keep our promise. Mio runs through the stone tunnels underneath the shrine.

fatal frame 2 nightmare ending relationship

She stops and starts to look over her shoulder. When she hears Itsuki's voice scream "Don't look back! There's a closeup of Mio's face with Sae walking towards her reflected in her eyes. The screen fades to white. Mio wakes up in the forest, near a stream.

fatal frame 2 nightmare ending relationship

She calls for Mayu, becoming more frantic each time, and receives no response. The screen fades to black, and it is heard Sae saying "I'll wait Can obtained on any difficulty setting Player must enter the underground tunnel beneath Kureha Shrine on the Final Chapter. When she finally arrives, the spirit of Yae Kurosawa emerges from her body, and runs towards Mayu. Mayu then takes on the appearance of Sae, and the Kurosawa twins are reunited.

Yae apologizes for leaving her sister behind, and they promise to stay together forever. They approach the abyss hand-in-hand and, after the crimson cords tied to their kimonos are fused together, they are decided to jump into the void, determined to finally become one.

In the instant before they jump, Mio rushes towards them and grabs her sister away from Sae's spirit.

Fatal Frame II Endings

Mio and Mayu are saved from the fate of the twins, and Sae and Yae complete their ritual, saving their village and eternally staying together. Crimson butterflies are then shown fluttering out from the abyss, and, while Mio and Mayu exit, the butterflies fly up to the night sky as the spirits of the villagers look on.

On their way to leave the village, Mio apologizes to Mayu for letting her fall and break her leg in the past. Mayu confesses her fear of living and dying apart from her twin sister, but realizes that Mio has always been with her. Lastly, Mio promises that she will never let Mayu go again and the two look towards the sunrise.

  • Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Director's Cut
  • Nightmare Mode

Can only be achieved on the Xbox version. Game must be completed on Nightmare mode. Deep Crimson Butterfly Wii Edition Endings These endings aren't canon, but serve as adition for this version of the game.

Shadow Festival Ending Edit Mio encounters one last time the Kusabi, but takes for her a while to defeat it more than 5 minutesfrom which this causes the events from All God's Village repeat itself.

Mio seems tired from the Kusabi fight, stumbling in the effort to move forward, after a few steps she stops in the first shrine before the stairs, seeing the ghosts of the people that were doing the ritual fleeing upstairs, screaming that The Repeatance was coming. She gets worried deeply, for what she tries to be quick on arriving where Mayu is, only to see her kneeling close to the abyss.

Mayu, possesed by Sae, starts talking to Mayu, that now sees herself as Yae, saying that The Repeteance was coming towards the surface, sounding happy on the fact Yae returned, but sad that it was too late, and that she preffered for her to had abandoned her so she was "at least saved". Meanwhile, from the Abyss, The Repeantance starts to come out, about to shroud the village in darkness.

Mio, surrending, kneels close to Mayu, saying that it would be hard for her to live without her, with all "the sadness and pain" she would have to endure, but that she was happy to be with her, even if it were in "such a short time". While the scene quickly swaps to a flashback from both Mio and Mayu, where they are wearing kimonos that not only have a different color, but also a different pattern, seeming to be enjoying a Red Lantern festival, where they not only were happy to be together, but also let go each one their lantern, making them float up towards the sky.