Female led relationship marriage problems

A Dominant Wife: Why Do Men Thrive in Female Led Relationships?

female led relationship marriage problems

A Female-Led Marriage is a relationship designed by the couple to . of the marriage problems for Adam and Eve (and all other marriages from. The FemDom Relationship Guide: How to build a lasting and successful female led relationship with a submissive man - Kindle edition by Caroline Peel. We're a married couple and outside of the Female-Led Relationship have a problem in not accepting a feminised male and a wife-dominated.

He did not want to force his leadership too, to maintain the "peace" in our home.

Female Led Relationship: What It Is And 17 Reasons Why It Works Great

Our Wife-Led Marriage I was so miserable nearly every day! I felt "masculated" and unfeminine, and I hated it! I earned more than him and had lots of career opportunities, and from the outset looked like I was enjoying myself and my status.

But in my heart of hearts, I felt uneasy and lacking in peace. Even though we sort of "agreed" to have a wife-led marriage, it felt wrong. Well, come to think of it, he "agreed" because he did not have much choice. I would have led it even if he had protested! After all, I felt much more capable to do so. I was so prideful and full of myself. I felt like I was forcing a square peg in a round hole every day. I felt ill at ease and restless. I felt so manly. By the way, Dong's real name is Andre which meant "manly" but he was feeling everything but "manly" during our wife-led period.

I resented Dong for 'forcing' me to provide for, take care of, and lead the family, and still do wifely duties for him on top of all those paternal responsibilities! He never forced me though. Leading a school presentation with Therese singing with me and Dong playing the role of our ice cream man.

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Didn't I get my way by being the self-imposed family leader? And Dong had acquiesced that role to me lovingly because I wanted it and I have made it clear to both of us that I was more capable of leading? I had the authority to make decisions and had the final word on decisions, right?

So, the family was going in the direction I wanted it to go, right? So, why was I far from elated? Instead, why did I feel so disconsolate?! Dong on the other hand, felt so useless and redundant that he felt that maybe it would be better if we just separated!: Eve's marriage to Adam. As is true of many issues, it all goes back to the Garden of Eden: Allow me to quote De Moss on why this was to be the start of the marriage problems for Adam and Eve and all other marriages from then onwards!

The couple is together in the garden. The Serpent approaches them, ignores the man, and strikes up a conversation with the woman. Notice satan's strategy to subvert God's authority structure by going directly to the woman. Satan starts the exchange by asking her a question: At this point, notice what the woman does not do.

She does not acknowledge her husband, who is standing by her side. She does not say to the Serpent, "I'd like for you to meet my husband. Further, when it comes to make a choice, she takes matters into her own hands. She does not consult with her husband on the matter; she does not ask for input or direction; she simply acts: He is doing what a lot of women tell me their husbands do much of the time: He doesn't interfere; he doesn't get involved.

female led relationship marriage problems

All of a sudden, we have the first role reversal. Even bottle openers know their roles! God created the man first and gave him the responsibility to lead and feed those under his care.

The woman, created from man, was made to be a receiver, to respond to the initiative of her husband. Even the physiological differences between men and women express this fundamental difference. But who is leading and feeding in this account? Not the man, but the woman. Not the woman, but the man.

Female Led Relationship Rules in 2018

There is only one thing which brings me to my knees, and that is a beautiful, confident woman. Do you think you could go grab any woman, hand her a whip, and tell her to dominate me? Let her whip me, and listen to me cry. I love her, I adore her, she loves, and adores me. Neither of us lives for this, it is simply a part of our relationship. I know this, you people who sit in judgment definately do not have as happy a relationship as my wife and I do, I know this for a fact. How many of you nay-sayers are in great relationships?

When was the last time you actually communicated openly with your partner? We do it on a continual basis, so go get jealous, you should. Do not speak about what is natural and what is not, do not be so certain that what you believe to be the truth actually is. Please check my name, yes, my wife named me this. Do I make fun of people for their plain, ordinary, boring vanilla lives? Does your husband treat you like the Queen you deserve to be? Does your submissive, bambi wife, with her Twenty word vocabulary please you?

Call me a wimp, ok. And they discovered that their wives could actually enjoy sex and want sex but sex of a very different sort. Slower, gentler, more aware and more intense. By taking a lead wives were able to get what they wanted and, as importantly, move their husbands away from a purely male perspective on sex. Different women managed this different ways but, as I detailed in my answer on whether male chastity is necessary in a female led marriagethis often entails taking control of a man's ejaculations.

When a man gives up his "right" to ejaculate without his wife's permission and, sometimes, assistance he is, in fact, stepping away from an old conception of the masculine as being deeply independent.

Female Led Relationship: What It Is and 17 Reasons Why It Works Perfectly

He is accepting a new sexual role. A role in which he can relax because he does not have to pretend that he is in charge. As the relationship evolves, ejaculation itself may be separated from the couple's increasingly female focused sexuality. A man's "need" to ejaculate is vastly over estimated and a clever wife can often train her husband to come in a tissue, once a week, under her supervision. The rest of the time, if she desires, his oral attentions and, if she enjoys penetration, his hard but obedient cock are all that are required.

Once a man realizes that he is no longer in charge of the couple's sexuality or, in fact, his own ejaculations, he may be a bit bewildered but he is also relieved of performance anxiety. Other than being hard when his wife wants to fuck him, he becomes the subject of her attentions rather than feeling obliged to initiate sex.

female led relationship marriage problems

And he can focus on how best to please his wife without thinking about his own pleasure because he knows that he will almost never be allowed to ejaculate or orgasm while pleasuring his wife. While this is frustrating at first, men are simple creatures and will soon accept their wife's complete control of the couple's sexuality. Better still, because the now dominant wife only has sex when she wants it and how she wants it the couple will tend to be a lot more sexually content.

Even if female leadership stops at the bedroom door, a man who becomes sexually submissive to his wife will find that his own sexuality, his own sense of his masculinity, will be transformed. Instead of having to carry the weight of conventional male expectations, he simply needs to do as he is told and both he and his wife will be delighted. Of course, many female led relationships go well past the bedroom door with a husband quickly becoming submissive and obedient to his wife in most or all aspects of the relationship.

Which has huge benefits.