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I see some ppl feeling unsatisfied with Nation's MC joined FNC. . People say I threw them aside but in reality, we have a good relationship. always having this love-hate r/s that in the end, mischievous Hongki gets his way. Below are some long distance relationship lessons from On The .. relationships (I'll talk about them in another blog /fist), but at the end of the .. Therefore, watching FNC Kingdom in Hongkong is a dream come true for me. The family concert is called 'FNC Kingdom,' and was held in early in Japan for two nights. Like A Child - great song to end their performance contact and meet again as adults and then get involved in a relationship.

Gong Seungyeon supports 'Husband' Lee Jonghyun by attending FNC Kingdom concert

Leah and Clark enter the long distance phase in their relationship without talking about it. They were not even to see each other even on the last minute before Leah left the country. Sorry, we just finished our meeting. Why is it so late? Where did you go? We had a meeting with the Artmart Team. You mean with Simon?

Yes, Simon is there. But there are a lot of other teammates there. Learn how to communicate your feelings slowly but surely. Nothing is worst than saying hurtful words because you will not have the chance to take it back once you said it. Leah becomes busy at work.

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Multitasking while talking to Clark does not even become a good option. Since Leah, becomes so distracted, their talk time becomes lesser everyday — add the time zone difference and a lot of jealousy built up before that. Even though it is really not intentional, the way how Clark is being treated during their long distance relationship is really bad. Make talking to your partner a priority at least one hour a day with no distractions.

This is a great challenge if you and your partner are living in different time zones. Turn off your phone, do not scroll in Facebook — just talk to each other. Setting aside a designated time for your daily talks will help both of you in the long run. Gone are the days of snail mails that comes once a month. Leah, until when are we going to be like this? Clark, I love you so much but please understand.

Leah, for once, please choose me. Also marks Seunghyun's first win as a member.

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The fans' screaming went up a lot when he did. Members were at a fanmeeting with Japanese Primadonnas when a staff member ran on stage to inform them " Five Treasure Island " topped the Oricon Album Daily Charts and made them the first male foreign group in 42 years to do so on their debut. Cue Tears of Joy. Hongki specifically chose to become a regular performer on Immortal Song so that the other members could back him up and play live more often and prove their live skills.

On an episode of Immortal Song where the performers were asked to bring someone to duet with them, Hongki performed with Heechul.

Though he's one of the weaker singers in his group and self-conscious about it, Hongki still encouraged him and boosted his confidence. Like the Birds and its MV. The lyrics and symbolism of the MV expresses their wish to be free like the birds and that it's possible. Perfectly describes the members' feelings and motivations.

The song was even chosen as the encore for the 2nd day of FNC Kingdom. An appropriate way to end the concert; not to mention seeing FT island members and their labelmates there running around, grinning and messing around with each other is a sight to see. Followed by the other members applauding him and Hongki giving him a backhug. Their relationship with fans. No they don't pretend to be their boyfriends nor that they only belong to fans alone like most other boy groups are made to; instead they genuinely appreciate their fans, always treat them well and are always concerned for their welfare.

Their messages for Thanks To promo - especially the ones to each other. Seunghyun tweeting a photo of him and his younger brother Sehyun when the latter started his enlistment.

At the FNC Kingdom concert before performing, labelmates CN Blue showed their gratitude for FT Island, acknowledging their success and thanking them for starting off the company hence bringing everyone where they are now.

Slightly funny that Yonghwa was the one trying to say it but struggled with his Japanese so Jonghyun had to translate for him.