Geo news caster dubsmash relationship

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geo news caster dubsmash relationship

KARACHI - Rabia Anum, one of the most prominent female newscasters of Geo News has finally tied the knot, as disclosed by her fellow. Pakistani News Anchors Dubsmash Video Beautiful Nabeeha Ejaz Geo News Once again, Morse outlines this relationship between the anchor and the larger.

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Sexy News Caster Madiha naqvi

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geo news caster dubsmash relationship

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geo news caster dubsmash relationship

Kafi log unki shadi kay baray main sawal kerty hain or unka mashoor qoul naql kerty hain. Keh jis kay pass doodh ata ho usay bhaiins ki kya zaroorat hay. Akhir wo doodh konsa tha janain.

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Please do like and share these videos with your friends and keep supporting us. Aftab Iqbal Careers In: September 09, Home Town: Government College University Height: Zafar Iqbal Wife Name: Ayesha Noor Net Worth: Her Net Worth As of is 40 Crore. Photos all are taken form Google Image search and using advance image search option.

Music are taken from you-tube library. Watch this video for more glimpse. Madiha appeared on TV for the first time as a newsreader on City 42 which is a local news channel of Lahore. As an anchor person Madiha impressed everyone with her skills. On City 42 channel she used to cover each and every news related to only Lahore city and from this channel the journey of her popularity started.

It was the first experience of Madiha Naqvi as an anchor person. After that Madiha joined Dunya News as a newscaster. On this news channel Madiha used to report news from all over the world. Some of them were really hot.

geo news caster dubsmash relationship

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geo news caster dubsmash relationship

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Exclusive Video Dunya TV News Anchor Awesome dubsmash

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geo news caster dubsmash relationship

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