God relationship prayer request

Prayer Requests: For You, Your Loved Ones, or Others In Need

god relationship prayer request

If this is you, the power of prayer may be just what you need. Faith is a powerful thing, and appealing to God for the health of your relationship can have amazing . If you don't know what to pray, here are seven simple prayers for any to carry us through these single years, and if God wills, into the new country of marriage. The line between affection and infatuation can blur quickly in a. Feel free to share your prayer requests with our readers. Please pray that we will return to the one true church, and find God again and Please pray that my husband breaks his relationship with the other woman whom he wants to marry.

God made it very clear to me that He gave her 8 years to clean up her act, to heed the warnings from the doctors and to quit smoking. Our bodies are a direct gift from God, and He expects all of us to do the best we can with them — especially in the area of taking proper care of them. When she refused to take proper care of her body by giving up smoking, God decided He was not going to heal her and that she would have to be brought home much earlier than He would have really liked.

I believe to this day that had my girlfriend quit smoking 8 years before coming down with this cancer, that there would have been a very good chance that God would have healed her of the cancer. But because she did not take proper care of her body, God had no natural desire to want to heal her when this emergency presented itself.

And God gave her plenty of time to get her act together before this cancer hit — 8 years! I did not tell my girlfriend what I felt God had conveyed to me. I did not want to cause her to lose hope in the event I had not properly heard from God on this issue. She tried several other healing ministries, along with continuing all of the cancer treatments, but nothing worked.

She died one year later after getting diagnosed with the cancer. As you can see from the above three stories, you can save yourself a lot of blood, sweat, and tears when praying to God if you can pick it up ahead of time whether or not your specific prayer requests should be brought before Him for His consideration.

This is the beauty of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. One of His jobs is to help us in our prayer life with God the Father. The Holy Spirit will always know whether or not God will want to answer our specific prayer request. By connecting up with the Holy Spirit on a specific prayer request, you will go a long way in being able to decide when to approach God in prayer and when not to.

For those of you who have not got this far in your own personal relationship with the Holy Spirit in order to be able to pick Him up and read His movements, you can still approach both Him and God the Father before you attempt to pray and just simply ask God if it will be in His perfect will that a specific prayer request be put before Him.

god relationship prayer request

I have found that God will always come through loud and clear on this issue. Remember, God wants to establish a loving personal relationship with you — and in this personal relationship will be the benefit of being able to approach Him with your specific prayer requests. God really wants to show you how to play the prayer game with Him.

It is prayer that will pull down major miracles from God. You just have to learn what the ground rules are and how to play the game with Him. The Bible lays down all the ground rules that you will need to know in order to become a very effective and powerful prayer warrior for the Lord. For whatever reason, God has the big picture set up in that He will not move many of the times on a certain situation unless we first go into serious prayer with Him.

The art of prayer is a powerful tool in the hands of a Spirit-filled believer. God can be moved to answer prayer no matter how dire the circumstances. You just need the knowledge on how to properly approach the Lord in order to get Him to move on certain situations. I think you will find the remaining prayer secrets very interesting, as they will all give you several different options and strategies in which to approach God with on your specific prayer requests.

I believe with knowledge comes power. With knowledge will come the ability to know how to properly play the prayer game with the Lord. I will leave you with one last thought. One of the benefits of having established a true personal relationship with God the Father is the ability to be able to approach Him with your specific prayer requests.

Think of the consequences and the possibilities of this privilege that we now have with God the Father. God the Father has the full supernatural power to do or accomplish whatever He should so desire. Prayers to God can save lives, change circumstances, and prevent catastrophes.

However, many Christians do not fully realize the power and potential they have if they would simply learn how to properly pray to God to get Him to move on certain situations.

Many people are so wrapped up in themselves and their own lives, they fail to see how their own prayers to God can help someone else out who may be in a dire situation. One of the prayer secrets I will be discussing shortly is the power of intercession — the ability to stand in the gap for someone else, approach God as his advocate, and pray to God to help them out of a dire situation.

Many people do not really know how to properly approach and pray to God the Father. As a result, people are either dying early before their time is really up, or they are forced to live under tragic circumstances due to no fault of their own.

Bad things can happen. But prayers to God the Father can either prevent the bad things from happening before they happen, or they change the situation for the better once the bad thing has happened.

Remember, our God is in the life-saving business! Our God is a God of miracles. He is just looking for true prayer warriors to pull down these miracles that He is only to anxious to release! It is very much so needed I am just struggling with this new norm. Please also pray for each of us to continue to focus on God, heal emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially.

Please pray God is always each of our number one and as a couple we always put God first and each other second. Apr 04, Healing and restoration by: We both deal with major addictions and abusive upbringings, I have 9 years of recovery work and he has only a few months.

We hung out last night, for the first time in over a month, and it was good, just different, which is good because the past was so abusive and negative. Please pray for A. Please pray for healthy restoration and that we seek God first always and listen to His voice and follow His will, not our own.

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Mar 05, Relationship by: Anonymous Please keep N. I pray that D. And that it will be lead by wisdom and will of the Lord. Mar 04, Peace by: Anonymous I am living in fear that A. We are both in a great time of healing and growth but for me it feels like an abandonment and I'm constantly sad and avoiding my feelings, which I shouldn't.

Please pray for full healing and restoration for us and that we both don't live in the fears of our past but in God's calling and anointing for our lives. Apr 29, Last hope Anonymous I am at a loss and don't know what to do. I want to be with him but I don't think I can "just be friends" with him given our past.

I pray that God helps me know what to do. I pray we still have an opportunity to be together, though the chances are slim. Apr 26, Broken Love by: I love the man that I am with he means the world to me and nearly even knows it. I ask God to plead his blood over us. The devil's working very hard to tear us apart. But I am a team member for God and team God we believe that he has our back. He is much powerful. Please rain your love and blessing over us. I rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus I pray.

Amen Apr 01, Successful relationship by: Please pray for me to have my own mind and to listen and have faith in God alone. Please pray that I will have relief from these bullies. I beg you please to pray for me to do well in my job. Help me to learn and grow and to prove my value. Thank you so much! Prayers for my mom and brother who have been sick with several health issues.

Please pray for my friend, Carly, to find full-time job. Praying for my sister and husband who are having marital problems. Please pray for my sister, Ginny. She is in ICU with very high carbon dioxide in her blood, in respiratory failure.

It has been nearly a week, and she is worsening. Please ask Jesus to heal her completely. She needs a miracle only God can provide. Her children love her. Please pray for a miracle of healing. Please pray for Brenda. Her husband died suddenly and she is devastated. She is having a very hard time. Please pray for my husband and my marriage. My husband goes to church but will not receive communion or go to confession. He is angry always and very hardened of heart.

I ask for prayer for my family and me to have Divine justice in every area of our lives. My mother Amanda S. My aunt Margaret T. Both my mother and aunt need healing in their bodies. I ask for St. Jude and the Archangel Raphael to heal them and St. Expedite to speed their healing; and for the both of them to have a place of their own with assisted help and leave that nursing home.

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Divine justice for my brother Thomas S. Divine justice for my sister Gloria S. She's been hospitalized many times because of the abuse and it's caused weight gain, insomnia, stress and other health concerns. She's currently unemployed after working over 15 years in that abusive work environment where she had to resign. Divine healing for all my family needs, protection, financial stability, owed and deserved pay, earnings, opportunities. And clean, safe, homes to live in. Thank you praying community.

Asking for my elderly parents whose neighbor is suing them because they live in a rural area and have old cars in the property they purchased a couple years ago. Its property behind their house. They want money for distress they claim it causes them for having old vehicles there and to stop the garage they were building.

Please pray for a peaceful remedy, and that they don't make my parents broke in their elder years. They are 72 and 76 years old. Whatever happens, I accept God's will. Jesus, I trust in you. Many people are suffering much worse. Pay for the release of Poor Souls in Purgatory.

I pray for everyone's prayer requests. Under immense attack continuously. I love the Lord and long to get away from the area I am in and to be free from Satan's evil work. I suffer from mental health issues on medication and temptation to sexual sin and pornography even with protection on PC and phone. I have a very poor education and no future.

I am an adult living at home almost 40 and am always angry with my parents. I have no siblings and am the shame of my entire family. My parents don't go to Church, don't pray, and don't allow me to go to Church where I used to volunteer. I just want to heal, have a solid education and future, work, and come out of debt so that I'm not a burden on anyone. I have lost faith and feel like giving up.

Prayer for Relationship and Prayer Request

Please pray that God will send an angel to me to bring me money. I'm in a bad living situation and I also have to pay my 2 storage units in full or I lose my things. Please pray that I can pay these student loans. I have started two businesses and know that I can but right now they are aggravating me. Dear Almighty Lord, We thank you for a very memorable May the coming New Year be full of blessing, guidance and good health to my family.

I pray that all issues in the past be all forgotten and that a fresh start for fresh year will be perfect. We praise you Lord. Jude I pray for the following: I pray that I am able to buy food to feed my children, pay my bills and pay for car repairs brakes. I pray for financial relief. I have been unemployed for some time now and my resources have run out. I am a single parent of 2 teens with autism who has been struggling for a long time. I pray for a financial breakthrough, and financial stability.

My situation is extremely critical. I pray that me and my children are lifted out of poverty and into better financial circumstances. I pray to be able to return to school so that I may be able to provide a better life for my children. I pray that you take away the crippling anxiety, stress, deep depression, feelings of despair and hopelessness from me and my children. I pray that God will take my problems.

I am so overwhelmed with very serious problems I feel as though I am going to break and fall apart. I just want to cry each and every day. I pray for strength to get through each and every day and persevere through all of the trials and tribulations. I pray that me and my children may experience success in school and in life. I pray that me and my children are blessed with peace, joy, love, and happiness. I pray for physical healing for me and both my children.

I pray that my son and daughter love each other, take care of each other, get along with each other and support each other. I pray for protection for me and my children against Satan and all evil. I pray that our faith strengthens as we experience these trials. Jude and all the saints, I ask for prayers for my sons and their families; and for my grandchildren that they will do well; and for my wife and me and for my health and spiritual well-being; and for the deceased of our families and for the poor and needy and suffering; and for your guidance and help in making and finding a new place to live.

Prayers for our country and the church and leadership. Prayer for my brother-in-law. Please pray for the following: That the Carroll County, MD government agree to my settlement terms, of at least seven figures, for their role in my illegal eviction before the end of That I am accepted into the program at ASU. Thank you and Amen! Please pray for my husband, who is always angry with me and treated me as his maid even though we have 3 maids and I paid for 2 maids and usually pay for the grocery and food for the week.

Please help me to pray that my husband will have a soft heart for me and my daughter. Father, thank you for all that you have given me and my family. Take care of us and protect us from all evil. Father, be with me today and help my faith grow. Heal us from all that we are going through in our lives.

My son is suffering from mental illness and my daughter from vertigo. Give them courage, strength, guidance, and wisdom to continue their education and job.

I pray that they can go back to church. Let things get better at my husband's job. Release all our stress, fears, and worries.

Pray for me to pay off all my obligations and take care of my family; that my family may have peace, love, happiness, and great health in the years to come. God is good all the time, all the time God is good. Pray for my husband who has a married woman as his lover and several girlfriends.

He doesn't love his family. Pray that he may realize he is a married man. Please pray for my father Alex. Dementia has taken his brain and he is at the final stage of life. I pray that God comforts him, and also my family in the days ahead! My heart is so heavy praying for a peaceful transition. Please pray that Mother Mary and her Son Jesus protect me from someone who is trying to harm me.

Please pray for my brother Louis, who had a massive stroke in April We ask our Lord for a complete physical healing. Thank You and praise You Jesus Christ. And thank you all who are praying! Tragedy struck John Clark aka JC when had a stroke 18 months ago. JC has been slowly recovering from his stroke and has had to relearn how to walk as well as speak. Susan, his wife, has been by his side day and night as his caregiver during his long recovery process.

While JC was going through his rehab, she had to quit her job in order to care for him during his time of need. While on the road to recovery, JC and Susan lost everything!!! They lost their home as well as transportation and have been living in a motel from day to day. On Christmas Eve, tragedy struck again. Susan had a massive heart attack and had to be airlifted to a special Cardiac care hospital, where she underwent a triple bypass. At this point Susan is in ICU and in critical condition, as she still has not regained consciousness.

JC was stranded with no way to be with her since he is not able to drive. I am requesting prayers for my complicated situation. I am recently divorced. I am pregnant with a boyfriend's baby whom I very much wanted to marry, but I'm not certain we could ever have a true Catholic marriage. I think he may be a narcissist.

I left my husband for him and am feeling the repercussions of that decision. I'm sad, lonely, terrified. I don't feel loved and pray for God's forgiveness and love. I have soon-to-be 6 children, 4 with my ex and two with my boyfriend. I have tremendous amounts of daily guilt that make me want to die. All of this I realize was self-created pain and suffering but I humbly ask for your prayers. I am moving from my house soon and am so dim about the future. Kindly pray for my Dad. He has having severe pain in his leg and back bone.

He is not able to move. Kindly pray that in the Name of Jesus he will be healed and all his body pain will be cured. Please pray that in this New Year me and my husband and 2 boys find a place to live. We live with my grandpa, and have been here for 2 months. Before that we were homeless. We both work and all, but please pray for us to find stability, to be humble and positive, away from negativity and harm.

Please pray for us to stay on the right path; and that as long as we stay close to God and serve him, we shall be good as long as we believe and have faith that all we go as planned. Please pray that we find a house or anything to be able to live in and be happy and in peace; that we remain working, and maybe get a second job to be able to find what we need.

Please keep us in mind in prayer. Thank you so much. May you all have a Happy New Year!!! I have many health problems that I need to be healed from. Please pray for me to be healed fully. Please pray with me. I came to Ireland seeking employment. I have been lucky to get a few interviews however no offers as of yet. Please pray the Lord will bring me victoriously to the successful finish line by my getting employment here soon.

Family members suffering with many physical illness. Melvin, Delores, Amanda, Randy, and Sue. Family unity among all of our family members.

Return to their faith. Prayers for all family members and their siblings. I'm requesting prayers for my son, Jerome. He has had severe Crohn's disease for eight years and has been suffering with G.

Many other times this year and previous years as well. You can read two tributes on gofundme. I'm a combat veteran and also requesting prayers for my healing, since I had a torn rotator cuff repaired in July and have been on workman's comp since June and doing physical therapy since after surgery.

My wife only works part time as a substitute teacher and has not been accepted for a full time slot, even though she has been subbing since The holidays are most stressful for us since she isn't working at that time and I have to wait for my check in the mail which takes anywhere from postal service days to reach my mailbox.

Please pray for all who need prayers. Happy New Year's to all. God Bless to all. Please pray for daughter Asmitha in Sydney who has been physically attacked by hubby Abie and evicted. He is secretly residing with another woman and no kids. Added to traumas she is now jobless and looking for another job career and has lost all hopes.

Please pray Jesus extends help to her on all three issues viz suitable job career, accommodation, and peace and in her marital life; and that she repents for all her sins and extends forgiveness to Abie and one and all; and sincerely prays and makes the Sign of the Cross properly. Dear Jesus, please be with J. I pray for a very special intention. I read and pray for all requests daily. I ask that you pray for my family's health and financial security in I am searching for permanent employment with better pay, benefits and security.

I trust in the mercy of Christ. Jude, you are considered the saint of lost causes, help us to know how to ask. To wake up to our truth and repent. We know you reveal and give us the ability to be an overcomer, when we arrive at your door. Help us to leave the past in the past. To find forgiveness, smile, and find you. You are the creator and father of miracles. You cause the bent and buckled to become straight.

Teach us that we are not in control. My family and I need a prayer. My husband and I have been married for almost 2 years. I have 4 children and he has one. Before his son came to live with us, we were happy, and always doing family outings.

When his son had been abandoned we were all so excited to have him join our family and complete it. My children were willing to give up their birthdays, and Christmas to make sure his son was provided for first.

He came and bad things happened. He lied, serious lies that could put you in jail. He tried setting the house on fire multiple times, and tried drowning my youngest for knowing how to swim. He hated the family, and said he was here to destroy it. We had bad luck, and had to move to a new city unknown to us, and start over. He tried suffocating me, and talked my children into hating me and to leave me for the father who abandoned them.

He has hurt me over and over, and his father too. I love him, and stay and try to show him, I won't abandon him but he ruins my belongings, and has said he hates me. His father never left him. He left the mother and she refused to let them see each other. He didn't give up. He kept trying and the son knew and would laugh about his crying. He has turned my husband and my marriage to shambles.

His mother practices black magic and I can't help but think I am being stalked by her, with bad things happening in my life. My children are my everything. I've always been there and they are the reason for my existence. I don't even get to talk to them. I have said things and tried to prove my innocence but they will not listen.

Prayer Secret #2 - The Will of God For Your life

I have my youngest son home with me and afraid he too will leave. Our luck is nothing but bad. We lost our jobs, our vehicle, and live in a crappy home and neighborhood. I lost everyone in my life. I don't want to abandon the boy who is 14 now, but he is honestly killing me inside. I miss my children, my husband and my relationship and the dreams we were working together to build. Please prayers are needed. We are at the bottom and don't have much further to go. We appreciate all the help.

Praying for God to soften and cleanse Dearin's heart of All unforgiveness, anger, bitterness and resentment towards our son Leland. Praying for full emotional healing and restoration of a loving, kind and compassionate spirit and soul towards our son and our family.

Praying all strongholds of evil are broken. Please pray for me to meet someone from God, someone I love and someone I'm passionate about, someone I can start family with someone who makes me excited for the future.

Please pray for me right now and my son and wife. He's in a new city and is having trouble. Also, my wife is feeling the stress. Give me the strength to help them. I will pray for you and yours right now. God, please greatly bless my enemies! Especially Maria, Stephanie, Gus, and Ann. Be kind and merciful to them. Forgive them and be good to them. Please grant my sisters husbands. I want to marry Jithin J. Please pray it happens.

Parents are against it. Please pray for me and my friend Kim. Hoping that we can be close friends forever. Would appreciate if you would pray for me that I immediately get money to solve all my financial problems.

My Lord, I pray that in I am finally free of anxiety and depression. I don't want to suffer with this any longer. Please cure me my God. It takes away all the joy in my life. I pray I continue to have a job. Please keep my family healthy.

Please help Shirantha to commit to my daughter and our kids. Help him to stop listening to all the negative influences and the bad information from his Uncle Leonard, Vickie, Richard, Cathy Adams, Polina, his mother Susila and the other Sri Lankans. For him to see clearly what is important in life and to make my daughter and the kids his top priority.

For him to find a career path that is right for the whole family. For Shirantha to stop playing dictator and realize that our relationship is a partnership that requires him to communicate and give me security through the bonding of marriage, faith, and commitment.

god relationship prayer request

For Shirantha to see the truth behind his mother's negative and manipulative behavior and intent, and for him to set firm boundaries for her so that she can no longer interfere in our relationship. For Shirantha to realize that his home is with me and our children. For Shirantha to remember his love for me and our children and to treat them like the gift that God has given him.

Asking for prayer over entire family that's hurting: Josh is fighting a brain cancer tumor.

god relationship prayer request

He is a husband and has four small children. Josh is 36 years old. We have had an extraordinarily bad year with a job loss, our beloved fur baby passed, 3 family deaths and one serious diagnosis for our child.

We have made the decision to relocate and reset, prioritizing the goals and lifestyle choices we want. It is a leap of faith, choosing to make these changes now.

Life is short and you should go after what you want instead of waiting for it to come to you. I would appreciate prayers for fair winds and good health in as we reorganize our life and focus less on materials and more on people and blessings.

Please pray that God guides me to a good and permanent job in I have debt to pay off and my house needs repair. For two years I've only had temporary work for low pay and no health benefits. I do not enjoy my work life and am often depressed and frustrated at the end of the day. I pray for all those in need and trust in the mercy of Jesus Christ. Thank you all for your loving prayers and support. It has been a long hard several years for me and my family.

My son Michael Jr. My daughter and grandchildren are trying to make some positive changes. Praying for them financially because of my terrible decision I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I've had some wonderful assistance from expected and unexpected sources. I don't know how I could ever repay them or the other debts I've incurred. At this moment in time, I'm still here. Have a wonderfully blessed New Year.

Please pray for my return to good health. My husband is mentally and physically abusive and controlling over me and my 4 kids. I have no source of income to leave him.

I need money to leave him and hope to push on, as many days I think of killing myself. Please pray for my mum Mary, who suffered a stroke at age Please pray for her complete and total recovery and for her to be able to go back to leading a normal life with our family, especially her grandchild. Please pray for her fever that she is currently having to subside; and for it not to be serious and not affect her brain, blood pressure, or any of the other stroke-related parts.

Please, also especially pray for her to never have another stroke ever again. Dear Saint Anthony, please help me. Can you please put my cancer in remission? I am strictly asking God to please not let me be pregnant. A humble request to please pray for Richard P. Richard has been searching for a job since August Despite all efforts he is still looking for a job. Please help us with your prayers, as nothing is impossible with God.

Craving blessings from you. Kind regards, Evonne P. Please pray for a friend, Mrs. Robert and Kayann B. Please pray that God will grant me the money I need to settle all my debt and quit my bankrupt business, so that I can go look after my elderly parents who desperately need me in another country before it's too late. Please pray God will open a door for me to escape and protect me from my family who hold the power to manipulate, abuse and control me for their own means; and that I will be saved from taking my own life to end the pain and suffering they put me through.

I lost my job a year ago and life has been unbearable. As we all usher in I request you join me in prayer that God opens a new job for me.

I am requesting prayers for my cousin who has had health issues in the past several months. May God bless her, and bring her healing. Asking prayers for my friend Missy with her deliverance from substance abuse and her mental health, healing, salvation; that she becomes saved and God becomes the center of her life.

She needs a job, one that she went to school for ASAP. Continued deliverance of my husband and son from evil entity. Continued protection for all of us, spiritually and temporally. Guidance in my marriage. Thank God for traveling grace. Seeking continued grace going home and for God to show His power mightily this weekend!! My life must improve!! My life must finally change for the better in !! Please, please pray with me.

Please pray for my boss and me, that our business will sell. We need the miracle of a financial blessing from the sale for our future. The business is causing major health, family, and personal problems. We pray and work so hard to help others, but we now need to help ourselves.

Please hear my prayers. Please pray for me to have a better marriage and a better husband. I pray my sickness will get better. I feel so ill. Please pray for my one and only son in danger. He has left home. Does not answer or reply to calls. Said he was doing an event canopy deco job.

But God sent a terrible blow. The police raided my house saying my son was involved in drugs. All my dreams are shattered. He keeps staying away from home. He will be 30 years old next April. Staying in fear of the police raid and the consequences. He only has a form 3 Grade A results and music grade 2 certificate. After that he was attacked by evil and did not pursue his studies.

I am also lost and do not know what kind of a job to look for him.