Grandpas over flowers investigation team ending relationship

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grandpas over flowers investigation team ending relationship

Flower Grandpa Investigation Team: Episode 2 So I am so sorry for a relation with the “Goldfish” that Myungwoo mentioned before he passed away. . In the end, his mother and sister are amazed at what appears to be a. Flower Grandpa Investigative Team/Grandpas over Flowers (Korean Nahhh it still means viewers end up watching a lot of the old men. Name: Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit Release Date: The relationship between the casts and their strikingly different personalities are what moved this drama forward. Grandpas-Over-Flowers-Investigation-Team-Poster5 However, as the story progressed it felt too rushed as if the ending.

The friend says that they went to have their pictures taken. Wonbin calls her a genius since she has five previous cases of marriage fraud against rich, old country bachelors. Junhyeok just tells her to shut up, though, a request she quickly complies.

grandpas over flowers investigation team ending relationship

The phone rings then with Kangsuk telling them that the phone got turned off again and that they have to search the area. When he hangs up, Eunji asks if he can pull over using the excuse that she has anemia and feels dizzy. She quickly tells Junhyeok to stop anywhere as her stomach still acts up. When Junhyeok stops, she quickly runs out to the middle of the field to do her business and asks Junhyeok if she could sing. She ends up singing anyway as she goes and has a mirror thrown at her, which she believes is from Junhyeok.

At the scene, where the body is now dug up, Jungwoo asks Junhyeok how he knew. Junhyeok explains that in order for canola flowers to grow well, the pH level in the soil has to be maintained. He says that he thought about the aluminum that was on the suitcase that Youngmi would have and that if the bag was buried with her, the soil pH would alter and the flowers would die.

He also mentions the wedding pictures where the dead flowers were still alive and that the soil is a bit raised in that spot, leading to the conclusion that something was there.

Eunji then notices a smell, which is the perfume that Youngmi used.

grandpas over flowers investigation team ending relationship

Wonbin wonders about the cell phone and Kangsuk comes out showing a bank receipt that was found in her pocket. They all watch it together and see Youngmi taking money out, but they see Maeshil not too far behind.

grandpas over flowers investigation team ending relationship

They end up calling her in and with Wonbin the one sitting down and talking to her, although the rest of them are still in the room. Wonbin flat out asks why she killed her, but Maeshil claims her innocence.

Turns out she was the young woman who stared at Mingyu, the husband, during his wedding and walked away. Jungwoo agrees as well as Kangsuk who says that they believe Maeshil. Junhyeok grants the request and Eunji adds that Junhyeok call her by her name instead of the nickname he gave her. Kangsuk enters to do some damage control and puts the table on its side causing the grandmothers to go head over heels for him. They tell Kangsuk about Maeshil and how they thought she would end up with him.

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They also talk about how Mingyu was stingy with his money as well, all while touching his arm muscles. The four of them, still without Junhyeok, are walking near the fields as they wonder if people who owe him money, his friends, would be suspects. Wonbin asks if she noticed anything else when she came to the fields with Junhyeok and it takes her a moment to remember Samshik who gave her a mirror.

Jungwoo says that that makes sense since a mirror shines and he likes anything shiny before he asks if turning on and off a phone makes it shiny. Throughout all of this, Eunji has seemingly caught a whiff of something.

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None of them work, though. He has another flashback to the pictures that they found and remembers the dates giving another number for Eunji to try, and this time it works, the phone is unlocked.

Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team

Together they all look at the phone and they see that the first friend, who spoke to them before, has a large amount of debt towards Mingyu and questions him about the debt and his relationship with Youngmi. Eunji wonders if that was the first time he saw her and the friend says, but Jungwoo pulls out the phone and shows the friend a video that was taken when he approached her. All of the guys are taken by handcuffs when Maeshil runs up and asks why they killed him.

The first friend slaps her and tells her to return to Mingyu and to bring his savings to him. Youngmi pulls a knife on them, but they just knock it out of her hands.

Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team: The Unexpected Constant – The cat that watches TV

Youngmi tries to run from the guys through the field where she was found. Her purse ends up dropping and after she sees Samshik on the fields, she throws her phone to him and tells him to run.

The friends eventually catch up to her where the first friend strangles her and gives a ransom call to Mingyu about bringing money, ten million dollars, for her return. Played by Kim Heechul, he is the only one of the four who remains young. His character is lazy but street smart. Knowing Heechul, it was a little difficult to buy the sweet and kind act. I also found his relationship with Eunji to be painfully awkward and misplaced. Han Won-bin is the classic narcissistic flower boy, so of course he takes the transformation the hardest.

A genius who leads the team into solving the crimes and uncovering the mystery behind their change. I felt that his relationship with Eunji was also underdeveloped. Heechul was accused of being a spy at one point so of course they had to play "SPY" in the background. Before that Heechul apologized for something and of course he broke into the "Sorry Sorry" dance which brought the judgement of everyone in the room upon him.

My other favorite meta moment happened in the last episode. I knew what was about to happen a split second before it began, a girl was choosing between two of our flower boys and she walks up to the "second male lead" who is playing a violin. Do you know what is happening?

grandpas over flowers investigation team ending relationship

While we're talking about things happening in relation to other things that have happened look who appears in this drama! I'm not going to say what role he plays though because that would be giving away stuff.

Just know that he appears. Who wants some ramyun?