Hanson meet and greet 2011

Hanson Meet and Greet - Razorback Britt

hanson meet and greet 2011

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Something cute and not scary. You talk to people for a living. I make up conversations with people for a living! Taylor was seated to the left of the table — the first in our own meet-and-greet. My hands were shaking uncontrollably as I passed my camera off to Spencer. We listen to your Christmas album every year!

Seeing Katie be so bold, something stirred me into moving.

hanson meet and greet 2011

Plus, you know, I had to get in on that action. When he finished and passed my album along to Isaac, Taylor met my eye. His eyes are so blue. Taylor Hanson is talking to me.

Meeting Hanson, my idols — and how I lived to blog about it

I should do something. But, Oh my God, I am 12 years old. While I went through this mental stand-off, my sister had seized the only opportunity in her life she may ever get to do something rash: I have to give you a hug. I said something to Taylor. He and Isaac smiled. And then I panicked even more and realized, Hey — I should be wrapping this up.

And just as I was running away, trembling with excitement and anxiety, Taylor half-stood. And reached a hand out to me.

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I took his hand and shook his hand and he smiled at me and I looked in his eyes and I died. And my own boyfriend — kind, handsome, intelligent, good-natured, sweet as can be — struck up a conversation. After Taylor leaned forward to say something dude-ish to Spencer, one of the only guys in attendance, they shook hands, too. The Hanson brothers are old souls. Of course he has an old camera.

Sensing our moment was coming to a close, we inched forward — and shared final smiles with each of the three brothers. Katie and I took our signed albums and waved, then scuffled over to the side to take a photo by Hanson.

Since the line was so long, we were discouraged from asking for photos with the boys — and that was fine. I got something much better: And that whole thing lasted 60 seconds. I spent a half hour typing up a reenactment of an event that occurred over the course of one minute on November The boys have put out a slew of albums in the last decade plus, all married and have children, and toured the country countless times.

hanson meet and greet 2011

My sister and I have seen them in concert in Washington, D. The first time I saw them live. It was finally time for my real work to begin. With Taylor at the head, I followed the band down to their lounge area where the interview would be held. I took my seat in a faded brown loveseat to the right of Zac, left of Isaac and directly across from Taylor.

My Other Obsession

While I retrieved my notebook and pen from my backpack, Zac, trying to make small talk, asked me where I was from as Taylor and Isaac quietly munched on the veggies in the platters placed on the coffee table; as soon as I located my notebook, it was time to begin. After quickly glancing at my interview questions to refresh my memory, I asked: On Wednesday, you were honored at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval and given then keys to the city. What was it like to be honored for your efforts in something you truly believe in?

Taylor adds that the band wishes to inspire a way of activism in their fans—they hope to transfer the same dedicated support they receive from their fans to a support a greater cause.

1997 Hanson Clip

Isaac laments about the failures of current celebrity endorsements, making the point that it takes more than just putting your face with a cause to make a difference in the world.

Obviously, you guys appeared in costume of the celebration. Is there any hidden meaning or message behind your costume choices? He, showcasing his normal twenty-two year old male tendencies, explains that he already had a light saber and an Anakin hairstyle so dressing up as the Jedi seemed natural. However, when asked if his light saber was indeed true Anakin color, he regrettably informs me that although the color was correct, the overall light saber was that of Obi Won Kenobi.

Overall, the simple answer to the question was: Do you think this is a problem with many current charities and why? Large corporations, Isaac interjects, cannot afford to approach charity work this way because of their stockholder dependency. On a personal level, Zac preaches: As an independent band in the music industry, Zac continues, they are able to capitalize on their independence to support causes they truly believe in.

hanson meet and greet 2011

Interrupting, Isaac concludes with saying we are in the middle of a humanitarian crisis—something must be done before the AIDS virus spirals out of control. As an English major, I have to ask—Have you read any books lately that impacted you in any way or that you really enjoyed? He is also currently reading Me to We: Isaac replies with two authors: Salinger and Nick Horny; both of which he concludes, are slightly nauseating and chauvinistic and contain unlikeable characters but overall, are greatly humorous.

This sparks an interesting digression as Taylor interjects with the J.

hanson meet and greet 2011

The brothers all seem puzzled at why she has chosen to release this information at the conclusion of the series. As silence once again grips the room, I inform the band that I have no more questions to ask so Taylor says he will find the tour manager so I can be escorted back to the main room of the HOB. I start to rise but am brought back to my seat as Zac asks me if I brought anything to be signed.

hanson meet and greet 2011

I take out my ticket to the show and we make small talk about my schoolwork and life plans as they take turns signing my memento. After they finish, I thank them all for such a wonderful opportunity and Taylor escorts me out of the room to the hallway in which I am to wait for the tour manager.

As I wait, one of the stagehands insists I help myself to the potluck style dinner backstage.