Honouring abusive parents relationship

Domestic violence in the Czech Republic | Radio Prague

honouring abusive parents relationship

What responsibility do adult children have in regards to a relationship with their parents? So, what does honoring an abusive parent look like in real life?. What about people who had difficult or absent or abusive parents? Even if honoring our parents through a relationship would be impossible. How should Christians deal with parental abuse? Second Corinthians basically means that we are not to have very close relationships with unbelievers.

It touches us all. Last week the interior ministry, a number of parliament deputies and NGO representatives formed an alliance against domestic violence. In practice this means that they will be working closely together to train police officers, produce a new legislation to protect victims and provide an effective support network.

honouring abusive parents relationship

Mrs Zejdova says that Czech law makers and the police need not look far for good ideas. Neighbouring Austria is said to have an excellent safety mechanism which it would not be difficult - or expensive - to emulate. When the police arrives they decide whether the matter is serious and if they find it so then the offender is told that he must leave the flat and he is not allowed to return for a fortnight. This gives the victim time to decide what she wants to do.

What is the situation now? If - IF - the police comes to investigate the incident then the officers usually say "calm down and solve your problems -we don't want to interfere " and they leave.

Is God Really Telling Us To Honor Abusive Parents ?

That is the most common response. They think that they are just hysterical women who are over-reacting. Another thing is that these are very unpopular cases at the police station. Domestic violence is committed in the family and it is usually just one person's word against the another's.

So there's a problem with evidence, and assembling that is hard work. So the police don't want to have to deal with these cases and they usually don't treat the victims with much respect.

They want to put them off filing charges. Here's what they offer those who finally make that all-important call for help. And we provide counseling - we talk to them about their problem, assess their situation and discuss what is best for them and their children. In Romans 13, Paul writes about civil authorities and says this: It is important to acknowledge that Paul wrote these words while under the reign of tyrannical Roman rulers.

Are Christians expected to honor an abusive parent? How can we honor an abusive parent?

Yet even in this context he exhorted the believers of his day to honor and respect the government. There is a kind of honor we owe whether or not the other party has earned it. It is theirs by virtue of a God-given position.

honouring abusive parents relationship

From Government to Family Much of what is true of civil authorities must be true of parents as well. Just as God delegates authority and responsibility to government, God delegates authority and responsibility to parents. Just as God expects we will honor government as an extension of his authority and sovereignty, he expects we will honor parents as an extension of his authority and sovereignty.

Just as honoring rulers is honoring God, so honoring parents is honoring God. We must give to our rulers and to our parents all that is owed them, including honor. There is no exception for bad governments or bad parents. For more on the connection between the fifth commandment and Romans 13, see The Shorter Catechism, question and answer 63, 64, and 65 as well as The Heidelberg Catechism, question and answer Honoring the Dishonorable So how do we honor parents who have behaved dishonorably and abhorrently?

This will sometimes be very difficult.

Domestic violence in the Czech Republic

This will often require us to exercise great wisdom and walk very fine lines. Without knowing individual cases, speaking broadly can be both difficult and dangerous. Thankfully, God puts us under the care of pastors and shepherds to help us navigate difficulties like these, and we do well to seek their care and counsel.

I will offer some general suggestions, but I would also ask you to think and pray and approach others to gain their wisdom. In the specific case of abuse, Dennis Rainey offers wise guidance in his book on the fifth commandment.

In the meantime, here are some distinctions to consider. Distinguish between honor and obedience. In an earlier article we learned that honor does not always include obedience. When parents demand what God forbids, we must defer to the higher authorities of God or government.

There are many hurt and damaged people who find these commands nearly impossible to obey. Should we honor and obey an abusive parent? Where do we draw the line?

Abuse comes in many forms.

honouring abusive parents relationship

A child can be brought up well clothed and fed with all his needs supplied except for the all-important need for love and approval. No physical harm is ever done to him, yet, as each year goes by, his spirit shrivels up inside him more and more, as a plant will shrivel without sunlight, desperate for the smallest demonstration of affection.

honouring abusive parents relationship

Eventually, he grows to adulthood; everything seems to be normal, yet he is crippled inside by the indifference of his parents. Then again, a child's spirit may be broken at an early age—even though he suffers no physical abuse—by being constantly told that he is useless and a waste of space.

Everything he attempts is sneered at until he gives up trying to do anything at all. Because very young children naturally believe what their parents say about them, the child who suffers this treatment will gradually withdraw into himself, retiring behind an invisible wall and simply existing rather than living. These children grow up never suffering physically at the hands of their parents but nevertheless crippled in their spirits.

As grown-ups, they find it difficult to make friends and are unable to relate normally to other adults. So, child abuse can be subtle. There is, of course, the more obvious kind—when a child is neglected, kicked and beaten and, worse still, sexually abused. The damage such abuse causes can last a lifetime. Now for the big question: Those who have trusted Jesus as their savior have a real Heavenly Father who desires only our good and never to harm us Jeremiah