I ching 54 relationship help

Hexagram 54 "Compromise" Oracle of Love

i ching 54 relationship help

Interpretation (meaning) of i Ching hexagram 54 (Converting The Maiden (guī In all, there are four hexagrams depicting the relationship between husband. When a woman receives this hexagram in response to a relationship question, I received this hexagram myself when I asked for help and guidance in coping. Participants in a relationship have the right ingredients for success but their attitudes do not align constructively. The result is a partial success, measured by .

Perhaps you feel powerless to change a current situation. You may have been impetuous in actions and are now paying for it.

Even while this can be a difficult time for relationships outwardly, there is much you can learn about yourself going forward.

Oftentimes we pursue what we believe we need without giving consideration to whether it is right for us.

Hexagram 54 (Converting The Maiden (guī mèi). The Marrying Maiden) | Book of Changes (I Ching)

We can fail to listen or see the signs that might help us shape our desire into something lasting. This is the core of what it means to follow. We need to marry the will to the way and to the needs of others. The message of Subordinate is that you are either facing the consequences of being impetuous or are warned against acting impetuously in the future. Like the marriage of man and wife, they are usually brought together by something other than logic: However, sometimes the heart is just the bubbling of desire and need without respecting that this coming together must serve each individual.

This is the difference between love and lust. In following the way, we recognize that desire must subordinate to how life guides us. When he first began to carve, he gazed at the wood in front of him. After three years, he no longer saw it as a piece of wood, but as something of shape that merely required the movement necessary to give it form. In time, he no longer saw it with the eyes, but apprehended it with a different type of vision.

i ching 54 relationship help

Decision and action were simultaneously joined, and as he worked, his sense organs were always in abeyance. By conforming to the structure that led him, he carved deftly and without effort. When you subordinate yourself to life, you will discover that "the greatest cutting does not sever. The migrating bird does not follow because of the cry of the other birds.

Each bird follows its own instinctual call for flight. Although you follow the shape of what you believe will become your future, your destiny is given definition in the mirror of what unfolds right now. For, all things were made by one process and they all turn back.

They may flourish abundantly, but each turns and goes home to the root from which it came. Therefore, to turn back is to reclaim your destiny. As if it already knows your shape, it carves away only the layers that keep you from coming-to-be-real. When you follow life and return to your roots, decision and action are simultaneously joined. What is joined cannot be separated. This is the essence of a commitment to the Way.

Instinct is the bubbling of Te, which connects you with the germinating power of life. There can be power games and manipulation at play rather than healthy subordination.


In work you may be feeling like you are not getting the recognition you deserve. The politics may be such that this will not change. You may be asking about a potential partner and there can be a prior entanglement or another person who is really in charge.

You would remain in an inferior position. Propriety needs to be examined because you may be interfering in something that is none of your business. The message can be that you are barking up the wrong tree. Let yourself be led. It is moving you towards the place where you belong. Do not try to discipline people or take control of the situation. Focus on what endures. This can lead to great success. The image is the marriage of the younger sister, sent along in a dynastic marriage as a servant or concubine, or an irregular relationship driven by passion that proceeds in fits and starts.

This process is already underway. It reflects a deep and unacknowledged need. Be receptive and adaptable. Act through the woman and the yin.

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  • 54. Converting The Maiden (guī mèi). The Marrying Maiden

If Heaven and Earth did not mingle like this the myriad beings would never emerge. Voice of the Mothers A radical change brought about by forces beyond your control. Let yourself be led and you can realize your hidden potential. Gather the energy for a decisive new move Do not focus on spreading the blessings to all Marrying the Maiden is a model of a change imaged by the marriage of the Younger Sister, a dramatic, uncontrollable and unexpected change of state that paradoxically lets you fulfill your innate destiny or virtue.

The root of the word suggests both calming or tranquilizing and arriving at the fulfillment. This figure is based on a specific historical incident in the story of the Change of the Mandate of Heaven. The oldest daughter went to the marriage as principal wife, followed by her younger sisters. When the Leading Wife produced no offspring, one of the sororal brides, the Lady of Shu, was raised to be principal wife.

It is the spontaneous movement of a being who, by yielding to the overwhelming force of the spirit, fulfills its true destiny. The term was used to describe all relations outside the norms, unions based on passion that lead to major changes. Rouse new growth by leaving the old ways behind. Things may look dangerous, but have no fear. Everything you want is there.

Do not worry over what seems gone. Stay clear and connected.

i ching 54 relationship help

Harvest the crop by letting the past dissolve. Start slowly and join with others. This can begin a great new time. Find the seed of the new by freeing creative energy from past patterns. Talk to your trusted advisors. You are in exactly the right position. Put things in order even if you have to move slowly.

Voice of the Fathers This is a Realizing Figure, a Heart Theme of Change and a site of intense mediating activity that connects the primary powers to personal life. It is an Approach to Centers of Power in the stage of the Symbolic Life when we must deal with power and our responsibilities to the human community.

A time to cultivate relationships based on personal and voluntary connections. Take care not to confuse position and identity.

Understand all agreements in terms of greater ideas and mutual understanding. Success is possible only through true perspectives and deeply shared values. Emphasize mutual understanding, empathetic resonance and personal initiative. Though terms of agreement must be clear, they are not the real basis of loyalty and trust. The rule book will not work. Consider relations between people as the ground of success. If communication and feedback are spontaneous, trust them.

Change from the Inside Out: Basically a period of contraction. The time is not right for organized activity. Transformation will arrive in unexpected and unplanned ways. Working within the Family: Bringing Change to Life Each hexagram is part of a Pair that that activates hidden paths of transformative energy through the interaction of the trigrams or Spirit Helpers, connecting phases of Inspiration and Realization.

You are in the Realizing phase of this Pair. The transformative process of the pair The process of the pair transforms the Matchmaker trigram in the outer world of 53 into the Mediator trigram in the inner world of This turns your concern with social position into inner self-reflection.

This interiorisation transforms the Gatekeeper trigram in the inner world of 53 into the Groundbreaker trigram in the outer world of This turns your inner self-restraint into a liberating awareness of the whole. Click on the links to connect with the Relating Figure generated by each line.

I Ching Hexagram #54:

Inner World Step 1 Beginnings: This return of the spirit attracts a new fate. The Marrying Maiden with her sister-brides marries as a junior sister. A halting gait lets you tread.