India canada relationship great

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india canada relationship great

Canada looks to 'diversify', bolster India relationship rate will be higher and the domestic economy will remain strong, Chandrasekaran said. Majority of Sikhs present in Canada are those who suffered on account of The best way India should have responded is to give him a warm welcome, and treat . Canada–India relations, or Indo-Canadian relations, are the longstanding bilateral relations between Canada and the Republic of India, which are built upon a.

india canada relationship great

In the s and s Canada—India relations were enhanced because of the personal ties which developed between Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and two Canadian Prime Ministers who served during those years: Laurent and Lester B. At the United Nations and in the Commonwealthon issues as diverse as the Korean War armistice and the Suez Crisisthere was a convergence of interest and commitment between India and Canada.

Canada's aid programme to India began in and grew substantially under the Colombo Plan. Canada provided food aid, project financing and technical assistance to India.

Canada looks to ‘diversify’, bolster India relationship

In the s, Canada supported the Kundah hydro-electric power house project through Colombo Plan. India and Pakistan are two nations that have both consistently refused to sign the NPT, and voted against UN General Assembly Resolutions which they claim violates their nation's sovereign right [9] [10] to choose whether or not to sign such treaties.

In early FebruaryForeign Minister I. Gujral re-iterated India's opposition to the treaty, saying that "India favours any step aimed at destroying nuclear weapons, but considers that the treaty in its current form is not comprehensive and bans only certain types of tests".

India Canada relations remain frozen in time - Livemint

Thus, Canada's persistent refusal to engage in nuclear co-operation with India and Pakistan until and unless they sign the treaty ended its nuclear collaboration with India for the time being, and severely damaged relations between the two nations. In the s a chance to improve Indo-Canadian relations arose when India instituted major reforms of its economy.

india canada relationship great

India went through a large economic liberalisation, which attracted the attention of the Canadian government and the business community. The Canada-India Working Group on Counter- Terrorism was also established inbringing together on an annual basis several departments and agencies of the Canadian and Indian governments. The Canada India Foundation has been active since in fostering support for stronger bi-lateral relations between Canada and India.

india canada relationship great

Under this auspice, in Junethe Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce co-hosted with the government of India the regional Pravasi Bhartiya Divas, a conference of the diaspora.

What could be done to boost the investment and trade? First and foremost is the creation of right investment climate through sound policies and strategies.

india canada relationship great

According to the OECD, within the next fifteen years, the Indian Economy will grow to represent around one-tenth of the entire global economy. Canada which is in the path of free trade and investment with countries like India can definitely make use of such opportunities. Secondly, successful implementation of institutional mechanisms or arrangements by India and Canada will give a fillip to economy and trade.

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Already a number of such initiatives have been worked out. Besides, sector-wise agreements between the two countries on trade practices and investment guidelines have helped to clear many grey areas in those sectors.

Canada looks to ‘diversify’, bolster India relationship - The Economic Times

Some recent efforts in the above direction are quite significant. One such mechanism is Strategic Dialogue which is intended to provide a long-term strategic direction to the bilateral relations by focusing on the priority areas like investment and trade.

In the 2nd Round of Dialogue held in New Delhi during Octoberimportant bilateral issues such as defence, energy, nuclear cooperation, counter-terrorism, global and regional security were discussed. In fact, such endeavours have gained more momentum during the visit of Prime Minister Modi to Canada, when the Prime Ministers of both the countries reiterated their commitment to pursue specific measures such as the Bilateral Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement BIPPA in order to elevate two-way trade and investment linkages to full potential.

It may also provide great opportunity for Canada-India commercial collaboration in areas of strategic importance to India, while creating jobs and economic growth for both countries.