Is it worth having a long distance relationship in college

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is it worth having a long distance relationship in college

Long-distance relationships in college are tough. and if a relationship (long distance or otherwise) is getting in the way of that, it might be time. College long distance relationships can work, but it depends a lot on in long distance relationships, % believed it was worth tackling the. When it comes to maintaining a LDR in college, there are some habits you should Here are eight things to avoid doing when you and your partner are It really sucks sometimes, but if he's the right guy, I promise it's worth it.

Unfortunately, when it seems like work and exams are piling on and all you want is a hug to make it better, the sadness kicked in and you remembered that your boyfriend is seventy miles away and cannot physically be there to tell you that everything will be fine.

is it worth having a long distance relationship in college

What would college be without random hookups in a disgusting basement? To me- it would be just the same.

Why Your Long Distance Relationship is Worth It in College

Sure, it does get boring when all of your friends are on the hunt for boys and you get to stand in the corner and people watch, but it makes the reunion with your boyfriend so much better. Just knowing that you can go home or go visit your boyfriend and have someone who unconditionally loves you and likes spending time with you makes everything okay.

is it worth having a long distance relationship in college

Personally, I would rather cuddle up and watch a movie with someone who actually cares about me than hookup with someone who could not care less about me and forget about me the next day. College is a prime time to discover yourself and accomplish great things.

Of course the unwritten rule is that parents HAVE to be proud of you with everything, so having a significant other who is genuinely proud as well makes your accomplishments that much more special.

is it worth having a long distance relationship in college

I love being able to tell people what great project my boyfriend is working on, or what he has recently worked so hard to achieve.

It brings me happiness to see that other people are proud of him too, and I am sure the feeling is mutual for him when I do something awesome too.

is it worth having a long distance relationship in college

Should You Stay or Stray? When deciding if you want to try a long-distance relationship in college, there are a few things to consider.

Tips for Long Distance Relationships in College

First of all, how serious is your relationship? How far apart will you be? How often can you see one another? Will you split visits evenly — or if one of you always visits the other, will you split the cost of transportation? Will one of you have a car on campus that you can take for visits?

Is It Worth Having Long Distance Relationship In College? | Overcoming The Distance

How often do you want to talk on the phone? Will you even be in the same time zone? These are boring and sometimes stressful details to discuss, but deciding on essentials like this now can save you some serious drama down the line. Pros and Cons of Long-Distance Relationships in College Believe it or not, there are some positive aspects to long-distance relationships.