Its all gone pete tong ending relationship

'I got a gun pulled on me' - DJ Pete Tong -

its all gone pete tong ending relationship

It's fair to say that Pete Tong's history is intertwined with the history of acid house Ibiza this summer with Pure Pacha presents All Gone Pete Tong has quickly “I left school at the end of the s and always wanted to be a DJ,” he starts, “To represents another gearshift in Tong's longstanding relationship with the . It's All Gone Pete Tong is a Canadian independent film about Frankie Wilde (played by . As the film ends, we see Frankie disguised as a homeless street musician, who is then met by Penelope and a child (presumably their own). release exactly after the term "It's All Gone Pete "It's All Gone Pete Tong" was coined after the idiot PETE TONG - IT WILL ALL COME OUT IN THE END. . I did not see it, but my boy KING (No relation to Sean or Rodney) got the DVD and .

Frankie Wilde, of course, presented as the world's top Electronic DJ, isn't real. The film relies on the audience believing this premise, much like "The Blair Witch Project".

I was never thoroughly convinced, but I suppose my knowledge of Electronic music might be more sophisticated than the average listener.

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Dowse mentioned to the crowd that he didn't want to play the vices too heavy-handed. His believes there are plenty of "anti-drug" films out there and Pete Tong wasn't going to be another one.

its all gone pete tong ending relationship

The addiction felt a bit like a parody at times, partially due to Paul Kaye's exaggerated facial expressions and manic behavior. He consumes whiskey like a sports drink, and cocaine like Frankie Wilde and Tony Montana are competing in some type of drug Olympics. Luckily there is more to Frankie than a serious drug addiction. In the club the masses dance eagerly, waiting for him to drop the next beat. He warns Frankie that unless he stops abusing drugs and listening to loud noises, he will soon be completely deaf.

Even the use of his hearing aid would only further degrade his hearing. Then, during a recording session, Frankie confesses the full nature of his hearing loss to Alfonse. He inserts his hearing aid to demonstrate, and, overwhelmed by the sudden sound exposure, leans close to one of the monitor speakers. Before he can react, a frustrated Horst smashes a guitar into an amplifier whose volume Frankie has maximized.

  • 'I got a gun pulled on me' - DJ Pete Tong
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The noise is excruciating, and the feedback knocks Frankie unconscious. The damage leaves him permanently deaf. Without his hearing, Frankie cannot complete his album. He loses his recording contract, and Max abandons him.

its all gone pete tong ending relationship

Soon after, Sonya leaves him. The talking head sequences describe this period as his darkest hour, in which he shuts himself into his home, which he has "soundproofed" with pillows in a desperate bid to recover his hearing.

His drug use intensifies, and he appears to be heavily depressed. In one scene, he repeatedly throws his body against the walls. In other, he wraps Roman candles around his head, either an attempt at suicide or a drastic way to recover his hearing, but dives into the pool before they ignite.

In a culmination moment of the movie, Frankie flushes all his drugs down a toilet, only to be faced with the vision of the menacing badger again. The two begin to scuffle, with Frankie eventually gaining the upper hand and beating the badger with a shovel, then grabbing a shotgun and shooting it, upon which the badger begins to bleed cocaine.

Frankie then grabs the dying badger's head, and removes it, only to reveal that the badger is, in fact, himself.

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Skolbeats was started in and has grown in scale and ambition year on year. It is impeccably organised, a rather sanitised version of the rave experience, even if there are kids in retro outfits - not just Vicks masks but full chemical-protection body suits. Tong hops into the Portakabin, says hello to the producer and to his fellow Radio 1 DJ Fergie, and launches straight into a live introduction to the show - albeit reading from a piece of paper: So soon after London, the prospect of listening to Tong for two more hours is frankly not wholly appealing and when he starts, fuelled by a glass of champagne, it is with the Chemical Brothers' 'Galvanize': After the hard monotonous beats of Seb Fontaine's set, it is not surprising that the crowd looks a little lost.

its all gone pete tong ending relationship

Tong pumps his hand in the air and riffl es through his CD case: Two men, both stripped to their sculpted waists, are snogging out front, then massaging each other's spines. The dry ice and the fug of sweat start to obscure the giant Skol bottle tops floating from the canvas ceiling. Girls' eyes start popping out, the energy rises and boom boom boom boom.

It's All Gone Pete Tong

Carolina and her friends are crowding the back of the stage, along with the likes of Fergie, and then Erick Morillo arrives on the scene with two Barbie-esque girls. Tong looks bleary with exhaustion after so little sleep from the night before. He searches for a can of the beer that has all the characteristics consumers want for party occasions and settles for a bottle of water.

Off into the warm night with the sound of the festival slowly fading.

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Tong has asked the manager, Dom, if there's anything to eat. Dom presents the options. Or we can send someone down to the garage.

I could eat a pizza. We can get you pizza. I don't think they do thin round here Since we last saw each other over the breakfast table at the Fasano, Tong has spent a few days on holiday with Carolina in Rio - but did end up playing at an amazing house party there, together with Morillo.

its all gone pete tong ending relationship

He came back last Friday. Popped to Bari, southern Italy, on Sunday to play a gig. Has been in the studio. And made an appearance as one of the headiners on Hell's Kitchen. Tong has dipped a toe into the waters of celebrity culture - starring in a testicular cancer awareness campaign, for instance, alongside Teddy Sherringham and Charlie Higson a friend was a victim.

But 'I'm not a fan of celebrity for its own sake I've been sounded out about those reality shows, but TV is not my forte. Although exposure can be a good thing It has been three years since Tong left the record industry, leaving him free to concentrate on his DJing.

Stop that racket

He brought acts like Orbital and Goldie to his London circumstances, while his radio career was clouded by accusations that he had given undue prominence on his show to acts signed to Ffrr. And as Tong always told Andy Parfitt: Suddenly, venues like Blend, where regulars will make up at least 70 per cent of the crowd, are booming.

And I'm not patronising them, but for me to play here is a big deal for these people.

its all gone pete tong ending relationship