Jhene aiko drake relationship advice

Jhené Aiko covers Big Sean tattoo

jhene aiko drake relationship advice

Read story An Aubrey Drake Graham & Jhene Aiko love story. by rachaelgraham99 two were in a relationship but these were denied by Jhene and her partner Robin Thicke. Drake: Great advice ma, better work this time though (Ends call). Nov 16, Jhene Aiko completely covered up a large tattoo of beau Big Sean's face on her left tricep. Tips Sign Up Drake reveals new giant owl chest tattoo both Aiko and Big Sean – who have been an item since , pre-dating. Mar 12, Jhene Aiko Talks Drake & Childish Gambino Relationship With Complex I'm always asking him for advice with stuff and trying to figure out.

Most important is that he gets who she is. It was the first single from Sail Out. It debuted at number eight on the US Billboard chart and sold 34, copies. It debuted at No. They photographed themselves in bed together, they did everything together. She has even been compared to singer Sade. She admits that she never realized it until a friend told her that she has the cadence of a rapper.

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I try to split the difference. She admits that she likes being high while writing music and channels the inspiration into it. She finds smoking weed acts like therapy and helps her to release and channel those raw emotions from pain and frustration.

She admits being under the influence of cannabis while writing and recording her debut mixtape Sailing Soul s. According to Jhene, she writes from a very personal place and so the songs are in chronological order of what has been happening in her life.

The songs are meant to take the audience on a journey with her. They are confessional in nature and often speak of love and loss.

Jhene Aiko Speaks On Relationship With Drake And Childish Gambino

Her greatest influence is rapper Tupac, who has inspired her to stick to who she is and to stand for something through music. She sees Tupac as an icon for speaking his mind and being himself despite causing controversy. Since her father is a doctor, his beliefs tended to be more scientific. She admits that letting go of her ego can be very challenging in the music business.

She also tries not to look at herself on television or get caught up with being a celebrity.

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She has a close-knit family that keeps her grounded. She kept her pregnancy a secret, while deciding which artist she wanted to work with and what she would write about. Even though she had known about Drake from his television show Degrassi because her younger family members watched it, they did not meet until a mutual friend introduced them.

Drake - From Time (Feat. Jhene Aiko)

She often seeks his advice, especially about being a celebrity. He invited her onstage to perform the romantic duet From Time. Afterwards, they shared an unrehearsed playful moment after they were done. At one point, Drake turns to hug Jhene just as she turns to hug another SNL cast member, which forced Drake to hug them both. The incident added fuel to the rumors that she and Drake were romantically involved. When she reached out to Drake, all he said was that she went on the Internet too much and she could not have agreed with him more.

Thankfully, they were able to put the matter to rest.

jhene aiko drake relationship advice

They always seem to think that she is in a relationship with the guys she makes music with. According to Jhene, they have the same publisher and one of his best friends went to school with her brother.

jhene aiko drake relationship advice

They also have the same sarcastic and dry sense of humor. She is not bothered by rumors about their relationship, since they hang out together and are good friends. As for Childish Gambino, he says that they met for dinner after her performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! When Jhene sent him the song, he wrote it that very night and emailed it back to her the next day. Jhene states that one problem is that when she talks to guys, they are suspicious of her relationships with other guys she has worked with.

They listen to her music and create this perfect image of her. However, she prefers to channel her crazy side into her music rather than act on it. At the same time, people like to think she is innocent, while forgetting that she has a child and was involved in relationships. As a matter of fact, she grew up listening to Snoop Dogg and even wrote her first rap at the age of 7. Jhene considers herself an open book and would rather tell the truth when asked.

She does so without compromising her friends by telling their secrets. Hennessy InJhene Aiko revealed her alter ego as J. Hennessy first appeared on her debut extended play Sail Out. Jhene explains that J. Hennessy is the person who she becomes after drinking Hennessy. It began in middle school when a friend started calling her J-Henny for Jhene. Hennessy is also her drink of choice.

J-Hennessy is the rapper, hip-hop, more aggressive side of her and how she feels when she is mad. They were dropping Jhene off to rehearsal when a car made an illegal U-turn in front of them. Even though everyone was unharmed, Jhene broke her wrist while trying to protect her daughter from the impact. Nothing worked, so she went on trips. A week alone in Big Sur. Exploring the Big Island of Hawaii.

jhene aiko drake relationship advice

Meditating in the Pacific Palisades. Floating through her mind with the aid of hallucinogenic mushrooms. She was, she says, desperate to reconnect with a part of herself she forgot. We all suffer from something. It's easier to go through something when you know you're not the only one going through pain.

Penny is me in my purest and most authentic form," Aiko explained. And through this process of making music, I've been rediscovering her.

Ahead of the album, Aiko released the loosely autobiographical short film she co-wrote with Tracy Oliver "Girls Trip"also titled "Trip," and this fall, Ulysses Press will publish "2Fish," a book of her poetry. The emptiness that accompanies loss, self-discovery, love and spiritual enlightenment inform the entire body of work. It's easier to go through something when you know you're not the only one going through pain," she said. Her dad, a doctor and aspiring musician who was, she says, "in and out" of her life, converted part of the family home into a studio and wrote music.

By the time she was 13, Aiko had signed with Epic Records and was working on an album, but it never materialized. At 16, she asked to be released from her contract to finish high school, after which she enrolled in West Los Angeles College and worked as a waitress. After the birth of her daughter Namiko Love "child of the wave" inAiko decided to refocus on music. But when a label head advised her to "sell" herself, Aiko found her artistic mission: Hip-hop producer No I.

Her EP "Sail Out" made a major splash on the charts and scored her three Grammy nominations ineven as she was promoting her debut album, "Souled Out. She sings of heartbreak, loss and loneliness, but also the existential experiences, and she has made her philosophies a literal part of her, through tattoos that include a Japanese rising sun, a sprawling lotus blossom, Buddha, a favorite Bible verse, the wheel of Dharma, a penny, and the phrase "Why Aren't You Smiling?

Buddhism, which she embraced at 15, has helped her navigate the rockier aspects of fame; her romantic life has always been the source of much speculation and her saucy guest verse on 's "Post to Be" from Omarion caused a stir for a breezy reference to certain sex acts. I remember being on tour with Drake and [a blog] posted I was pregnant with his baby," she said and laughed.