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Like my dad told me, and I tell the young men you disciple, the hardest part about chasing a woman isn't the . Hi pastor Joseph, how would you define submission in marriage. But I knew that jealousy wouldn't be healthy. Victory Fort Bonifacio is a church in Bonifacio Global City that exists to honor Make Disciples - Joseph Bonifacio .. Jealous God (Taglish) – Jeff Eliscupidez. The fundamental reason the Church exists is to make disciples of Jesus. Christ. Two churches .. lievers into a robust relationship with by Joey Bonifacio.

Such is the power of a preacher whom God uses at the right season and moment. I knew it would take years of renewing my mind to get it there, but God rewarded my desire through a simple revelation about marriage. I have grown to call it the four essential ingredients to a successful marriage. Trust Trust is the foundation of a successful marriage. Whatever you do, make sure that it builds trust.

Discipleship Is Relationship

Anything that destroys the trust must be avoided or discarded. There is nothing uglier than a jealous wife or husband. Make every effort to build trust, whether through your words or actions, in all aspects of your marriage. Love While trust is the foundation, love is its motivation of a great marriage. It's about serving the other person and not waiting for them to serve you.

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It's about dying to selfish desires and finding joy in bringing pleasure to your spouse. Marriage is a daily journey of continually growing in joy, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.

There is nothing more beautiful than a confident spouse who knows she is the one who brings joy, warmth, and pleasure to your eyes. Forgiveness Forgiveness is the reset button of a marriage that has hung. Tribal Leadership - Small is Big I never got around to writing the thread on discipleship and gardening, chuck that to complacency and over-blogging. I've decided instead to just start a new thread on Tribal Leadership - Small is big. A big movement can only get bigger if it learns to lead in tribes.

It is in leading smaller units that it can become bigger than it already is. This post is all about how to to possess the land.

It's one thing to attack and break into a territory it is quite another thing to possess it. History is replete with conquerors Romans 8: Church movements have also experienced the same the problem. While they start out strong and breakthrough the lines of a nation or a city they fail to completely occupy and possess.

How To Overcome Jealousy In A Relationship

This problem stretches all the way back to the oldest of "church movements" of all time - the Israelites, as they entered the promised land and tried to occupy. Israel has had considerable success winning as they entered the promised land. However, to effectively and efficiently occupy the land they needed a new strategy, they needed to fight in tribes. Whereas they fought as a nation in the past, it was time to occupy and possess.

That meant they needed to break up into tribes. The concept was not only a wise one, it was God's plan. In His sovereign wisdom He knew it was the most effective and efficient way to go about the conquest. To do so meant they had to empower the tribes. Something the nation was not used to. They were used to fighting as one nation. Tribal fighting was different. It meant not having the whole nation behind you. It meant that the similar success principles and experiences had to be translated into multiple smaller units.

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In the end it is the best way to grow and expand. There's not better book to study than the book of Judges to see the failure of Israel in occupying the land. It outlines the reasons for the failure: Correctly they realized they needed to ask the Lord for leading and guidance, one that they learned from Joshua who learned from Moses.

The Lord responds by saying Judah was to go first. Judah in turn invites the Simeonites to join them and they did v. The succeeding verses tell of the success of Judah.