John gray books on relationship with god

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john gray books on relationship with god

john gray professional life story. His book, The Autobiography of A Yogi, would inspire me greatly later in life.” “That idea has been the basis for all my teachings about relationships.“ one night sitting by a fire on the beach with a dozen other homeless men, trying to teach them about God and their true purpose in life. OPRAH WINFREY LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH SHE ASKED JOHN GRAY Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus by John Gray What You Feel, You . lives. be it in childhood teen years or in relationships, we all ge hurt at some stage. . from infancy to adulthood, we need a special kind of love; the love of GOD. John Gray (born December 28, ) is an American relationship counselor, lecturer and . "Looking to God for Relationship Advice". The Globe and Mail.

This book is good encouragement for those of us who don't think much of ourselves.

john gray books on relationship with god

We might feel we are just unknown and ordinary people who could never be used by God in an extraordinary way. But then, so was David. My comments are an independent and honest review. I have to be completely honest. I definitely had specific expectations when I picked up the book and many of them were not met.

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By no means is this the fault of the author or a critique on the content of the book. My biggest issue was with regards to my personal preference more than anything else. I prefer more principles and fewer stor I Am Number 8 by John Gray is an interesting read for those who feel they are overlooked and undervalued in life. I prefer more principles and fewer stories.

This book is more geared toward sharing stories and experiences than presenting the principle that were derived as a result. My preference is for more time and attention to be spent explaining and exploring the principles and using experiences and stories as examples, rather than the focal point.

This once again has more to do with my personal preference than the author not delivering. With that said, this is a book that I am sure many readers will find value in and I recommend checking it out to see if it resonates with you more than it did with me.

What took 17 years to write and publish, lines right up with my season of reawakening where I've sensed God's whispers calling me David. Thank God for this book! As I walk by faith to a place I only hear I needed the bread crumbs. This book was soo on time Read this book and allow Pastor Gray to awaken you to what, who and how powerful it is to realize and walk in the knowledge that God has been revealing that the traits I have, the warrior spirit He placed in me is done with intentionality and this book came at a time of dramatic confirmation in my life.

Many of these teachers awent on to become world famous meditation instructors. Gray also spent his time studying ancient texts from different religions and philosophies. Maharishi had a vast library of books and teachings. While he was with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, he was celibate. At first, he meditated for hours each day. Then he progressed to hours each day.

I Am Number 8: Overlooked and Undervalued, but Not Forgotten by God by John W. Gray III

Pure happiness, John explains. I ate twice a day from a stainless steel cup, slept on the floor and started each day with a cold bath. His brother had suffered from bipolar disorder and he was struggling to find happiness.

John Gray Sister Circle "My Wife Healed/Birthed Me": NO! Your Womb is NOT a Repair Shop! - @TonyaTko

John had encouraged meditation for him in the past but it did not help. So John left the Transcendental Meditation movement and Maharishi and returned to the United States to try to help his brother get out of depression. But first he had to find a place to sleep. John was homeless and living primarily on a beach in Santa Monica. John Gray: Books

He spent his days at part time jobs and reading psychology books in the public library. But most nights were spent on the beach. John recalls one night sitting by a fire on the beach with a dozen other homeless men, trying to teach them about God and their true purpose in life.

John swallowed his pride and called his mother for help. She sent John money to take computer programming courses. Inhe moved to San Francisco as a computer programmer and he was finally able to earn enough money so he could continue his Psychology studies and participate in the new courses for personal growth.

When John reached San Francisco, he had sex with a bevy of women.

I Am Number 8: Overlooked and Undervalued, but Not Forgotten by God

After I had been a monk for so long, I had a series of girlfriends. I discovered that making a woman happy made me even happier. I am responsible for my happiness. She is responsible for hers. These open discussions about sex helped me teach others at my seminars. Sex was not so openly discussed back then as it is today.

They were called Enlightened Sexuality Seminars and each had about 20 people in them.

john gray books on relationship with god

At first, John focused on Tantra and spiritual sex, but he shifted his approach to how we share and express love in relationships. It was also in when John met and dated his future wife Bonnie for a year and a half. She had two children from a previous marriage and asked me if I wanted to have children.

After this heartbreak, John met Barbara De Angelis.

john gray books on relationship with god

They dated for 2 years and taught seminars together. By the time they married, they were teaching seminars to people each time. John was married to Barbara De Angelis for two years before he learned about relationships the hard way: John and Barbara seemed like a perfect couple. They taught seminars together and shared their wisdom with other couples. But inshe fell in love with another man and left. On a business level, I felt that I had lost credibility in my career because we had been this ideal relationship.

Or so I thought. But there was a silver lining.