Keroro ending 3 year relationship

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keroro ending 3 year relationship

My girlfriend of three years broke up with me in October of I'm heartbroken, but I still haven't cried yet. I tried! I want to let it all out. I made. At times, Natsumi and Keroro seem to absolutely hate each other, as Keroro is an idiotic However, their relationship is one of the most complex within the series, as it varies .. Giroro, in the end, tried to take advantage of this by dragging her into a You're a pedophile then. a year ago 1 Keroro · 2 Tamama · 3 Kururu. Dude the First step is to convince them as hard as you want it. See, your life belongs to you, not your parents not your spouse, no one.

He still rouses her suspicions on a daily basis with his lack of respect for doing his chores and the threat he poses to humankind.

However, she appears to have mixed feelings about them in general every once in a while. Most of the time she is yelling at them or beating them up, whether they have threatened "Pekopon" or simply her peace.

However, there are times that she will work with them to save her home.

Natsumi Hinata

While she distrusts in the platoon, when they are forced to leave from Earth, she cries and says something along the lines of 'I didn't tell you to leave'. When Keroro Platoon is actually invading the Earth and she can't do anything about it, she cries and appears to be very scared, showing that only reason she was able to treat the platoon like in the past was because of Keroro's inability as a leader. This was turned out to be a hoax for the April Fool's day. Edit Ironically, Natsumi was the one who pointed out Keroro's hiding spot in Fuyuki's bedroom to wake up her oversleeping brother, thus revealing Keroro from his hiding.

Natsumi is Keroro's main obstacle in his plot to take over the world, so to take Keroro's mind off of world conquest, Natsumi put most of the house chores to Keroro. She is majorly annoyed by Keroro and his plans for world domination, but she made another ironic point when she reminded the alien platoon of their true purpose to rule Earth when they completely forgot about it.

However, Natsumi and Keroro really do get along well, since she has gotten used to his presence and they sometimes look up to each other as surrogate siblings, it becoming natural with time. Edit Natsumi thought that Tamama was kind of cute, but this thought faded when Natsumi saw the other side of Tamama. Eventually, the two learned to get along, as long as Natsumi didn't make him angry.

Tamama affectionately calls her "Na-chi" in the Japanese version, implying that though their connection is faint they are on fairly good terms. Edit At first, she'd distrusted Giroro like all the others—especially since he almost blew up her house upon his first visit. After she learned of his magnificent sweet potato roasting skills and his superb strength as a soldier as well as him saving her life many times, and seems to have warmed up to him.

However, she's still blissfully unaware of his undying love for her. The leader turned to face his companions. Or perhaps a group of them did this together. It truly is hard to say for sure. Just as he had finished his thought, the automatic doors that worked as the entrance to the Commander's headquarters swung open. A single marine colored Keronian came rushing into the room at topmost speed, almost too fast for the doors to open in time to allow him inside.

The Keronian stopped in front of them, trying to catch his breath through heavy panting before standing up straight and saluting to them while he spoke. We have just finished out scan of what's left of the General's body!

keroro ending 3 year relationship

I'm sorry to report that The three Commanders stared down at the nervous Keronian from the small hovering pedestal they stood crowded on. After several seconds of uncomfortable staring, the leading commander slowly turned his head over to face his left partner, his eyes squinting once their gazes met.

As of now, the planet known as Pekopon is off limits to any and all invaders hoping to finish what we could not. These Pekoponians are dangerous creatures and must not be allowed to come in contact with any Keronian at any time.

keroro ending 3 year relationship

So from here until further notice, Pekopon is officially off the map. Any Keronian ship that is caught headed in the direction of Pekopon will be shot down on sight.

Invasion changes many things. It can permanently alter a civilization's way of life. It can lead to rebellion, hatred, war and death. But for the inhabitants of Earth, they were cursed with all of these things and worse when the Keronians came during the massive, planetary invasion just one year ago.

After two years of peaceful living between the Keronians and the humans on the small planet known throughout the universe as Pekopon, the whole of the Keronian army, lead by a ruthless and bloodthirsty General, eventually took it upon themselves to finish what only a single platoon of five below average ranked soldiers could not.

The began by eliminating Japan; the same country where the original invasion platoon, formally known as the A.

Angol Mois

They were each punished firmly and mercilessly for their traitorous actions against the Keron Army shortly after they were captured, with each punishment set into motion and supervised by the General herself, who also happened to be the mother of the platoon member named Giroro. Keroro, the Sargent and leader of the platoon, was immediately stripped of his rank and sentenced to life as a puppet, forced to watch through the eyes of a clone copy of himself as it hunted down and murdered many of the Sargent's close companions.

Tamama, the Private, was sent back to Keron under orders of the General, where he was forbidden from returning to both Pekopon and the Keron army. He was later secretly recruited back into the military under the new name "Matata", hoping to seek vengeance on his past love interest Keroro after the Sargent's clone rejected his feelings towards him, breaking both his heart and spirit.

Dororo, the Lance Corporal and former Keron assassin, was never found by the Keronian forces. However, after dedicating his life during the invasion to protecting the helpless and weak from his own kind with the help of his life partner and ninja friend Koyuki, he was eventually discovered by the Keroro clone and almost lost his life in the process.

However, although his life was spared, his and Koyuki's adapted daughter, who they had chosen to take care of after witnessing her parent's death, was lost in the crossfire. Unable to deal with the pain of her daughter's death, Koyuki quickly committed suicide shortly after realizing the truth, leaving Dororo permanently alone and with nothing to hold onto.

Kululu, the Sargent Major and science officer of the platoon, was recruited to help in the invasion during the first stage of the attack on Pekopon. He gladly took the offer and worked along side the General during both the invasion of Pekopon and the war on Planet Angol, which was set into motion when the young and naive Angolan named Mois, who had prior to the invasion worked along side the A.

keroro ending 3 year relationship

However, his compassionate side eventually got the better of him and he began refusing the General's orders unless he was allowed to see the Angolan girl, Mois. Having gone against Military protocol by denying a superior's orders, he too was sentenced to be tortured as punishment.

And as ordered by the General to help add insult to injury, he was placed into the exact same cell as Mois. For weeks he stayed there beside her, growing more and more attached to the naive girl as time passed. But when an unfortunate accident occurred during a drug hallucination caused by a poisoned plate of food, Kululu, believing that it was one of his old enemies, unintentionally murdered Angol Mois during the trip and woke up moments later drenched in her very blood.

With vengeance as his new priority, Kululu stole not only Mois' planet-shattering Lucifer Spear, which he quickly used to escape, but he also took out her very eye and attached it to his own socket, believing that he could hear her voice telling him to do so even after death. Finally, Giroro, the Corporal and weapons specialist of the platoon, was the General's first target. Knowing of her son's choice to abandon the invasion after falling in love with a young Pekoponian by the name of Natsumi Hinata, she made it her main priority once she reached Pekopon to hunt down Giroro and sentence him to the worst torture possible.

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However, before she even made it to Pekopon, Giroro's older brother Garuru had already discovered their mother's plans and warned his younger brother of her arrival. With this small advantage, Giroro managed to save Natsumi from certain death and hide her away in a secret survival shelter designed by Kululu.

Shortly afterwards, Giroro was tracked down and punished by the Keron army just as the General had hoped. As punishment, his mind was wired into a computer simulation where he was forced to watch Natsumi, his lover, endlessly die for what was designed by the General to feel like decades.

After a few months in the simulation, all traces of Giroro's sanity had all but been destroyed. Once he was released, he was but a shell of his former self. He only wanted death. He only wanted to be with her again, believing that she truly was dead. The General, having no pity for her mentally damaged son, sent him down to Pekopon, ordering him to eliminate any remained Pekoponians that may have survived the invasion, promising him the relief of death if he complied.

By the end of the first year since the invasion begun, the A.

keroro ending 3 year relationship

Their lives had become hell on Earth and it seemed as though there was no turning back. Mankind was on the verge of extinction. The Keronians had taken control of everything and were close to destroying all traces of human existence.

There was no chance of survival for Earth anymore. All hope was lost. But eventually, through many trials and many emotional and physical challenges, things seemed to begin looking up for the now departed A. Through the help of an unknown being from below the sea, Keroro was able to break free from his prison and managed to track down Natsumi before the Keron army did.

keroro ending 3 year relationship

Having discovered that she was alive, Keroro left to try and find Giroro and bring them both together once again. Tamama, after spending several months on Pekopon hunting survivors, soon ran into his former Sargent once again, where he was let in on the truth about what had happened to Keroro and how the heartbroken Private had been rejected by a clone copy instead of the real thing.

Joining sides with Keroro once again, the two reunited Keronians hunted down and murdered the Keroro clone as payback for all he had done.

Dororo, having grown a deep hatred towards Keroro for what his clone had done to Koyuki and his adapted daughter, he too eventually was found by Keroro and Tamama, where he immediately began attacking his former best friend with the full intention of killing him.

After finally striking a death blow on the Sargent, he was only able to reclaim his thoughts once Tamama explained that it was a clone that had killed Koyuki and not Keroro. Realizing the error of his ways, he quickly went to work on attempting to revive Keroro using an ancient and forbidden ninja technique that transferred Keroro's injuries to himself.

After stating his final request to Keroro to never forget him, the blue ninja quickly died in place of his friend, happy to know that his dear Koyuki could finally rest in peace. Kululu, after fully taking control of Mois' spear, believed that he was happy now that he and Mois could be together for an eternity, but after a few months of attempting to destroy the planet by request of Mois's voice, he eventually realized that he could not go on living without her entire being by his side.

While falsely turning back to his original job of assisting in the invasion alongside the General as a way to reclaim Mois' corpse, Kululu soon found himself back together with the rest of his now reunited platoon. With their team joined together once more, the A. Giroro, having been driven insane through his torture, met his older brother Garuru while he was on Pekopon and wrongfully murdered him when he tried to convince the ill minded soldier that Natsumi was still alive.

However, with his last dying breath, Garuru managed to leave his brother one final message, which he wrote in his own blood, that he knew would give Giroro at least some kind of hope that not all was lost for him. But it was not until Giroro met Keroro that the truth about Natsumi's safety was finally beaten into him. As ordered by Natsumi, Keroro used all of his strength to give Giroro a massive smack across the face.

After hearing Keroro's words "That was from Natsumi", Giroro was finally given the small salvage of hope he needed to clear his mind and realize what was real and what wasn't.