Kindling relationship aqw walkthrough guy

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kindling relationship aqw walkthrough guy

Walkthrough Time Stamp: 27 July , GMT+7. ARCANGROVE The 7th Lord Of Chaos. AQWorlds Arcangrove Description: The Magi have shared a strong connection with the Gorrilaphant dating .. Task 4: Kindling Relationship. After you complete this quest, you can enter the gates. .. Following that, AQW's first storyline-related minigame! everyone in the room (Announcer Guy will tell you who your next opponent is). .. Kindling Relationship: You need to get the “ Defeated Mafic Dragon” item from the Mafic Dragon to complete. AQWorlds Walkthrough: Arcangrove. March 15, at If they're going to eat these guys, why not just buy a net Kindling Relationship.

Rayst gives one quest that you will need to complete first: Find Paddylump to complete this quest. It will automatically turn-in so you won't have to go back to Arcangrove.

Now you can begin Paddylump's quests: Join Arcangrove and fight Gorillaphants to get 12 "Huge Fleas". Not The Best Idea: This is one of the more tricky quests so far.

Before you can fight the Tiger Leech to get the "Rod of Defiance", you need to unlock the gate by turning on the correct crystals. Click the "Where to go next? Water You Waiting For: It will auto-complete so you don't have to go back! Now you can begin Nisse's quests to continue the storyline: Go around Natatorium and collect 12 purple corals. Don't walk over them too quickly or they might not register as more than one and you'll have to do it again.

Collect 20 Angler Fillets from the Anglerfish to complete. Beat enough Merdraconians to get 15 "Rescued Merfolk". For this quest you'll have to go to areas all around Arcangrove for the monsters. Then return to Nisse to turn the quest in. Now you must fight Nessie to get the "Defeated Nessie" quest item. It's kind of hard to open the gate and may take awhile: There are three pressure points you must cover to unlock the gate. Walking on the shells will move the statues to cover the points.

Teehee, I love his hair… And his design for that matter Observing the Observatory Lol, time to jump into that magical portal. Take the portal on the left to read a fancy book. Take the red portal to go nowhere lol. Take the other portal to go meet some fancy people with quests for you. Walk up the stairs and you will complete the quest.

Oh hohoho, look a Chaos lord: Travel left into the Cloister. XD Talk and then you shall be allowed to complete quests. Proceed to complete HER quests. XD In the tree, Forward, forward, left and get the sparkly thing. Rather not search it up though. And back to Rayst. Go to Mudluk Village lazy to correct spelling. Talk to the Paddy Lump frog toad thing.

XD Jk, not that much, but decent. Then, go to the room on the left. There are two more survivors in that room. Go up and find the fifth and final survivor. Bring back 5 Imp Teeth. Drops from Fire Imps. Bring back Tower Info. From the start of Mobius. Go up the screen. Travel to the left arrow. Go up between the houses to the Portal Area.

AQ Worlds "Guardian of the Gilead Wrap" (Quest)

If done correctly, you will witness a cutscene. You will then have Tower Info. Bring back 5 Cyclops Contact Lenses. Drops from Cyclops Raiders. Bring back 1 Slugfit Scalp. To get to him, walk up the path through the gate. Go up the right path instead of going left. Slugfit will be in that next room. All items for these quests are in Mobius. Once you get to the next screen, enter the horizontal door of the inverted house.

During this cutscene, we receive the first look at the First Lord of Chaos, Escherion. The second piece of the Runix cube lies in this new zone, but you need to complete the quests to get it. Collect 7 Dew Drops, the pink flowers that appear after you accept the quest. From the screen where you accept the quest, there are: Find the Healing Jar, which will be dropped by a random Sneevil in the area. Go to the right and up to the purplish tree. Defeat the Cyclops Warlord. Go to the left and up.

You will see a tree with a shining spot in the middle of it. Go to that dot and you will be taken to Aracara. Defeat the spider to get the quest item. For both of the last two quests, you will need friends to win; the monsters are hard. Finish the six quests from the green moglin, Anise. Collect 8 Gargoyle Chips from the Gargoyles. Find the Teleport Info. You will need to look around until you find the teleporter. Collect 10 Blue Gems by fighting the Gargoyles.

Go back to the teleporter and walk through it. On the next screen will be the Golem. Fight the Golem until he gives the quest item. Go into the first building. Go up to the big picture on the wall and click it. After clicking that button, you will unlock four more quests at back in Mobius.

You then must complete the puzzle. If you want to skip it, click the Solve button and you get the quest item. From where you get the quest: Beat Cyclops Raiders to get the eight Cloth Scraps. They are located in various places in Mobius. After completing the quest, you will be sent into the tower. The entrance to the tower is the blue teleporter in Mobius. To proceed through the tower, you must finish the quests to unlock various doors. Walkthrough Ignore the first room and just walk through the door on the north side of the screen.

Be careful to avoid the portal in the middle of the room, as that will send you back to Mobius. Progress down the stairs, walk up to the door, and accept the quest. You will need one Cyclops Door Key, which is dropped by the Cyclopses in the area. After walking through the door, walk down the stairs again.

Walk up to the door and accept the quest.


This time, you will need 6 Keys from the Fire Imps in the area. Find the keys, turn in the quest, and walk through the door. So, head downstairs, ignore the Head Gargoyle, walk up to the swirling, purple-and-black portal, and accept the quest. You will need a key, dropped from the Head Gargoyle, so defeat it until it drops the key, turn in the quest, and proceed through the portal.

Enjoy the cutscene that will bring you back to Mobius. Each Head drops a Hydra Tooth, so defeat nine of them. The first rune is located in that room. Go left one screen again. The second rune is located there. Go left, to where the bonfire is, and head up one screen. The final runestone is located there.

Go down one screen, back to the bonfire, and turn in the quests. You will see a large, purple portal; go into it to watch a cutscene. After that, you get to actually fight him. You must kill his staff first; otherwise, you will not do any damage against him. Because his staff respawns often, you need to kill it every time it comes back.

kindling relationship aqw walkthrough guy

When you defeat Escherion, you will watch a cutscene that will take you back to Mobius. You are now done with the First Lord of Chaos! Be prepared to bring friends. Second Lords of Chaos: The Third Lord of Chaos: You can now move on to the Third Lord of Chaos! Talk to Snowbeard, the dwarf, who will have some quests for you to complete.

Adventure Quest Worlds Storyline Walkthrough

Talk to all seven sisters throughout the tavern. Bring back one Chaorrupted Skin, dropped by Twistedclaw in the pine forest. Give Snowbeard his Gold: Donna Charmer will have quests for you. Bring back six Bear Teeth, dropped by Pine Grizzlies in the pine forest.

You might have to kill several of them before it drops. You can now enter the Dwarfhold Keep!

kindling relationship aqw walkthrough guy

The Mountain Path and Dwarfhold Keep: Talk to Ironfist, the dwarf elder, who will have more quests for you. Bring back the Memory Stone. Follow the path until you find a hole with an arrow pointing to it. Go down the hole, and the Memory Stone should be there. There will be a short custcene when you click on it.

The quest is automatically turned in. Bring back six Vultragon Beaks, dropped by Vultragons on Mountaintpath. Bring back eight Food Pouches, dropped by Drow Soldiers in the area. You need a key to enter the Upper City. Naturally, she has quests of her own. Bring back seven Limestones, found on the ground throughout the area. Bring back six Chaos Gemeralds, dropped by Chaotic Draconians in the area. Bring back one Block of Talc, dropped by Albino Bats in the area.

Note that you might have to kill several bats before it drops.

Storyline Walkthrough: Chapter 1 - The 13 Lords of Chaos

Go back to the golden gate to the Upper City. When you try to use the key, it will break, so go back to Geopetal for one last quest. With this new key, proceed through the Upper City Gates. The Upper City Upon going through the gates, you should find yourself right next to Jorxlol. He has quests for you. Am I the only one seeing a pattern, here?

You should get them when you click on the golden doors in his castle. Head right, and go inside the golden castle. Bring back 6 Assassin Hoods, dropped by Drow Assassins in the area. Claws for the Cause: Bring back 3 Draconian Claws, dropped by Chaotic Draconians in the area. Bring back 12 Cracked Eggs, dropped by Chaos Eggs in the area. Bring back the Terradactyl Wings dropped by the Terradactyl. Bring back 3 Beetle Glands, dropped by Rhino Beetles in the area. Bring back 1 Lizard Gizzard, dropped by the Cave Lizard.

That completes the disguise. You should be able to go through that. Follow that path until you reach Mick Guyver, who will have even more quests for you. All of these monsters can be found in the area.

AQWorlds Walkthrough: Arcangrove | AQWorlds Portal

Click on the metal bars, then return back to Mick Guyver. All the monsters can be found in the area. Click on the large boulder and watch the cutscene.

Once again, follow the pathway until you reach the spot where you met Vath the last time. When you walk into the light, you will watch a cutscene. The Fight with the Rock Roc Part 1: When running on the ground, you move slower, but you can also click to eat drow archers to replenish your health. After defeating the Rock Roc in the air, watch a short cutscene, and prepare to take him out on the ground.