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Good Endings - | Bad Ending | Art of Fighting Team: Ryo, Robert, Yuri | Benimaru Team: Benimaru, Shingo, Daimon | 3 Sacred Treasures Team: Kyo, Iori . You can also find the Japanese version on The King of Fighters Official Website "'Koshi-kondo' the phrase that expresses the sublime relationship of trust After the end of the previous tournament, Shingo periodically trained under. Prologue:Two years ago, K' and the Hero Team finally ended HESTS. Sensing danger, Chizuru Kagura once again hots the KOF Tournament to learn more about He also managed to get Shingo to join and Athena as well. K' and Whip have gained a strong sibling relationship as well as Kula.

A man with a very big heart and potential for greatness, but still very loyal to Kyo.

Kyo may still treat him like a doormat every now and then and Iori too, whenever he pays Kyo a visitbut Shingo's loyalty is not something that can be easily understood. It is unconditional and steadfast. But he has always found it weird that Kyo and Iori were?? The weirdest part would be that Iori was the one who called it off and even said that the feud was actually just a crock of bullshit between their ancestors, not them.

It was not their concern. Kyo had agreed immediately and from then on, the two spent almost all of their time together taking long walks or hitting bars. Kazuya lay prone and rubbed his aching temple. Benimaru's electric ki did not affect him because the same aura ran through his own body, but the double-blow sure hurt as hell!!

Benimaru who was forty feet away under a pile of rubble was not so hot either. He felt as though his breakfast was coming up. Meanwhile, Saishyu who was also spectating the match laughed and clapped his hands whilst another very large man with a white bandanna, Goro Daimon, gave a rare smile.

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Benimaru was the one who invited Kazuya over for a training session. The Ironfist Tournaments had just ended as well and Kazuya had nothing better to do. He had been a good friend of the members of the Japan Team for a few years now, after Kyo and another friend of his helped rescue him from the soul-control of a demonlord.

Finally, after a few minutes to regain composure, Benimaru shook of the rubble, leapt up, and brushed himself off. They reversed this decision because of the characters' popularity. Illustrator Shinkiro said he thought Iori was one of the series' wildest characters because of his hairstyle; similar sentiments were expressed by Last Blade illustrator Tonko.

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Maximum Impact producer Falcoon stated that attempting to change an "untouchable" design such as Iori's put him under severe pressure. He stated that creating Iori's alternative design that appears in the Maximum Impact series almost felt "unforgivable" because he felt unsure of fans' reaction to the change.

Throughout the series, his normal costume consists of a short jacket and bondage pants ; without changing his design and adjusting only his coloring, a diverse number of image variations can be brought about. Despite losing his flaming techniques, he was given brutal moves using his nails to emphasize his ferociousness.

Iori's strongest technique is "Forbidden Shiki: Iori's 10th color scheme in the game matches that of his classic outfit. During development of the game, details were added to increase the similarities. Character designer Eisuke Ogura created a new outfit for Iori and asked the modeler to focus on his masculinity and to pay close attention to the way the design of the character's eyes. In ancient times, the Yagami clan was known as the Yasakani who, With the help of the Yata and Kusanagi clans, sealed the demon Orochi.

As time passed, the Yasakani tired of living in the shadow of the Kusanagi and made a blood pact with Orochi that gave them greater powers but cursed them and their descendants forever. They renamed their clan the Yagami and set out to destroy the Kusanagi with their new powers.

In response, the Kusanagi declared war on the Yagami, which led to the deaths of many clan members on both sides. Ior becomes obsessed with killing his heir Kyo, disregarding their clans' past. This sometimes results in Iori helping Kyo to defeat his enemies and to finish their battles. Iori learns that the heir of the Kusanagi clan, Kyois expected to be there. They defeat the Orochi follower Goenitz but neither Iori nor Kyo agree with the idea. In the story, Iori discovers the creation of Kyo clones and enters the annual tournament, where he finds those responsible, an organization named NESTS.

Ash appears afterward and defeats Iori, stealing his powers. He does not have a team. He seals the weakened snake with the help of Kyo and Chizuru.

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In The King of Fighters: Kyo, a role-playing video game set before the events of KOF '97, Iori appears as Kyo's antagonist in his journey around the world.

Neo Blood, which is set after his fight against Orochi. Although Iori enters the tournament to fight Kyo, Geese Howardthe organizer of the tournament, tries but fails to make him awaken his Riot of the Blood to absorb his powers.

Howling BloodIori enters another tournament and is joined by two women who want to find a man controlled by the Orochi power.

Ultimate Shooting makes him playable.