Kotor 2 ls ending relationship

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kotor 2 ls ending relationship

As in the first game, the player can choose to align with either the light side or the dark side. As the game progresses, the Jedi Exile rebuilds a connection to the Force and activated a superweapon in order to end the battle on the planet Malachor V, .. "Star Wars: KotOR II MEP Planet Restoration Mod Released" . Page 1 of 2 - Love Interests - posted in The KotOR2 Universe: Hello, I am a Oh! Another question of mine is if there are love interests, does the ending kind of correspon extra for you when having a relation, the other just die a quick dead. . Getting back to LS male exile, initially the only one he shows. In my opinion KOTOR 2 has the best romance subplot in any game of relationship begins still persist, this is why you end up with this pseudo romance. If you take the light side path you become her teacher of the ways of.

Unable to cope with the Force Echos from M5, he took this 'wound' into himself. He alone was the only person in the Star Wars galaxy, past or present, to be completely severed from the Force, and not die from it. So Kreia, angry at The Force, mentors the Exile. She trains him in the ways of the Force again, because he could then understand what it is like to both feel the Force, and be completely apart from it. Her plan was to have him understand this, so that he would sacrifice himself.

The 'force wound' would not dissapear when the Exile would have died. It would have spread forever and ever, completely erasing the Force from the Star Wars galaxy. I'm not sure if it was Voyager or TNG, but there was an episode where some element, if destroyed, caused Warp Drive to not function.

Same thing with the Exile: Killing him would have caused the entire galaxy to be 'free' of the Force's 'meddling'. He's either a Jedi who is willing to shut himself off from the Force forever, or he's a Sith, unable to relinquish that power.

So, she does a backup plan. She incapacitates the Exile, and claims to the Handmaiden that she killed the Exile. Atris would kill her for it, causing the Exile to die. This death, as before, would have been a giant yssari force-repelling lizard thing. Of course, this does not happen. The Exile 'rescues' the Handmaiden, leaving Atris to die.

So the Exile kills Kreia. Remember, however, that Force Bonds like the one the two of them have are not always lethal, as mentioned often. Sometimes, the survivor simply feels an emptyness for the rest of their lives. So at the end of K2, the Exile who had take himself and T3 only on the Ebon Hawk abandons his allies, just as Revan did long ago. T3 unlocks the Nav computer, and they go off to join Revan.

Outside of the last paragraph of my own interpretation, this is all in the game itself. As a consular, she is awesome with Force powers and gets a lot of them. Since she can have so many different force powers, she is really awesome at standing in the back and using the force to destroy enemies and enhance your party.

This has its own implications for the story, but what it means for combat is that whenever either you or Kriea casts a force power on yourself like valor or Force shield, etc. Well they haven't changed much here. For Atton, imagine the abilities of Mission with the attitude of Carth. Basically, Atton is really great on the skills but gets so few feats he isnt as good in combat as some of your other characters.

He is best suited for ranged combat. Bao Dur This is one of the pure skill guys I was talking about. He gets so many skills in so many things, but almost no feats. He can't wear most armor either. My advice for Bao is to just leave him on the ship as much as possible.

In safe areas where there is a workbench, you can temporarily import him into your party to make an item for you. These two are both best as melee characters, although you could certainly make ranged characters out of them if you wanted to some of their feats will indicate this.

These two are both soldiers and get a lot of feats making them both really good frontliners for your party. Remember when Leia is in prison and that funky little round black droid with the needle floats up to her? Well, G0T0 is that funky little black floating droid. Being a droid, he gets a lot of skills. He actually isnt bad in combat either he can sport 2 pistols pretty well.

He could be best used for his skills and as ranged support if you already have a really strong party. YOu only get him if you are going Dark Side. Like the wookie from the last game, this guy is a powerhouse. Because he is a Scout, a lot of the free feats you will automatically get for him would indicate that he is good at Ranged combat. But he is a lot stronger as a melee fighter. Him with a 2-handed sword is nearly unstoppable.

He cant wear armor, which sucks, but his unique feat Wookie Frenzy does a lot to protect him from damage. In my opinion, he has potential to be the best melee character next to your Jedi Guardian. He also gets a good number of skill points, enough to at least maximize one or two of the skills. Mira This is who you get instead of Hanharr if you go Light Side. Mira is a scout and not a wookie, so she is best suited for ranged combat. A lot of the free feats enhance her ranged abilities.

She also gets a good number of skill points, enough to maximize one or two of the skills while still being useful in combat. T3-M4 Pure skill character.

Awesome at skills but not so great at combat although, he is pretty good against other droids. Treat him like Bao Dur. Leave him on the ship and only use him to create items for you. Visas A Jedi Sentinal. Being a sentinal, she gets a good balance of Feats, Powers, and Skills, but this balance means that she is just ok at all of them and not awesome at any one of them.

Nevertheless, she can still be an important member of your party. Her force powers can be used to help out your party and she gets enough skill points to maximize a few of the skills. He is a soldier, so he gets a lot of feats. Some people say to treat Mandalore as a melee character. But honestly, he is really great as a ranged character with a 2 handed gun. And, you really have enough good melee characters anyway.

Take advantage of this opportunity and put him as a ranged character. HK Ah, I love this guy. He is pretty good at ranged combat and the number of skills he gets ensures that he could maximize one or two of the skills for you. You will find parts for him all over the galaxy I think 3 you find, 1 you have to buy so ultimately it is your choice whether or not you want him.

In my opinion, you should spend the credits and buy the last part to rebuild him. He has good potential as a ranged character. Ill list it out first, and then give a better explanation.

But I am writing out what I have found to be the most effective positioning for them. For most of the game, you will have complete freedom in the two characters you bring along with your player character. However, at other points in the game, this will be decided for you either partially or fully. Sometimes, there will be areas where one or more of your party characters will not be able to go for one reason or another. If you liked using them regularly, you will have to find a replacement for them.

Obviously, whether you are a Jedi Guardian or a Jedi Consular will have an impact on who is needed to balance out your party. So Ill give alternate suggestions. While all the skills are useful in their own right, there are only a few that are good to have with you under heavy combat situations in the field. Lets start with a normal sort of situation where you have complete control over everyone who you might want in your party and all characters at your disposal.

Your Player Character Great melee ability but lets face it, you dont have a choice 2.

kotor 2 ls ending relationship

Kreia Great ranged force user. Also, the ability for Kriea to cast powers on herself and you simultaniously is a real advantage. However, you will not be able to use Kreia when you go to Korriban or after you visit Dantooine for the second time. So Ill give you some alternates.

THere are probably more powerful characters you could grab, but for the most balanced and efficient party, you will probably want HK He is one of the best ranged weapons users I put him behind Mandalore in my lineup but I would pick him instead of Mandalore because he can knock out that all important security skill.

He may even be able to take computer for you. However, if you arent worried about skills, go with Mandalore. He is the strongest ranged character in my opinion. I was thinking about suggesting G0t0 here for the same reasons, but HK can take punishment a lot better than can GOT0. But when you can't use Kreia and if you havent gotten HK built yet, good substitutes would be characters who complete the balance.

If you dont like HK, Mandalore provides the best ranged capabilities I have found. Visas could take Kreia's place. She gets good force powers, good melee attacks and some good skills. If you wanted more raw power on the front line, put in Hanharr if you have him. Hanharr If you are going as a Sith Lord, Hanharr is the best melee fighter in your group.

He will make short work of people on the front line and give you space to work your Force Mojo. He is also good at taking care of the Computer Skill. HK or Mandalore Im picking him here for the same reason I picked him above.

He is not the best ranged user, but using him really lets you have the most balanced mix. Since Hanharr will take care of the Computer skill for you, HK could work on Security and maybe even Repair if you felt you had to have that in the field.

What I said about Mandalore above still holds here. IN fact, you could really have two if you really wanted to, but I like the added balance of throwing in a ranged guy. Ill try not to give too much away. After you have completed the main game quest and found all of what you were supposed to be looking for, you are called back to the worlds of Dxun and Onderon.

Dxun is a moon of Onderon. You will have been here before and seen the sites.

EXplain KOTOR2's ending/story to me.

What makes this scenario so unique is that there are two sieges going on at the same time, which means that you have to split up your party. Two characters will go with your main character to Onderon, and three others will form a separate party to Dxun. In the scenario, Dxun goes first, and then Onderon.

When your characters have beaten it, you must speak to Kelborne to end the scenario. BEFORE you speak to him to end the scneario he will ask you if you are ready to leavego into the party equipping screen and strip all of your characters of all weapons armor and items. IF you used some of your good weapons and army for the Dxun siege, your characters on Onderon won't get to use it unless it is up for grabs.

If it is still attached to your Dxun characters after the mission is over, it wont be available for your other characters. Kreia must be your 2. THe first decision you get is to pick the leader of the Dxun team. You get a choice of three I would have picked someone different, but what are you going to do? Dxun leader choices 1. Without your buffed up main character, the Dxun assault is probably the hardest part in the game.

YOu dont need a weak scoundrel slowing you down. Visas is a good choice to have in your party, whether she is the leader or not. You will want at least one Jedi to cast protective powers and heal the party. Ideally, you will want your strongest melee characters and your best ranged character to be in the Dxun assault.

Because by now your main character is about as strong as he is going to get.

kotor 2 ls ending relationship

The Onderon assault will be a cakewalk for him. But yeah, Visas would be my top pick because she is a Jedi. If you have any other Jedi, they would probably work best here too. Your next choice is to pick the rest of your party for the Dxun mission. Your leader is set, so keep that in mind. We'll just pretend for now that you saw the benefit to having a Jedi and went with Visas as your leader.

He is strong and scary. YOu will want him. Mandalore My favorite ranged character. YOu want him here instead of HK here for four reasons.

KOTOR 2: Part 153 "Following Revan & End Credits"

He is a little better with ranged weapons 2. He is more resilient than HK 3. YOu dont really need to bother with too much security during this mission. He can be healed by Visas healing powers where as droids can not. Your final decision is to pick who will join you and Kreia on the Onderon.

If you are playing as a Jedi Guardian You will want a ranged character to support your scariness on the front line. Go with HK since Mandalore will have been on Dxun. If you are playing as a Sith Lord Honestly, it doesnt really matter who you pick.

You could go with just you and Kreia if you really wanted to.


By the Onderon Siege, your Sith Lord is so freaking powerful that he can literally take out entire rooms of enemies with two lightning strikes. So pick whoever you want. You will probably have put your best melee characters on Dxun, so you might have to settle for another ranged user. In that case, HK is fine.

If you wanted to give G0T0 a try, now would not be a bad time. Honestly, your Sith Lord is just that good by this point. Thanks to whoever emailed me and reminded me. THis is sort of another semi-spoiler, but its not that revealing I promise. During your first visit to Nar Shadda, your main character will be incapacitated and captured by the Exchange boss Goto.

You will be taken aboard his yacht and held there. Two of your other characters will have to come to rescue you.

  • okay a few thoughts on KOTOR II's ending...Light side only (spoilers obviously)

So who do you pick? There is a lot of fighting. Yeah, Ill say that again just to make sure there is no misunderstanding. THe best choice for this mission is T3-M4. And yes, I am aware I just said there is a lot of combat.

Here is the reason, before you rescue your player character, you will be fighting exclusively droids. And T3-M4 with his shock arm does really really good against droids. Also, his computer skill and ability to produce spikes will come in handy. For your other character, I would suggest a Jedi first because of the Destroy Droid power, which will be needed. Because of this, Visas would be my second choice. A lot of players pick Nar Shadda as the first planet they visit, so I am aware if you do this your selection of characters will be more limited than the full party you will get later.

If Nar Shadda is your first planet, Visas is probably your best bet. She has the destroy droid power and her melee skill is better than Kreia. So to summarize -- 1. You will, no doubt, begin to see patterns forming.

It is usually unlikely that you will have more than one gun character and more than one sword melee character, so I usually pick out my favorite weapons and armor for different occassions and trade it around when needed. Ive decided thats the most efficient way to do this section too. Since I know a lot of you out there are going to argue with me about who should be a melee character and who should be a ranged character, what Im going to do is just list the best of each category, and then you can put it where you want to.

Also a quick note about upgrades. Im not going to bother talking about them. There are so many, and each of them are suited for different purposes, you would be better off deciding for yourself. Its really easy to do. Pretty much every type of unique upgrade you could want comes in a few different qualities -- the lesser costing less componenets to put together.

You'll be able to read about them all on them in the game, so that should be fine. There are I think 3 unique sabers in the game -- Visas', Freedon Nad's, and Malak's although ive never seen this one. Stay away from the unique ones -- they can't be upgraded. You are better off finding a common one and just upgrading it a bunch.

Now, single or double? For your Jedi Consulars, I would recommend single. The different crystals and parts can do a lot to add modifiers to your hit, which Jedi Consulars really really need.

This should help to make up for a lack of feats. However, you probably wont get enough feats as a Consular to take care of all the Two-Handed Fighting feats.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords - Wikipedia

I mean, you could if you wanted to, but Consulars have other feats that are more important to them. Jedi Guardians and Jedi Sentinals should get enough feats to be able to weild a double saber effeciently.

I have always been a big fan of a double saber instead of 2 single sabers because you make better use of crystals and parts. It does not affect the quality of the saber, so go nuts. Upgrade Crystals Now I have already listed a bunch your main character should probably get.

But which ones you use will depend on what type of character you have, so ill just list my favorite ones and let you put them where you want to. Honestly, for the Consualr, your biggest problem with the saber is just whether you hit or not because Consulars dont have the strength modifiers that Guardians or Sentinals do. If you dont want to get those, you should probably stick with a rifle.

A single pistol isnt as good as most rifles. There are sometimes duplicate copies of a couple of these in the game. My main party people are usually Jedi, Wookies or Droids, so I dont really have a use for it.

I break all of mine down into components so that I can make upgrades to all my other stuff. It is requested that this article, or a section of this article, be expanded. See the request on the listing or on this article's talk page. Once the improvements have been completed, you may remove this notice and the page's listing. This is based on the canonical female light side version of the game.

This section of the article assumes that the player chooses only "light side" options in the course of the game. Alternate stories are noted in the " Behind the scenes " section. The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

Meetra Surik Main article: At the climactic Battle of Malachor Vshe activated the Mass Shadow Generatorwhich caused over a thousand instantaneous deaths. Although this event ended the war, the trauma of sensing so many deaths through the Force caused Surik to instinctively sever her connection to the Force, and she was subsequently banished from the Jedi Order. After wandering the periphery of the galaxy for a decade, Surik is drawn into the conflict between the Republic and the Sith.

Gathering companions and healing the dying Jedi Order in her journey, Surik ultimately eliminates the Lords of the Sith Triumvirateencountering the shadows of her past along the way and conquering her inner demons. Darth Sion Main article: However, he resurrected himself by harnessing his hatred through the Force, thereby allowing him to rise from the dead whenever he is defeated. His immortality comes at a great cost, however, because his wounds never heal and he constantly suffers from pain.

However, he betrayed Traya when he believed that she was growing too weak for the Sith, and led his forces on a five-year long extermination of the Jedi. When Meetra Surik returns to the galaxy after ten years of absence, Sion becomes obsessed with hunting her down. She evades him during each encounter. Eventually, Surik confronts Sion in the Trayus Academy on Malachor Vwhere she overcomes the Sith Lord and convinces him to abandon his hatred and willingly accept his death.

Sion might have also died willingly as to end his pain.