Lie in relationship status its complicated

Relationship status: It’s complicated

lie in relationship status its complicated

When people on Facebook list their relationship status as “it's complicated”, you may wonder what could be so complicated about it. You might think someone's. Facebook Relationship Status - It's Complicated Funny Meaning - Shouldent They Be Swapped? LIES. Have you ever met someone who tickles your fancy, only to hear them say 'it's complicated' when you ask if they are single? You are then left.

Murat asks Can to stay away from their matter.

Questions I Have For Couples Who Are In A “It’s Complicated” Relationship On Facebook

Elif is saddened on seeing Murat with another female in the news on TV. Murat meets Can and even before he could tell him about the complete story of what happened between him and Elif one night, Can leaves in anger. Can meets Elif for a dress trial where he forgets his wedding ring. He gets annoyed and yells at Aysegul saying that it is just a contract marriage ring which is not very important for him.

He reminds her that their marriage is fake and she is nothing more than just a servant to him. Feeling hurt and humiliated, she decides to leave his house, but changes her plan on realizing that she has no other place to go. While Aysegul meets Murat, Can feels bad about his behavior and on her return he apologises her. Aysegul meets Elif and questions her as to why she is interfering in their married life.


After arguing for a while, they mutually decide that they will leave it to Can to decide with whom he wants to spend more time. Aysegul meets Murat to discuss her script. Meanwhile, Can waits for Aysegul at home, where the painting gets delivered. He is worried to not find Aysegul at home and tries calling her but pretends on call that he wants to enquire about the painting.

The "I Have 'It's Complicated' As My Relationship Status" Starter Pack : starterpacks

A jealous Elif challenges Aysegul that she will win over Can and spend the evening with him. During a press conference, a reporter questions Can about his closeness with Elif, which irks Handan. Handan schedules an interview of Can and Aysegul together to clear all doubts about their relationship.

It is not complicated, you are simply being used for sex and refuse to accept it. If you are cheating, or involved in an affair with someone who is already in a relationship, THEY are in a relationship and YOU are having an affair.

You, at best, are in a dysfunctional relationship, but it really is not complicated. You are involved in an affair, plain and simple. They are not looking to commit to you, or end their relationship for you. They are in a dysfunctional relationship or just like to have more than one dysfunctional relationship at a time. You should be asking yourself why you are even dealing with someone who is not single, and cannot even give you a simple answer to the status of their relationship.

The simple solution is to run for the hills because he will always be emotionally unavailable to you and this is a dead-end relationship and a dysfunctional one to boot. If you are in a long distance relationship with someone you have never met and when you do meet it is pretty much for sex and to hang out here and there, it is not complicated at all.

lie in relationship status its complicated

You are a long distance booty call, or in an imaginary relationship that really does not exist. If the person does not want to spend time with you in person, then the simple fact is you are wasting your time on a relationship you hope to make real, but is just a fantasy.

You also have no real clue if he has someone else in his life, but chances are that he does. Also, anyone that wants a real relationship, wants to meet. If your relationship status changes constantly because you are always going on and off, this is not complicated either.

Your relationship cannot and will not grow, and you will continue to break up and get back together over and over again.

If you are in a relationship that has run its course and want someone new but have not ended your relationship yet, it is not complicated. You are waiting for someone new to come in to give you the strength, balls, or security to leave. So simplify and end your relationship instead of starting a rebound relationship that will ultimately fail.

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lie in relationship status its complicated