Long distance relationship movies together

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long distance relationship movies together

Here are three great long-distance relationship movies to give couples in There are some great apps to help LDR couples watch movies or videos together . Which of these films about long distance relationships is your favorite? .. love, and separated, convinced that one day they'd end up together. If you've ever been in love, you know that distance can be painful. That pain was probably much worse when it's a long distance relationship.

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The film starts off with an old man, reading a story to an old woman in a nursing home. He tells the story of Noah meeting Allie at a carnival while she was on a summer holiday.

Top 10 Long Distance Relationship Movies

However, coming from very different backgrounds—Allie is from a very rich family and Noah works at the lumberyard—her parents do not approve. There are so many reasons I love his film, but one of them is definitely the chemistry between Allie and Noah.

long distance relationship movies together

From the beginning, you know they were meant to be, and I think for a lot of us in LDRs, we experience that feeling, too. This movie definitely reminds us that relationships are hard, but if you love each other, you will find a way.

You tell me when I am being an arrogant son of a bitch, and I tell you when you are a pain in the ass. Which you are, 99 percent of the time.

Top 9 Long Distance Relationship Movies

I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day. Erin, played by Drew Barrymore, works as an intern journalist, who meets Garrett, played by Justin Long, who just got dumped by his girlfriend.

However, Erin has to return home to finish graduate school and later is offered a job. But Garrett is still working in New York. Not only is his movie is fun and easy to watch, but they also do a good job on reflecting the insecurities that couples go through when in long-distance relationships.

Top 10 Long Distance Relationship Movies

This movie will show you what not to do. There are some great apps to help LDR couples watch movies or videos together.

long distance relationship movies together

In those times, the only thing to do is remember that the distance isn't everything. Although these films might make you miss your partner after watching them, they will remind you to keep believing in that spark.

Here are 12 films that you should watch because they prove that distance doesn't always mean the end: Going the Distance Image Source This could be the torchbearer of films about long distance relationships. As it is evident from the title, the film is literally about two people from different parts of the country who fall in love and try to make it work.

long distance relationship movies together

It's a sweet, funny, and realistic portrayal of things people in long distance relationships go through. The Five Year Engagement Image Source With ridiculously talented lead actors, both with brilliant comic timing, this film not only talks about the hardships of the relationships of the current generation, it also does so with a lot of laughs.

The film is about a couple who get engaged but can't find the right time to get married due to their career, family, friends, and every other kind of commitment. The Time Traveler's Wife Image Source The distance in this film is more about time, as it is actually about a time-traveller than physical distance. The film is a beautiful, albeit with its bit of sadness, story of how to people struggle through their problems, obstacles, and being away from each other.

Like Crazy Image Source Another film that is about the very real problems of falling in love with someone who lives in a different country.

long distance relationship movies together

The chemistry between the actors is enough to make you sit through this film, but the story of young love and separation is very well done as well. One Day Image Source You have to be prepared to be sad in parts with this film. The story follows two friends who spend a night together, starting a series of events that lasts across years of their lives, most of which they spend apart.

The film looks at them on one day of every year to tell the story of their love.

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