Mana khemia nikki ending relationship

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mana khemia nikki ending relationship

You know, I've always wanted the best for you. Mana Khemia 1 fic. Spoiler. . After another failed experiment by Jess explodes, relationships begin to explode . For Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "If you want vayne's ending. The person Isolde kill is the characters you keep up your relationship with him/her most ^_^ About Philo /Jess <-- It maybe it because of she is main heroine anyway lol. If you do all of Nikki's character quests, Vayne and her end up together in It depends rather you believe their relationship will remain 'friends' forever. Yeah, in Mana Khemia, Nikki ends up with Vayne (YAY) but there are.

Also, Vayne can transform himself into a huge sword, or wield one in his Finishing Move. And Renee from the Quirky Miniboss Squadas well as some generic student enemies. And when we say Vayne's sword is big, try about 6 or more times his size. And a Boss is one. Have you looked at the box? The bad ending, which is, you know, bad. Jess's ending isn't much better.

After the credits, we see her taking medicine in a bed implying her condition has worsened and Vayne tells her that this one will be the cure.

Considering the island is created by alchemy, any of the natural landscapes could also apply.

Mana Khemia - Flay Ending

And they definitely do apply. Floating midair platforms, endless underground levels, and some seriously big trees are the least of what you see here. Pity the poor fool who pacts with the Mana of Light. On one hand, yeah! You get combat abilities far surpassing what one could have without a Mana!

Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis / Characters - TV Tropes

And you become pretty awesome! On the other, be prepared to be possibly publically humiliated on a huge scale whenever the Mana is bored and is in need of entertainment often.

mana khemia nikki ending relationship

Also Vayne, whose powers bring him nothing but trouble. Blue and Orange Morality: A slight variation, but because they have such low population Beastmen view love differently. In Nikki's care, she's fine with multiple husbands so long as they give her a bunch of children. Second playthrough and onwards, you can fight several bonus bosses, who are cameos from Gust's other games.

Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis (Video Game) - TV Tropes

And related to the above trope; the dungeon that these cameos are found in. Complete with game breaking equips inside. Good luck completing it, though, without the game crashing at the start of every battle Boss in Mook Clothing: They get their own battle theme and overworld sprites to boot!

The first half of Heart's Prison has the party take on certain storyline bosses for a second time. Justified in that the Bosses involved in the rush are memories of when Vayne used his powers but not all memories of them. However, the first battle makes little sense; the first battle is against Tony and Renee, but in the main storyline, only Roxis was fought during the Huffin event- it might be that if they'd fought a memory of Roxis, the party would've clued in sooner.

However, players won't be able to visit them until the story requires them to. Notorious are the "sequential" dungeons Mana Ruins, Dragon's Grave. In these dungeons, the exit to the next area can be in plain sight the Outskirts-Interior Heights for the former, for exampleyet the player isn't allowed to go in any further until the story requires them to. Slightly justified by the academy prohibiting students from going into areas out of their experience.

It's a JRPG, what'd you expect? Vayne, somewhat due to his extreme doormat-ness. Also, Roxis, who never seems to be able to catch a break.

mana khemia nikki ending relationship

And, to a lesser extent, Nikki, who constantly finds herself being forced to drink Jess's She's often found unconscious. Gender invertedwith Pamela being quite popular with the male crowd, even monsters. Muppy's UFO; Pamela's teddy bear.

mana khemia nikki ending relationship

Theofratus' attempts at healing Jessica it got a lot worse for her caused him to view himself a failure, seeking a way to end his own implied to be long life, leading to Vayne being "born". And then it just so happens that Jess is the first person that Vayne befriends in school.

It doesn't matter which characters are used for the attack as long as the last one in the chain will be Vayne. Al-Revis looks like a pretty good boarding school.

mana khemia nikki ending relationship

That is, until you visit the dungeon, and talk to the captured monster, hear her plead for you to free her and mention her children must be hungryand realize there's nothing programmed into the game that allows you to free her. Pamela; also Nikki and the other Beastman girls. And then there are those angel and demon enemies Dark Is Not Evil: Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: When your party dies, you conveniently wake up in the school infirmary, none the worse for wear- unless you died in a story important battle, where you get a game over.

Not quite friendship, but you get Roxis in this manner. Played straight with Nikki's gimmick — see ' Monster Allies ' below. Frequently enough for the Defender of Justice, at least until his second-to-last Character Quest. Also, Jess confesses to being one before being accepted into the academy. There has to be some reason that certain characters' hair and outfits billow around in battle while others in the same environment don't The kids in the Music Room.

Also, Tony and Renee are almost always fought as this, unless the latter summons her Mana. Comes up in Flay, Anna, and Roxis' final character quests. Jess, Pamela, Roxis and Muppy use magic for everything, including standard attacks, which makes their attack stats useless. Once Pamela gets Physical Immunity her defense stat has no point either. Especially notable as this is Pamela's first appearance, before her formal introduction in Chapter 3. The latter was even described this way: The strongest, worst thing in the world.

A concentrated mass of power, this being hints that the end of the world is near Wouldn't you believe it, this shows up near the end of the game. If the player really counts the Quirky Miniboss Squad as real "enemies".

At the end of Chapter 8, the workshop goes off into the monster-infested depths of an abandoned schoolhouse to find a rare flower that just so happens to be the cure for an ailing friend.

Cue Renee and Tonywho, under orders, come to assist them. Not very heroically either; the party's reactions are, amusingly enough: Pride makes himself known: Umm, maybe you shoulda been honest and let them help. Coming to their rescue to ask for help?

mana khemia nikki ending relationship

Exactly What It Says on the Tin: The Final Boss"Crazed Eye s ". The so-called "trivia" questions in the School Trivia contest somewhat fall into this, much to the surprise of the contestants. Melanie, the school nurseis a dead ringer for Justice High's school nurse Kyoko. Just as bootilicious, too. Both the school principal and Professor Zeppel lack backbone.

The Faculty

About two thirds of the character sidequests involve his friends browbeating him into doing something. The Vice-Principal does this fairly often. The Mana, which are Elemental Embodiments of their respective element. Vayne, run far away should Flay ever come up with an idea he won't explain to you. Mana were experimented on loooong ago. One that breaks free ends up fighting the party out of revenge. I got flays ending dear god dat final skit and gonna check youtube for the other 6 endings.

Because there's multiple endings, they probably kept vayne out so people can pretend their ending was canon.

Corkadile Corkadile 5 years ago 4 The funny ting about that is that most of the character endings actually work together, at least to varying degrees. Also, Nikki's ending is best ending.

This guy is not what he pretends to be. Well, technically they'll be stuck in a hell like no other for a few years, but happy ending is happy!

Outside of Vayne's own ending of course, Muppy's ending is really the only one that appears to be somewhat exclusive I'm also assuming that Anna has enough common sense not to flat out murder Vayne In actuality, Vayne is at an absurd disadvantage in the endings where he fights an ally though, as his entire established skill set flew out the window pretty much right after the last boss.

Nikki's ending is remotely exclusive, but only in that it would make Vayne one very busy man. The same deal with Pamela as it would involve relocating from town to town, although this doesn't necessarily contradict the other endings. Actually, if you are of the school of belief that the Pamela Ibis is the same ghost girl as featured in the other Gust titles, her ending becomes suddenly a lot more depressing the more you think about it