Master slave relationship for beginners

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master slave relationship for beginners

There seems to be a common pattern of misconceptions about Owner/property relationships (also called "Master/slave" relationships, although I have issues. As people who choose to live in consensual Master/slave relationships, we defy Now, we're ready to move to the next chapter - beginning a relationship. Known as 'Dom/sub' or 'Master/slave' relationships, some couples enjoy taking the power dynamic to a whole new level, venturing well outside.

My Master has a gift of identifying personalities. He could sense I was missing something in my life; someone who can command me. Later on, he introduced me into a world of submission and BDSM culture. Initially I was a bit afraid, but four years later, I thank the heavens for the day I met him. How has it changed you? It takes my erotic paradigm to a whole new level.

master slave relationship for beginners

I used to be an introvert and loner. Now I am much more secure, independent and confident knowing that I have security provided by my Master who will stand by me through any hardship. And I get confidence knowing that I am an elite part of a likeminded group where all my desires are fulfilled without social stigma or being judged.

Why I ended my Master/slave relationship

My Master introduced me to the FF female-on-female world. I have now experienced how sensual a female touch can be and now I do my best to obey and keep him happy so I can get it again. What does an average day look like for you?

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Every morning, I drop my Master a text or image describing my activity for the day. After work, I am not allowed to contact him until bedtime. So my next interaction is asking him about his day as well as describing mine. Every Saturday I have a FF session with my friends.

master slave relationship for beginners

My Master is teaching me new things almost every other day. So far nothing has been too much.

master slave relationship for beginners

That is the beauty of it. You want to fulfill his wishes to complete yourself. Do you ever have vanilla, straight-forward sex? I do not have vanilla sex. My Master completes me in that regard as well. Being a slave is not about being weak. Through him, I can relieve it and heal myself.

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Trust and knowing that you are not living inside an endless loop of social stigma anymore, but are free to be who you want to be. The slave has a voice and often gets a vote. Also on the doormat topic, which is closely related to two other myths that slaves need to be told what to do, and that they cannot be responsible for themselves -else why would they need someone to order them around?

Owners have slaves because a slave provides something valuable to their life, and that value extends far beyond simply having someone to boss around. I have never seen someone so lost as an Owner whose highly competent and effective slave is out of town on vacation or a business trip.

Slaves are often dominant in their own right; it takes a certain amount of self-directed take-charge-ness in order to effectively serve a demanding Owner.

master slave relationship for beginners

This is not the profile of a doormat or an irresponsible twit. Lenora is referring here to my essay regarding the differences between a slave and a submissive. See A Slave is Not a Submissive.

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In this instance, though, I would say it is your experience base or lack thereof that is coloring your perception. I know that I have lived this way in the past and have no doubt I will again at some point in the future. The attributes I ascribe to slaves in contrast to submissives come not out of my imagination, but from seeing and corresponding with and talking with slaves who have those attributes in common.

If the couple is on the same page with their expectations, operating by the same rules, and have or develop a good relationship skill set, then they have the ingredients to create a relationship that endures. Or not — with pretty much the same likelihood of success anyone has in forging any type of relationship.

I haven't heard of anything with a shelf life of over 5 years. No relationship can guarantee longevity. It would be a mistake to assume that because the Owner is in control of decision-making, that this ensures longevity that is different from any other relationship.

master slave relationship for beginners

Then there are those which fall apart because of dysfunctional dynamics, with ugly uncollarings or slaves doing that traumatic vote-with-feet thing. And then there are those where the people involved surmount the hurdles that come along and have a really nice relationship for a long time.

A Master/slave couple takes us deep inside their BDSM relationship

It takes work to make it work. Its distinguishing features are the decision-making and obedience and chattel factors, but the rest of it is good old meat-and-potatoes relationship stuff: Yet this is a very unbending structure in these defining particulars and the reality is that most people find this constraining in ways that they do not like. The people who do this are those whose core needs and kinks are fed by this lifestyle.