Matthew bourne nutcracker ending a relationship

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matthew bourne nutcracker ending a relationship

Choreographer Matthew Bourne is to create a new version of ballet added: " The beauty of the relationship is a shared vision for dance. Matthew bourne nutcracker ending relationship. WELLFLEET The fires that destroyed two abandoned homes in the Cape Cod National Seashore last week . Bourne's reverence for Nutcracker and for the classical tradition is also for independent journalism with a year-end gift to The Guardian.

It all started, he says, when he and his family went to see a show called "Edith Evans and Friends, which ages me. She actually did Juliet, can you believe it. It was opening night and there were celebrities there, one of whom was Sybil Thorndike. I thought, 'oh, if you go to first nights you can see these people and talk to them'.

And there was Lionel, the King of Autograph Collectors, very well dressed. Thelma had once got Clark Gable's autograph We had a whole encounter with Elizabeth Taylor, just Simon and her and me. I got Charlie Chaplin's autograph at the Savoy. Fred Astaire I met a few times, he was absolutely charming.

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I had to file away people's contracts and things. I met so many people; I learnt a huge amount about performing by watching shows night after night. And at that point I was seeing an enormous amount of ballet at Covent Garden. I met someone with a similar story to my own, who was studying dance at the Place [in London]. I thought, 'Why am I not doing something like that? I had never done a dance class before, and I was surrounded by girls who'd been doing it since they were young.

Matthew bourne nutcracker ending relationship

But boys were very much in demand, and they were impressed by my obsessive interest in dance; I was reading biographies of Diaghilev.

The first performance of his now famous company, Adventures in Motion Pictures, was inthe year after he graduated. The other members of the company were all college mates; Bourne was dancing as well as choreographing. Storytelling was not really done very much then.

This was his take on all the people in his village.

matthew bourne nutcracker ending a relationship

We were all characters, we had names. I thought, 'I never want to perform again as a version of myself, I want to be someone. And in my own work, I wanted to explore characters. I felt we couldn't be any more successful than we were.

Ultimately, neither device quite comes off, because when push comes to shove we don't know enough about Clara to fully invest in her happiness.

matthew bourne nutcracker ending a relationship

Like most Claras, she becomes a sidelined figure, and Sugar, for all her supposed awfulness, starts to look much more engaging. The duration of the display numbers is also an issue. The Sweetieland characters are all terrific when we first encounter them, from the flamenco-dancing Liquorice Allsorts Tom Jackson Greaves and Liam Mowerwhose jiggling bottoms are crying out for a slap Katy Lowenhoff duly obligesto Adam Maskell's seedy Knickerbocker Glory, a drug-smoking gigolo with ice-cream hair whose stoned undulations Clara finds all too resistible.

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And then there are the ditzy Marshmallow Girls in their frou-frou frocks and the cheerfully yobbish Gobstoppers in their bike jackets and shining crash-helmets. All great creations, but as with all characters constructed around immediate visual impact, their effect diminishes with each appearance. In the end it's the old Act 2 problem: But faced with the formal grandeur of music composed for classical pas de deux, he struggles.

matthew bourne nutcracker ending a relationship

His version of the Sugar Plum sequence, which he gives to Sugar and the Nutcracker, is not a soaring dramatic and choreographic peak, but just another ground-level duet. In the production's final moments, however, Bourne pulls all the threads together, delivering a typically elegant theatrical reverse.

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These, and other shorter works such as Spitfire, Town and Country and The Infernal Galop, have been created across a year period since he formed his first company in All of that goes into my work now. Chris Nash Instead, he was an instinctive dancer from an early age: From the age of about four onwards I was always putting on a show, and I wanted people to come and watch it — I wanted an audience.

So that desire seems to have always been there. Then I had to find a medium in which to express what I could do.

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But he had no formal dance training until he went to the Laban in to study dance theatre and choreography. He was a little bit older than his peers, who were only 18 or I was there because I really wanted to be there, though, rather than just going there because it was the next thing to do. Several wanted to choreograph and we all wanted to perform, and we picked a couple more who were graduating that year and formed a collective.