Meet and greet goals 5quad 2015


meet and greet goals 5quad 2015

Spring Looking The people helping rig and setup boats all working towards a common goal is infectious. A learning Zealand tour in December and hear the stories of what it is crews. Our Group 5 Quad of Sasha, Isi, Bailee and. offer, while helping you achieve your winter goals. MYOKO. SNOWSPORTS. SERVICES . Extensions to 3 day or longer tickets may be purchased at a rate of . University Senate Homepage > Candidate Statements Strategic Plan, which present an ambitious set of priorities, goals, and commitments that were identified in order Even the price of faculty football tickets is increasing by 60% next year. . Senate Office; 5 Quad Center; Auburn, AL

However, the time soon came when I could no longer do it because I didn't have the strength to turn the steering wheel in tight places. The other distinct disadvantage was that it was two wheel drive and although I went many places where golf carts don't usually go, I would get stuck on occasion and I needed a tractor to pull me out, which meant somebody had to walk to get the tractor.

In February of this year, my wife was looking at the local newspaper when she noticed a fellow I know in a 4 wheel drive utility vehicle who is a quadriplegic. She immediately said this is what I needed. My brother was recently diagnosed with cancer and I wanted to be able to take him out doors as a therapeutic activity.

meet and greet goals 5quad 2015

My unit is custom made for me. It has hand controls, a power ramp for boarding, power steering, power brakes, two emergency parking brakes, a winch, Q restraints, enough room to get in behind the adjustable steering wheel, and an EASY-loc on the floor. I now have a vehicle that will go anywhere on my farm with ease and safely. It is the most carefully planned mobility device I have had for myself in the 60 years that I've been in a wheelchair.

Now I can get out in the outdoors anytime and in any weather. I can now see deer, turkey, wildlife and acres of plants, flowers, and trees that I could not see before. I think that this ATV is one of the most creative, custom made, outdoor vehicle for a person with my physical condition that I have seen since my injury 60 years ago.

I have never encountered anyone working with vehicles or wheelchairs give this much attention to each tiny detail. James wanted his father and other Veterans to get outside in any kind of terrain. As James built my ATV, he was always tweaking each little part, each control in each part of the unit in such a way that I as a C-5 quad am able to safely access any place on my farm.

Because the original accessible ATV was designed by James Gebert for his father, he has paid more attention to the details of accessibility and safety needed by a person who is a quadriplegic then any other person I have known. Our labs, clinics, libraries, and support services continue to improve. Despite our recent progress, however, we will face difficult challenges in the near future.

meet and greet goals 5quad 2015

As state appropriations for public universities have declined, tuition and therefore student debt burdens have increased. Although many of these national trends are beyond our control, as a land-grant university we must make every effort to keep tuition as affordable as possible while increasing opportunities for student aid. Keeping administrative overhead down may offer a partial solution to the problem of rising tuition.

In addition, we must do a better job recruiting and retaining a more diverse student body and faculty, ensuring that Auburn is a welcoming place to all. To recruit and retain the best faculty possible, we must continue to address the issue of competitive salaries and other forms of compensation.

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More needs to be done about salary compression, as well as salary equity for women and minorities; there are no easy solutions, but the Senate leadership can play a strong advocacy role.

Undergraduate education remains central to our mission, but we must continue to address the needs of graduate education in the arts, sciences, and professions.

meet and greet goals 5quad 2015

I love the Senate and its traditions, but we should explore new approaches to making it more transparent and open as well as more efficient; for example, annual committee reports could be posted to the Senate website. If elected Senate chair, I will do my best to represent every faculty member, whether tenured, probationary, or off the tenure track, in every school and college, as well as in the cooperative extension system.

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Despite the ongoing erosion of public support for what we do, we must preserve the democratic mission of our land-grant university. Under current economic conditions, it is understandable that students, parents, taxpayers, and politicians demand that we prepare college graduates for jobs.

While this is traditionally part of the mission of land-grant universities, we must also prepare future generations of well-informed and engaged citizens, not merely future employees, if our nation and state are to thrive.