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–Jinkuro, Muramasa: The Demon Blade Relationships Edit In the third ending, with the help of the Muramasa, Jinkuro is sent back in time to the night where. A description of tropes appearing in Muramasa: The Demon Blade. or turning into a moving Fireball (both attacks of which end with a massive and damaging explosion). .. Given the romantic relationship between Raijin and Fujin already. Muramasa: The Demon Blade is one of those games that is instantly captivating. These sections help for fast travel and certainly break up the.

It gets sketchy since my Japanese is not that good but what I get is that he goes on to protect Torohime and conquer the world.

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Momohime Ending 1 - Hime and Jinkuro get separated Jinkuro is wakes up on the street and thinks all is a dream and then sees Momohime with another samurai he then think to himself and the screen switch to Momohime in the palace talking to the samurai also it seems the fox demon that is in love with Jinkuro has taken a human apperence in the palace.

End Spoilers If any one can give me more information on the story and ending I would be most gratful. Help preserve the Iberian lynx-http: Kouli Kouli 9 years ago 2 Kisuke's ending 1, Torahime actually asked Buddha to remain by Kisuke and she also got reincarnated.

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They dont remember but Yuzuru told them in their dreams. Kisuke's ending 3, Oboro Muramasa's power brought him back to the last night before he dies.

I thought Momo and Kisuke teaming up detective style hunting down demon blades was pretty interesting. Actually that could make for a cool anime IMO. Monster of week type show. On a side note, in Momo's ending you see she gets a new servant named Kiku with really sly eyes. Could that have been Kongiku in disguise?

This is further emphasized by him saying he'll create a style better than his old one the "Izuna" style- Izuna being jinkuro's last name.

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Also Kiku one of the maids is obviously kongiku. It makes sense for Momohime's story, as Jincuro I probably misspelled that was trying to get to heaven, and the shogun had opened a gateway to heaven, so that explains them being there and killing the shogun and taking the sword, the two sisters get to say goodbye, Kusuke and Momohime probably ended up together as more then friends, and the demon sword problem is taken care of by them going around getting them from people before they indirectly take more lives, and Kisuke admits that he was letting life slip by and was going to live life to the fullest from then on thus, character development.

He refrains from killing Yukinojo, helps Momohime's family and even gives her body back when he believes he can't escape death. While he only makes an appearance in the second ending of Kisuke's story, during their confrontation he's shown to be more ruthless and bloodthirsty, and even Momohime is terrified of him, calling him a monster.

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Story I like you humans, so let me give you a warning! Venture onwards at your risk. He murdered his master and the rest of the apprentices to be the sole user of the Oboro style. After this, he would continue doing mischief and become one of Japan's most feared criminals and a powerful ronin. Prior to the events of Momohime's story, Jinkuro was hired by the Wakamiya clan to vanquish a nekomata, Okoiwho has been terrorizing their castle.

Though he drove the Nekomata off by chopping her tails off, she cursed him with the last of her energy left, afflicting him with a fatal illness that would eventually kill him. Refusing to accept his fate, Jinkuro decides to use a technique called Soul Transfer with the intent to take possession of Yagyu Yukinojyo 's body.

However, during the struggle, he instead ended up possessing the body of Yukinojyo's fiancee, the princess Momohimewho was trying to protect him. In order to free himself from the princess, he needs the Kuromitsu blade to make a complete Soul Transfer.

He has no intention of giving Momohime her body back until he achieves his goal, and takes her along with the fox Kongiku in his quest to gain a new body. Depending on the player's choices, his final fate changes between all three endings of Momohime's story. Relationships Momohime It is suggested throughout the game that Jinkuro develops feelings for Momohime, though he refuses to admit it at first.

He's initially cruel and ruthless towards her, but as the story progresses, he becomes kinder and protective of her, and by Kongiku's comments, he begins to fall in love with her as well.