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nabiki ranma relationship quotes

During the Ranma song "Love letter from China", Ranma sings the lyrics about . be used: Nabiki doesn't want to lose Ranma-chan for her cheesecake photos, .. evidenced by all the constant relationship resets done to Ranma and Akane. Relation to the Previous Episode Edit Eventually Ranma corners the boy, when Nabiki appears on the stairs and sarcastically comments how . Quotes Edit. Akane Tendo (天道 あかね Tendō Akane) is the female protagonist of Ranma 1/2. and chaotic semi-relationship, and in the latter due to intense harassment. . In the English dubbed version of the anime, Kasumi's "violent maniac" quote in.

Ranma sensed her nervousness. He wasn't entirely sure where it was coming from, but he knew Akane was waiting for him to respond. More so, he could hear her sincerity in not wanting to force a particular destiny upon him. It was so refreshing to hear someone genuinely care about him choosing his own path. Pop had never given him any options, Shampoo wanted him as a trophy, and even Ukyo had her own determined notions of him being the homemaker while she ran her restaurant. Ranma realized he had nothing to lose by giving Akane his honest answer.

I don't think I'd be happy doing anything else. It felt good to finally say the right thing, and the reward of Akane's smile and gentle laughter made Ranma's heart warm. Akane's jubilant face vanished as she glanced out the ice cream shop's window. Akane pointed and the single word was enough: Their pain-in-the-ass former senpai looked fiercely intent, his bokken at the ready, as he marched straight toward the ice cream parlor.

Nabiki declara su amor a Ranma

Akane groaned and face palmed. The date had gone so well. She should have known trouble would follow them eventually.

nabiki ranma relationship quotes

Ranma cracked his knuckles gleefully. Although she knew it wouldn't take much effort to render the unwanted stalker unconscious, she didn't want the confrontation to taint their date. Ranma nodded in the affirmative, and they were off. Just as the back door closed behind them, they could make out a familiar voice full of annoying bravado. Where has that scoundrel taken the fair and lovely Tendo Akane?! They were in a fairly congested area of Nerima, in the heart of the shopping center. Akane kept glancing behind her, nervously watching her back for another sudden appearance by Kuno.

Ranma spotted a photobooth kiosk and his face lit up with inspiration. The inside of the booth was a tight fit, as neither of the teens wanted to expose their presence and had their legs tucked up off the floor. Suddenly, Akane felt herself lifted and deposited on Ranma's lap, his warm chest pressed up against her back. He was talking a big chance. We were kinda squished, you know?

She forced herself to take in a calm breath. Ranma wasn't trying to do anything perverted This was a date. A real date, and some physical transgressions were expected, right?

Ranma held in his breath, waiting for what possible reaction his tomboy would make. Her immediate reaction was to stiffen, but she seemed willing enough to give Ranma a chance to prove his intentions weren't perverted. Ranma focused his attention on keeping his hands in the carefully placed noman's land below her bust and above her navel. He felt her take in a shaky breath and slowly let it go. Her muscles slowly loosened and she allowed herself to lean gently against his chest.

It wasn't the first time Ranma held Akane in his arms, but he hadn't had her in his lap quite this way since the dougi incident. It was even better this time, as there was no wet paint to make him want to squirm in discomfort. Akane felt her face glow warm with unbidden thoughts of where else Ranma might place his hands. They were currently encircled around her waist, his gentle strength radiating warmth and comfort. None of the scenarios in her mind included mallets. Akane noticed she could feel the tenseness leave his muscles as he cautiously decided she wasn't going to pound him.

She smiled to herself and commented slyly, "We're still squished, baka Akane's soft hair tickled his chin as she shook her head, in what he could only hope was amusement. She then reached her hand over her head and flicked a finger at Ranma's forehead in retort. Slowly, Akane brought her hands to lay on top of Ranma's.

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Her slim fingers wrapped around his. Her words and the simple, yet intimate gesture made Ranma's breath catch in his throat. The warmth of her body and the sweet scent of her flooded his senses. He regained a shaky and fragile control of himself, enough to drag air into his lungs once more. It was taking everything he had just to suppress any trembling, and he was acutely aware of his body beginning to respond to her closeness.

Akane tried to remain relaxed - it was pleasant and warm being wrapped in Ranma's arms - but it was becoming increasingly difficult to think clearly with Ranma's masculine spicy scent filling her senses.

She stubbornly tried to ignore the sexual tension. It meant leaving their position. She then turned to face Ranma, a mischievous grin on her face. He had few family photos, and he'd like to have some that weren't from embarrassing escapades of his early childhood.

They were sitting side by side, when Akane decided to playfully ruffle his hair for the next pose. When she reached over, Akane's breath on his neck tickled and stimulated at the same time. Ranma shivered and tried to hide his reaction. Her nimble fingers knew just where to aim: Akane crowed triumphantly as she continued to tickle him, all the while the camera was flashing.

At the mercy of Akane's ministrations, Ranma floundered and squirmed. The tight confines of the photobooth and Akane's own cunning counterattacks thwarted his attempts to slip free. He needed to escape her teasing touch, and that meant getting serious. Akane squirmed, a hysterical, happy squeal escaping her lips.

Her laughter was easily twice as intense as his. It soon became a raucous competition complete with sparing moves in order to reach a vital tickle zone. Both were out of breath and flushed, but neither were willing to concede defeat. Akane resumed the offensive, but Ranma managed an intricate maneuver of flipping over in the tight space, giving himself the advantage while repositioning Akane flat on her back of the photo booth seat.

In the heat of the moment, Ranma's fingers rapidly danced up her bare leg and started to tickle under her knee. His actions earned him her loudest, squealing laugh…. Her leg jerked automatically and instinctively kicked, landing a direct hit into Ranma's unsuspecting jaw.

The blow sent him tumbling out of the photobooth curtain. Akane gasped, quickly rising and running out to check on him.

He was sitting upright on the cement, shaking his head and rubbing his jaw. He opened his mouth to yell something about clumsy tomboys, but then stopped himself. He had asked for it, in a way. He cautiously moved his jaw before speaking.

Akane let out a breath she didn't realize she'd been holding, glad that her klutz move hadn't ruined the fun for the evening. They cheerfully looked over the printed strip of photos. The end result was truly them - playfully competitive, a collage of motion and laughter. Ranma's favorite was the one where Akane's eyes burned with intensity and stubbornness after he invoked the Soul of Ice to stop reacting. Akane practically glowed with happiness as she examined the photographs.

It'll replace the old one I have of you, since -" Akane abruptly stopped herself, blushing at her admission. She knew Ranma had carried a photo of her at Mount Phoenix. Kiima had shown Akane, and it was that evidence that led to her kidnapping. Still, it was another matter entirely to tell Ranma she had kept a photo of him since early on in their relationship.

Not surprisingly, Ranma was not about to let Akane's partial admission go without further prodding. His chest filled with growing confidence to know Akane had kept a photograph of him.

Akane tried to ignore the annoying tone. Is it in my cursed form? You've had the hots for me all along, huh? Akane glared and stuck out her tongue. Akane was being awfully coy about this. His face was filled with cheeky determination. Her blush was not to be ignored. Akane contemplated punching him out of her way, but life had forced her to painfully mature the past few months. She had faced death to save him on Mount Phoenix. She had become an orphan with the recent loss of her father. Surely she could face up to a mildly embarrassing fact.

Her eyes blazed with a strengthened resolve to be forthright. It's when you were in the Neko-ken. He had no memory of what he did while in the cat-fist. From Akane's blush, though, he had to know.

Her voice was soft and low. He had to strain to hear it. I know it doesn't count, though. He'd have kissed anybody…. From all the times she'd witnessed Ranma enter the Neko-ken state, he never went towards anyone else with affection.

His back relaxed in relief that it hadn't been anything worse. Ranma wasn't sure how Akane got ahold of it, but the fact that she had kept it all this time made his face warm with pleasure.

At the same time, he felt emboldened. He remembered how upset Akane had been that he wasn't in conscious control of his actions. Despite her protests, it seemed she really would have welcomed a kiss from him. Ranma didn't realize he'd been standing in stunned silence until Akane called out ahead of him. His shoulders managed to tense and sag at the same time.

Akane felt a surge of defiant courage. She was fed up with all the recent tragedy and stress, from her father's death to Ranma's relocation and deteriorating home life. Overwhelming negative elements had intruded on their lives outside of their control. How they ended their date was not going to end on a depressed note if Akane could help it. Even if returning to Ranma's stressful home environment was inevitable, she could at least seize this moment, and dare to give him some welcome procrastination.

She knew she didn't strictly need an escort. She could take care of herself. Asking put her at risk of sounding weak, as if saying she needed some form of protection for the evening.

She desperately hoped Ranma wouldn't made some stupid wisecrack. Ranma's face lit up at the perfect excuse to avoid returning home. Still, old habits die hard and Ranma's mouth quirked into a playful smirk. A brutal, macho tomboy like you wants an escort? She was trying so hard, but her pride wouldn't bend any farther. If you don't want to, then just say so! Why had she even bothered to be open herself up to the insensitive jerk? As she stormed away, Ranma followed. Just 'cause I know you can take on any pervert or mugger doesn't mean you should.

Ranma continued, "You know I'd never let anyone even try to hurt you, right? He said it so matter-of-fact. Ranma exhibits this too. This trope is in full effect when she helps Nodoka cook while Kasumi was sick in bed.

Nodoka tells Ranma that "You'll make a lovely bride" after tasting her cooking. Ranma is less than pleased by this. Comes with being a martial artist. The anime not only gives his girl form red hair color, but also makes him more aggressive and forthright than in the manga.

Ranma is not averse to stealing things that he needs, although it's mostly food. Not only will Ranma use any flaw you happen to have such as a curse, addiction to female undergarments, or getting mad when you see breastshe will actively seek them out for example he searches Nabiki's room twice in the manga looking for something to use against her or give him a way to blackmail her. In the "Mushroom of Time" story arc, both he and Ryoga consume mystical mushrooms that have the habit of aging or deaging a person based on the length of the mushroom.

Ryoga is the first to eat them and is stuck with a 6 year olds body, but when Ranma accidentally ruins the batch of mushrooms, Ryoga feeds one to Ranma out of revenge and turns him into a 6 year old as well.

The two rivals spend the rest of the arc squabbling and fighting as little kids. Their names are Genma and Nodoka Saotome. Ranma's positive traits exist in spite of them.

nabiki ranma relationship quotes

Friend to All Children: For all his many flaws, Ranma is a great catch because he's terrific when it comes to interacting with children of all ages, backgrounds or personalities, and has shown himself to be an exceptional father figure to them.

The fact that he's also a master of household skills like cooking and cleaning only serve to make him an even better husband and father. Due to his curse. Subverted at first, but then played absolutely straight; in the beginning chapters, it looks like Ranma's female form will allow him to get closer to the justifiably androphobic Akane.

However, the fact "she" is really a transformed "he" is revealed minutes later and Akane promptly goes ballistic, picking up the living room table one-handed and swatting him under it. However, throughout the series proper, Akane is less wary with Ranma's female form than his male, and the majority of their most comfortable and relaxed moments have occurred while Ranma was female.

Tends to hang out with his enemies when they aren't battling. Sometimes overlapping into Trickster Archetype. Ranma is easily one of the most strategic heroes in the series, and is not above manipulating an opponent and pulling Batman Gambits.

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His feet after incredible dextrous and just add capable as his hands. He can do just about anything with his feet from holding food, wielding weapons, and even writing legible words. Gets extremely nervous when girls try to do something physical to him, and, being vehemently heterosexual, he gets extremely violent if men try something on his "girl form". Lampshaded and otherwise commented on by other characters in the series. Heir to the Dojo: He's the trope picture, even.

Men who don't know that he's a Gender Bender ogle at his girl form, those who do know still ogle at his girl form, many ask for a date, some propose marriage, some kidnap him in order to forcefully propose marriage, et cetera.

Ranma ½: Nettô-hen

Not an ideal one at times, but a hero nonetheless. Everything up to the Cat Fist. He all but shuts down when he believes Akane has died. He snaps back to form when he finds out she hasn't, not yet, but is in desperate danger anyway. Many of the mentioned things from Ranma's childhood would have gotten him either killed or taken by social services if they found outbut they're all played for laughs. Ranma also doesn't like people who won't accept defeat gracefully, particularly when he beats them, and yet he himself is a very bad loser who would do whatever it takes to win when given a second chance.

Even if he doesn't admit it, personal victory is the only thing that matters to Ranma. HOW he obtains said victory is not as important. During the Battle Dogi arc, when Ranma finally gets the courage honestly to call Akane cute, Akane thinks he's still lying to her due to him having just been caught lying to her about their relationship. He takes full advantage of his girl form to get free or at least cheaper food. I Have the High Ground: Fond of high places and a common means of travel for him via extraordinary leaps and Roof Hopping.

Will use anything as a weapon including, but not limited to, spoons, boulders, rocks, pencils, paper fans, bos, staffs, brooms, noodles, tennis racket, water, magic items, pinwheels, explosives, his own hair, bras, frying pans, P-chan, and other people. Ranma's aiming skills are exceptional. His best feat would be flicking a stub-sized pencil from across the classroom into the hole of a fifty-yen coin in his teacher's hand Probably the best at it in the series.

Although he's not aware of it, Ranma's bluster, projection of massive confidence, and abrasive personality all stem from the fact that he's a very, very insecure individual. Ranma can practically osmose an entirely new martial art or technique in the span of a week, mastering it so well that he can beat the rival of the week who may have spent a lifetime honing that skill in a Cooking Duel. Less so than others, but even most of the characters who hate him for his ego will grudgingly admit that he has the combat skill to back it up.

His ability to improvise strategy is, if anything, even MORE impressive. After he takes the brunt of an attack that slammed him into a wall hard enough to shatter every bone in a normal person's body, Akane wakes Ranma up from unconsciousness by calling him an idiot. Ranma is nearly forced into this by the Cursed Scribble Panda, who wants to date him before getting sealed up again. It's All About Me: He pretty much played it straight for real during the school's play of Romeo and Juliet however, trying to participate in the play in the hope of getting a cure for his curse, despite the play meaning a great deal to Akane.

I Want to Be a Real Man: Both in the literal sense i. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Not as bad as other examples in the show, but Ranma can still be petty, spiteful, egotistic, or manipulative, especially when irritated, pushed, or just uncomfortable, but despite everything Ranma is shown as a generally very helpful and compassionate sort when he clearly notices that someone is in serious trouble, including people he just met if asked for assistance, and will recurrently feel extremely bad after he has gone too far.

Exactly how he's a jerk varies between continuities.

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Anime Ranma is brasher and more prone to insulting or verbally harassing people, especially Akane. Ranma is one of the most versatile ki users on the show. His ki attacks include: Unintentionally steals Akane's first kiss while he is under the influence of Cat Fu.

He's a teenager and one of the best martial artists around. Extremely high level of speed and stamina, high level of strength, decent endurance and great level of skill. He can punch a single spot hundreds of times so fast it looks like a single punch. Like an Old Married Couple: Lampshaded by several characters. In the anime's Living Shadow and Enemy Without episodes. Also the "Evil Within" episode where Ranma's girl half is separated from him, and they become a couple.

  • Akane Tendo

In the anime, a filler episode has Ranma buy some magical incense to bring his shadow to life for intense training. It's perfectly benign at first, but Ranma overdoses on the stuff, awakening his unrestrained desires in it and allowing it to act on its own until Ranma takes it down. Male Might, Female Finesse: Embodied in the same person. While his male half is still pretty fast, his female form allows him even greater speed and agility, but at the cost of being smaller and weaker than his male form.

While it is true that he can't do a poker-face worth a damn, Ranma is otherwise a master at playing a role that just about any situation calls for. Ranma has successfully impersonated numerous non-existent characters, like Ryoga's sister and fooled just about everyone.

Alongside Akane, is the most likely to get hit with it in the series. He and Akane have had a lot of romantic moments when he's in his girl form. This made Mariko think they were lesbians.

Also, in the manga, Ranma unknowingly eats some pork buns that make him hug anyone who sneezes. To complicate matters further, Tsubasa is a crossdresser who chases girls while disguised as a girl, leading everyone to believe he's lesbian. Inflicted several times on him, mainly as a female. One arc saw Cologne make his body too sensitive to heat, making him unable to turn back into a guy. During the Martial Arts Dining arc, he was forced to wear a steel corset during his training; while he could still use hot water to transform back, the corset caused him to suffocate unless he remained a girl, effectively locking him that way.

Happens literally when Herb uses the Pot of Preservation on Ranma out of spite, which permanently locked one in their cursed form, unless they were to use the Kettle of Liberation. Didn't even know he had one for years, but it doesn't take him long to become attached to Nodoka when she finally comes back into his life. She's one of the few people he won't so much as insult. He provides at least 80 percent of the Fanservice for the show, either in his male or female form. Particularly in female form, quite adept at using his legs as rudimentary arms to grab, hold and throw others.

Akane first meets his male form while he's taking a bath. His male form is introduced while he's taking a bath. It is exceptionally rare for Ranma to ever admit fault in any situation where punishment or grief of any kind is coming his way.

nabiki ranma relationship quotes

He frequently gives this to various characters in the series. No Guy Wants to Be Chased: Ranma expresses little to no interest in pretty much every girl that aggressively chases him. Ranma does all three types at various points, including while he's asleep. Revealed to have this during the Gambling King Arc. When playing Old Maid, Ranma will get excited when his opposition is about to take the Joker, while looking sad when they pick another card. Ranma is later humorously put through Training from Hell to help him get a poker face, only to fail spectacularly, but injured his face so much that it became bandaged up and rendered impossible for anyone to tell his emotions.

The only solution would be to get Kuno to spill the beans and tell her what was going on. Hopefully, he wouldn't avoid Nabiki's inquiry, or they'd never get anything done. Nabiki cleared her throat and pursed her lips. Do you want to talk about it? Maybe if you get it out of your mind, it won't bother you so much. It was really awkward when Kuno got so upset over a situation that he started tearing up.

It was uncomfortable to watch, well, in Nabiki's case. Crying didn't fit in the personality of the 'Blue Thunder of Furinkan High' even though Kuno always looked macho when he did.

So that's what this was about. Nabiki sighed and shook her head lightly. You must tell me, Nabiki Tendo, or I simply will not be able to concentrate on my studies. She observed Kuno carefully, watching the twitch on his brow and the dissatisfied tilt of his bottom lip. It was always entertaining when Kuno was mad. Nabiki wished she had a camera to take a picture of that scowl. Then, Nabiki looked at Kuno's lips.

Those were the kind of full lips that a girl wouldn't mind kissing. Not that Nabiki would want to kiss Kuno or anything like that, but she did fantasize about it.

It was really getting to be annoying. Best to just tell Kuno the truth and get it over with so they could get back to studying. The attention Nabiki had been giving Kuno was beginning to really bother her. Ranma and Akane have been engaged for three years.

They both have gotten a bit wiser - they're older now, so that makes sense. Ranma doesn't say dumb stuff to antagonise Akane anymore and Akane is more apt to give Ranma the benefit of the doubt and she doesn't get upset over every little thing that Ranma may say or do. The last thing they'd need is another person coming in between them. So they decided to get married and stop prolonging things. Sorry, Kuno baby, but that's just the way it is.

Nabiki mentally prepared herself for a ridiculous prima donna outburst from Kuno, as usual. Strangely, all she got was silence. Typically, Kuno would be swearing on his life's blood - or some crap like that - that Ranma would pay and he would defeat Ranma - when really, he would lose, as he always did - in glorious battle. This quiet behavior from him was out of character. I am well, Nabiki Tendo. I must confess that my ardor for your sister has relatively cooled over the past few years.

She never cared for me the way I did for her.