Nemureru mori ending relationship

Bump On The Asphalt: [Drama] Nemureru Mori

nemureru mori ending relationship

I have a love-hate relationship with stories like these. The suspenseful stories that hints at you the truth . 0 Farted:: [Drama] Nemureru Mori. “Nemureru Mori” – Sleeping Forest by Plastic Tree Sleeping forest Through the darkness, to the end of the world, I think of you. On the reverse side of my. Nemureru Mori is about a late twenty year old woman who suffered an awful tragedy as a child. But what really got to me was the ending after the ending.

Nemureru Mori

And in so doing, as her True Self is roused from its dormant state, she Awakens to the horror that has been lurking ever so near all these years, and that now seeks to consume her. Her Awakening may have unshackled her from the murderer who would own her, but it does not set her free from the truth, which will haunt her to the end of her days. She once again narrowly escapes with her life, but forfeits true happiness in the process. That as a child Minako survives a grisly death — only to later live out this sadness that awaits her, may in fact be the unkindest fate of all.

Nakamura Toru as Hamazaki Kiichiro reminds me so much of Lee Jong-hyuk, who played the deliciously creepy Shin Hyun-tae in the Korean drama Green Rose also a whodunit, though with a story less taut and more… ambitious. Both actors also utilize their greatest asset to the hilt those eyes… those eyes!!! He is rock-solid and dependable, and deeply in love with Minako.

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But as he is haunted by apparitions from a troubled childhood, and with his promising career besmirched by shady dealings, you wonder if Kiichiro is all that he seems to be. Was he channeling Bono consciously?

nemureru mori ending relationship

And by the time Bono wails that all-too-familiar refrain with all the pent-up longing and anguish that only Bono can deliver, I think of bloody Kimura and that bloody fedora hat of his, and nothing else. Okay, I have officially played this song on my iPod five times since I started writing this paragraph. He treats Yuri, his girlfriend of four years like crap, and refuses to commit to her emotionally despite their dysfunctional relationship.

Naoki takes her masochistic devotion for granted, and ditches her right before going off to meet Minako in the forest that first time. He is treated by Naoki and Yuri with friendly affection, yet he knows that Ito Naoki will always cast a shadow over him — in looks, in confidence, in professional achievement, and in love. Keita tries to make light of the matter with his half-hearted jokes, but just comes across as this sad clown every time.

Yusuke Santamaria is an adequate actor while Honjo Manami simply oozes… mediocrity, but the way both characters are written brooks no sympathy from the viewer, either.

Second-rate second fiddles, indeed. When you finally meet him as that grave, shaggy-haired boy hiding in the woods, you understand how lonely and emotionally disconnected Naoki truly is — and has been, practically all his life. Always an outsider, always an observer, always watching from a distance. Both Ito Naoki and Hamazaki Kiichiro lose their mothers at such a young age, and are left to contend with emotionally distant fathers who gain renown in their respective fields psychology and painting but remain abject failures at parenthood.

The boy Naoki longs to be intimate with his own father, but is incapable of expressing this wish to Naomi. It is only during the transference of his own memories to Minako through Naomi as a conduit, that Naoki can obliquely insert his own childlike dreams of becoming part of a real family again. But his father misses these cues until it is rather too latetoo caught up in his scholarly pursuits to notice the coded messages his son has been sending him during their interviews. And yet despite their emotional ineptitude both father and son share a deep loyalty towards each other, a familial bond that is more resilient than they both may think.

I just love him!!! And I love how the editing would juxtapose the Young Naoki flashbacks with some of the Grown-up Naoki moments, making you realize that although the boy is now a man, the eyes are unchanged after fifteen years and still mirror the same loneliness and deep-seated longing, the hungry look of a boy starved for love and affection and human companionship.

Their shared childhood memories make each person an irrevocable part of the other, and their mingled identities seem as surreal and inchoate as the strange bond that connects them. But when their relationship takes a shocking and irreversible turn, it is Naoki — and not Minako — who suffers more deeply from it.

For what do you do when the sole object of your year obsession, whom you watched and followed and LOVED for more than half your life, turns out to be the Forbidden Fruit? You know and he knows that what Yuri really is, is his Consolation Prize. Portrait of a J-Idol as a Serious Actor As much as I loved Kimura Takuya in those rom-com dramas with his good-guy, Idol heroics and that ever-scintillating sheen of Ultra-Coolnessit was refreshing to see him play against type here in Nemureru Mori, as if all stops were pulled to make him as disturbing and disruptive a presence as possible in the life of Minako.

nemureru mori ending relationship

But even without the polish and control so identifiable with his later work, his talent in Nemureru Mori is unmistakably there — particularly in the key moments of realization and revelation. There are glimmers of greatness in his performance, a foretaste of that Kimura Awesomeness I first came to love in Pride my first Kimuradorama ever.

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There also is a dynamism to him, an irrepressible vitality in his persona that lends itself so well to his onscreen characters. The fairy tale premise has metamorphosed into a Gothic tale, one of unspeakable terror and the looming specter of Death. And the storyline is more labyrinthine than your regular whodunit, with so many nail-biting twists and turns I soon lost count.

Each cliffhanger left me breathless, each blind alley made me retrace my steps and re-assess the clues so cleverly dropped along the way. Crime-solving is perhaps more deductive than inductive, because you begin with a certain premise, a certain angle, and then try to match the clues and evidence to this theory.

Though my original assumption about the murderer later proved to be correct, it was only after all that messing with my head had made me doubt… well, everything. You expect the worst with these types of stories, but nothing prepared me for how deeply rooted the mystery was, and how far-reaching the consequences of the crime.

The events set in motion 15 years prior end up entangling more people than were involved originally — even those with no material connection to the Yuletide killings. In the fairy tale that is Nemureru Mori, what awaits the characters is no Happy Ending, but a wasteland of ruined lives and broken dreams.

Never After This final act of Nemureru Mori just bled me dry; the story had consumed me inside out, leaving me numb. Then you realize with a heart-stopping clarity that beneath the Sleeping Beauty tale lies another story embedded in Nemureru Mori, and it is that of Hansel and Gretel… Two children hand in hand, lost deep in the woods, who must find their way out of this strange gloaming of shadows and stippled light — before the darkness devours them both.

That Hansel and Gretel are brother and sister is an irony not lost on the viewer: Then there is the issue of custody of their son, Kakeru. While in the midst of a difficult divorce settlement, a depressed Chinami indulges in alcohol at a hotel where she has memories of happier times with Hiroshi and gets absolutely foxed.

The next morning, the person who had tended to Chinami anonymously introduces her to a cleaning job at the hotel. This person is actually Takaoka Yusuke, the young general manager of the hotel.

In front of hotel staff, he behaves like the perfect man, but he is at heart a warped, loathsome character Please view my criteria here. This may contain spoilers, I tried to limit them, but please read at your own discretion.

I haven't read the plot not until I have watched it, so I'm basing this on my impression on the first episode. I guess it brought a lot of matter to discuss in the drama, and that's why I think it's very interesting. I like the idea that it kind of says that adults are not right all the time, they can can still fail, and they are still learning as well.

And at some time, they can be weak too. I guess our heroine Chinami still needs time to think about things after her divorce. So the ending is very much likable.

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Members of the cast: So yes, plus one for this. There were a few times when i thought Kusakari Tamiyo was a little awkward to watch, but overall, I think she pulled this one off well. Though, I'm wondering why she was given the role when she is not known for having drama series.