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With Jake Sisko watching, Quark tries to reason with Odo, but naturally the . date ended badly he's instead decided to celebrate the anniversary of their first kiss. The conversation drifts onto their dislike of the notion of a ship's counselor but. A page for describing Characters: Star Trek Deep Space Nine Quarks Bar. Main Characters Page | Starfleet Crew | Federation And Bajor | Quark's Bar, Family. “The House Of Quark” (season 3, episode 3; originally aired 10/10/) the place, and he tells an elaborate lie to Odo to make it seem like he killed the . offer the best advice), the episode gets into the way couples make.

He asked me to look over a proposal he's going to make to the Federation delegates. There's an interesting story behind item four. And I would love to hear it, but I'm a little pressed for time right now.

I promised Shakaar I'd give him a tour of the station. I'll make sure security is in place. The upper pylons have the best view of the wormhole. I've never seen it, actually. Why don't we stay a few minutes. May a ship will go through. You can see it open.

You're the First Officer, can't you order a ship through? Well, you're the First Minister, you should be able to order a whole fleet through.

The other day I heard someone say that if you happen to see the wormhole open, you get to make a wish.

That's been going around the station for a while now. Did you make a wish? They both lean in for a kiss then remember Odo is standing nearby, carefully looking the other way.

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We should get going. There's a lot more to see. We're heading back down to the Docking Ring.

Odo busts Quark

Your route has been secured. Please enter security code. You know I haven't had a meal outside the wardroom or my quarters since I got here. Well, there are some pretty nice places to eat on the Promenade.

You have a favourite? There's a new Bolian restaurant that's pretty good. I've never had Bolian food. This isn't going to sound very appetizing, but the meat they use is sort of aged. Worf to Odo, a turbolift is stuck on level forty one. We're going to have to re-route you. Verify your security code and I'll release the controls to you. You don't want to know. Why don't we go there tonight? How does nineteen hundred hours sound? Someone cut our comm. Odo morphs his arms into steel piledrivers which push out the turbolift sides so it starts to rub against the side of the shaft and eventually comes to a halt.

Well, I guess this means my tour is over. You're telling me someone overrode the station's comm. I'm afraid so, sir.

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Apparently they tapped into the comm. What I want to know is how they got Worf's security code. We don't know that they did that, sir. What do you mean? I turned over control of the turbolift without verifying his code. They say to err is human, But you're not human, Odo.

You're not even humanoid. And this is not the sort of mistake that I'd expect from you. A personal matter, sir. I prefer not to discuss it. Constable, whatever this personal matter is, don't let it interfere with your job again. That's all I need to hear. Now, no ships have been allowed to leave since this incident occurred. That means that whoever was responsible is still on the station. I want them found. It appears that they accessed the turbolift control system through the ODN relays.

Odo isn't paying attention WORF: There might be a trace of the access signal left in the relays. If we can isolate it, we might be able to follow it back to the source. I've heard every word. They wound up unionizing to improve the bar's working conditions, but that doesn't entirely stop his wandering hands.

Mayor of a Ghost Town: Began the series as this.

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Cunningly, Sisko snatches Quark before he can leave the station and appoints him " community leader "; a nice way of saying that if Quark doesn't stay, his nephew goes to jail. Particularly in the show's early years. Quark often endangers the entire station in pursuit of an illegal transaction. One such incident smuggling Verad onboard almost got Jadzia killed — this caused him to tone it down a little. Odo regularly allows Quark to break the law, while using him to get a bead on the more significant criminals Quark interacts with.

When he's caught out, you can always count on Quark to throw Rom under the bus. In fact, there's a provision in the employee contracts that anything that goes wrong in the bar is automatically Rom's fault. He did it in the pilot episode, he does it every other week, and it's a wonder Rom hasn't buried a spanner in his head by now.

It's no surprise that Rom eventually left the bar to pursue his true talent—engineering. Quark catches heat from the Ferengi Commerce Authority for failing to adhere to proper business practices. For a time, the bar is liquidated by the FCA, and Quark himself barred from doing business anywhere within the Ferengi Alliance. I'll start gouging the customers again! I'll revoke all my employees' vacation time! You gave them vacations? Quark has a lot to say about the Federation, and hew-mons in particular.

Sometimes his observations are devastatingly on target his point that for all of humanity's condescension toward the Ferengi, Ferenginar has nothing even remotely as bad as the Holocaust in its history, is particularly devastating. However, for all his criticism of humans, he often acts remarkably human himself. See, for example, his gunning down a Jem'Hadar to save himself and Nog, after criticizing the violent nature of humanity in life-or-death situations.

Contrary to appearances, he's fiercely protective of his nephew Nog. Although sometimes what he does to "help" is wrong like sabotaging his entry exam to Starfleet Academysometimes it isn't like gunning down Jem'Hadar soldiers to protect a comatose Nog during the Siege of AR He's not afraid to pour some drinks on the house when O'Brien and Bashir are believed to have been killed.

Quark is an incorrigible smuggler and black marketeer. However, "Things Past" revealed that he refuses to sell maraji crystals an illegal drug because the Cardassians don't like them and the Bajorans can't afford them. To Zek, the Grand Nagus.

Zek treats him like pocket lint, but Quark still holds out hope for a reward one day. He never gets it. Read the Fine Print: Feeling up the Dabo girls is "part of the job. Literally, look at the employee contract. It's in there, buried in a sub-section written in Ferengi-only script. There's also a provision that anything that goes wrong in the bar is automatically Rom's fault. Real Men Hate Affection: Rom and Quark can never quite be nice to each other and have to express their affection through trading insults.

It gets especially tangled during wartime, as Quark becomes the stand-in for every family who waits to hear news from the front. Even he can't keep up pretenses forever. Whatever happens, we belong together. Well, like I said, you're an idiot. As the station's eyes and ears Ha! Small Name, Big Ego: He's not as high up in the views of other Ferengi as he'd like to be. It's also thrown in his face during "The Ascent". Part of the reason Odo pursued him all those years was because he thought Quark was or had connections with part of the Orion Syndicate, and he couldn't even afford the entrance fee.

Quark shoots back that this means Odo wasted years hounding him for bearing a failure.

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The Constable has a perpetual suspicious eye on Quark, and Quark's given him ample reason for it. Subverted with Liquidator Bruntwho would be happy to see Quark dead, or, short of that, shunned by Ferengi society, for watering down traditional Ferengi values. Avidly preaches that he is not a fighter and proclaims himself to be a coward without shame. As seen by these other tropes, Quark's a lot braver than he gives himself credit for. Look, I've broken the contract, so do your job.

Take my assets, revoke my Ferengi business licence. Do whatever you have to do, then get out. And if I ever see you walk into my bar again You won't walk out. Kills at least half a dozen Jem'Hadar Super Soldiers in shootouts over the course of the series, despite how often he insists fighting is no way for a Ferengi to behave. When circumstances forced him into a duel with a Klingon, he escaped with his life by showing up anyway, throwing the fight and saying how it's effectively an execution "Killing an unarmed Ferengi Quite a little Batman Gambit on his part.

Was fully intent on defending his bar during the Klingon attack on his own, if not for Rom without his knowledge taking parts of his old service disruptor to fix the replicators. Status Quo Is God: Many things change throughout Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but one thing never does: Quark's business opportunities never go anywhere significant or backfire and whenever he's handed the opportunity to be rich it's either taken away from him or he's forced to give it up.

Conversely, Quark is constantly getting away with things that should have gotten him arrested by Odo likely before the series even started and if his bar is taken away from him he always gets it back.

Like all Ferengi, Quark's got good ears. Odo uses it to torment him by pacing out his room when Quark's trying to sleep. Even when he's something like a mouse, Quark can still hear him, and it bugs the hell out of him. Like any good Ferengi, Quark has a keen eye for profit and a self-serving nature.

When push comes to shove, however, he will set aside profit to help Sisko and the crew of DS9. His mother always preferred Rom, partly because Rom takes a lot after his late father. Quark and his mother have a lot in common, but are on opposite ends opinion-wise.

As she herself puts it, Rom is always her little boy but Quark grew up young and is more of an equal. Feels this way about Odo. Even in the second episode, he defends Odo against accusations of murder. Your Approval Fills Me with Shame: Quark absolutely hates the fact that his most successful business venture — the bar and casino — is a legitimate one. According to him, Quark is mockingly known as "the Synthehol King" back on Feringinar, a reference to his squeaky-clean reputation amongst the Federation citizens whom he ought to be fleecing left and right.

Synthehol, as the name implies, is a beverage which mimics the taste of alcohol without any of the deleterious effects. It's an absolute joke compared to Ferengi alcohol, which perfectly sums up his homeworld's opinion of him as toothless and non-threatening.

I've had my eye on you for a long time, Rom. You're not as stupid as you look! Initially nothing more than a goofy comic relief character, completely dominated by his brother, he was revealed to have Hidden Depths as the series went on. He later found his true calling as an station engineer under Chief O'Brien's tutelage. Interestingly, he does not join Starfleet like his son, but rather enlists in the Bajoran Militia; hence the rarely seen grey-on-green uniform.

Ostensibly a pit boss, Rom is basically forced to perform all of the dirty work Quark shovels on him: Repairs, waiting tables, and cleaning, too. His talents were eventually recognized by Starfleet, averting this trope and leading to a few promotions. Though he did come up with the self-replicating minefield trick, which suggests he's still underemployed.

He eventually became Grand Nagus. But pretty much only as far as Quark is concerned. Then there's the time he cooperated in Quark's failed, repeatedly assassination. In fact, Max was literally incapable of playing as badly as he was supposed to, which is why Rom plays left-handed. Nana Visitor was by far the worst player. Later, he was thought of as being an idiot Odo even said that he couldn't have fixed Quark's replicator, because he couldn't fix a straw if it was bentbut as it turns out, he's a highly competent engineer.

I've always been smart, brother. I've just lacked self-confidence. Later, when an Orb experience temporarily induced Zek to turn the Ferengi Alliance into an interstellar charity, Rom earned Quark's respect by embezzling from the Grand Nagus.

Nowhere near as bad as O'Brien, but Rom's still got some god-awful luck. Before he was characterized, he had this towards Quark. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Even in earlier characterizations where Rom isn't the hypercompetent mechanic he is later, he still manages this. Even Odo recognized him as being more devious than Quark, naming Rom along with Gaila who owns his own moon and the Grand Nagus.

At one point, he gets a nasty ear infection, on account of getting too much oomox. In "The Nagus," Rom actively takes part in a plot to murder Quark, yet Quark seems to hold no grudge and lets him keep working at the bar without ever mentioning this incident again. The rest of the officers and crew on Deep Space Nine don't seem to take issue with this either.

Seems to be a case of Status Quo Is God. His epiphany regarding the minefield came on the eve of his wedding, when Rom was freaking out over trivial matters like closet space. He off-handedly comes up with the idea of self-replicating anti-starship mines to blockade the Bajoran Wormhole against Dominion reinforcements while barely paying attention.

While O'Brien is generally the only man keeping DS9 in general in a modicum of working order, Rom is responsible for all the high technology in Quark's Bar working at all usually throuch MacGyvering stuff. Rom's skill with devices is shown at one point while he and Quark are away and the bar is locked. O'Brien, one of those famed Starfleet engineers who can turn rocks into replicators, is having trouble getting through the lock.

Odo passes by and comments that he's never seen designs more "convoluted". A damn fine engineer, completely lacking in common sense and, worse for a Ferengi, business sense, until near the end of the show. Looks like your stupidity has saved you again. It comes in handy sometimes. Over time, he gains more self-confidence in part thanks to Nogeventually becoming an engineer for the station rather than the minor partner and Mr.

Bashir decides to leave the two of them alone and O'Brien continues on his work, pausing for a moment as Lisa talks about her seemingly hopeless situation. On Deep Space 9, Odo has just finished making sure Quark has replaced the bar stools and is about to leave, when Quark asks Odo what he has planned for Saturdaythe one-month anniversary of his and Kira 's first date.

Odo at first thinks that Quark is trying to sell him something, but Quark tells Odo not to involve him and buy something off the Promenade. Quark leaves, and Odo asks Jake jokingly if he'd ever heard anything as ridiculous as a one-month anniversary, but when Jake's expression says that he doesn't find it so ridiculous, Odo suddenly isn't so sure of himself and goes onto the Promenade to find something to buy for Kira. Jake has had enough of observing the situation and asks Quark what's going on.

Quark is at first reluctant, but finally agrees to let Jake in on the plan on the condition that nothing ends up in print or finding its way back to Captain Sisko. Quark then tells Jake that he has his own plans for Saturday night.

O'Brien is still working on the com line with Lisa talking in the background. Kasidy Yates arrives and asks O'Brien if he's uncomfortable with her being on the Defiant, given that she's a civilian and the Defiant is a warship. O'Brien tells her he isn't, and that they've had civilians aboard before. Yates tells him she was worried about that, but before the conversation can go any further, the two suddenly catch on that Lisa is shouting for their attention, as she was able to hear the two talking.

O'Brien is able to fully clear up the line, and shouts back that they can hear her. Lisa tells him that, whoever he is, she loves him. O'Brien and Yates smile at Lisa's obvious happiness that her call was picked up. Act Two Edit A short while later, Captain Sisko and Doctor Bashir are present as Lisa tells the crew she is Captain Lisa Cusakcommanding officer of the USS Olympiawhich was returning from an eight-year long exploration of the Beta Quadrant when they passed by an unusual energy barrier surrounding a planet.

Scanning the planet triggered a reaction which destroyed the ship. Cusak's final memory after giving the order to abandon ship was a console exploding in her face, only to find herself in an escape pod on the planet. Doctor Bashir asks Lisa to confirm she's on an L-Class planet, which she does, and answers his next question by telling him she has been injecting herself with tri-ox to compensate for the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

After ascertaining her supplies of the drug, he makes her ration it so she will last until the Defiant arrives, but even so it's going to be a close call.

Cusak has a request for Captain Sisko: Sisko then decides that he'd better start, and decides to tell her all that's happened in the Alpha Quadrant since she's been gone. Later in his ready roomSisko is telling Cusak of the recent developments in the warand Cusak hates hearing about the Federation 's recent struggles.