Ookami no monshou ending relationship

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ookami no monshou ending relationship

So much anger, chapter wasn't needed, it should of just ended at Really why would a mangaka do that, adding new storylines to a. Read the topic about Student-Teacher Relationship on MyAnimeList, and join in Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou (hesitate recommending this to you, have not finished it but almost certain it will not have a happy ending. "Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou" is a modern adaptation of Wolf Guy ( SAKAGUCHI Hisashi) in a v c (end) by Illuminati-Manga over 6 years ago.

This story contains strong language and mentions of rape, violence, and PTSD. Please proceed with maturity and at your own risk. The woman pressed closer to the side of the young man next to her, his one good arm wrapped securely around her waist.

Looking into the golden eyes of the small wolf pack in front of her, she shook her head, damp flakes of snow scattering around her.

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They were elegant and beautiful creatures. They could smell the taint on her; she was sure of it. Didn't I say I'd guarantee it? The outside of the window was covered with frost, delicate patterns winding across the glass as Akiko Aoshika peered out at the landscape before her, pristine and white under a blanket of snow.

I'll take ya' both on! You're still a kid, after all. The truth was, she had no right to intrude upon that sacred part of his life. These were his kind; not hers. She had no right to intrude upon his happiness.

It would inevitably wind up in disaster, just like before. He had sacrificed so much for her sake—four fingers, an arm, his humanity—and she would not allow him to sacrifice his optimism as well. But even despite his missing limbs, Inugami was probably the happiest she had ever seen him, rolling around in the snow with two wolves piled on top of him.

And he still managed to hold his own against them. They had accepted him quickly, even after being gone for ten years and missing a limb, but she stayed back, merely observing their reunion He was a pup when I came here at five years old. He's alpha now; probably replaced his father. To make sure she didn't hurt the rest of the pack? To judge whether she was worthy enough to be part of their family like Inugami was?

Even now, it stood in the distance watching her, making sure she didn't come too close. Two large paws landing on the window jolted her out of her thoughts as one of the pups bounded over to the cabin to excitedly peer into the window, tongue lolling out of its mouth happily. The wolf slinked off with its tail between its legs. Aoshika turned from the window then, biting the tip of her thumb in consternation. Was it really Inugami's words that caused the wolf to retreat in such a way, or was it the sharp, snarling growl the alpha emitted as it locked eyes with her, hackles raised on end?

She was not welcome.


He was the first one to utter those three words. They were quiet and reserved as Inugami stared down at the top of her head. It was probably the first time he had ever said such a thing. Wolves must be strong and composed, no matter how upset they may be in reality. Because I'm broken, she wanted to reply. Because you'll never be able to act upon your desires with me.

Your arms will embrace me, but I'll only see Haguro and his men. I'm already so very, very dirty. But how does one bring up the topic of sex with someone almost ten years her junior? It wasn't that she thought Inugami was incapable of comprehending or understanding her concerns, but more so that she was afraid of his answer.

And he seemed to understand her silence, replying with the words she feared he would: Aoshika; only that I can protect you. A forlorn smiled graced Aoshika's lips. He could probably smell the salt of her tears. I'm not good with words either. Aoshika's words were quiet in response. It always amazed her how quickly he had adapted to his missing limbs, as if he had been born that way.

Perhaps that was the skill he, as a wolf, had. Pups were a bit more rowdy today. Surprised Adax didn't have Sitiyok's hide today after that stunt she pulled with you. We don't accept humans easily. Eventually, he relented to his limitations and put the mug down on the kitchen table to pull the coat off in frustration.

I miss being able to do two things at once! Aoshika," he continued, picking the mug back up once he had satisfactorily hung the coat on the back of his chair. I didn't mean it like that.

Even now, he was careful to ask if he could even so much as hold hands with her.

ookami no monshou ending relationship

As much as he told her it didn't matter, it bothered her—feeling like she was robbing him out of a proper relationship. Perhaps if he acted more like the men she had known, she wouldn't have had to be reminded that she loved him. Her back straightened and she put the last plate onto the drying rack, composing herself.

More importantly, your textbooks arrived today. I won't have you missing out on your education just because you've decided to seclude yourself here.

And it was something Inugami had gotten used to. Perhaps, were he a different person, he would have been insulted, constantly being put at the butt end of everyone's problems, but instead, when Aoshika turned to him, he had an absolutely smug grin plastered on his face, feet propped up on the table. I could run circles around ya', Teach'. He was winding her up purposely, trying to pull her back out of her shell, she knew.

I want pages — of Algebra: Level II finished by tomorrow evening. It was strangely quiet that morning—only the soft sizzling of the bacon and eggs cut through the silence that pervaded the kitchen. Bacon in the morning was rare, for neither of them ventured into town often enough to pick up such luxuries from the small grocery store there.

Usually, it was Inugami who caught the food and skinned it while Aoshika cleaned and cooked it. But today, he was the one at the stove while she sat at the table with the newspaper, studiously ignoring that day's front page headline: He turned to her, sliding the meal onto the plate next to her before ripping the next package of bacon open with his teeth.

It wasn't until the strips of meat were beginning to curl in the pan did he open his mouth. Inugami's eyes showed hurt for the first time in months—not since he had gone head to head with Dou Haguro for her freedom. She wasn't fine, and they both knew it.

ookami no monshou ending relationship

While he couldn't see them with the long sleeves that she carefully picked out that morning, he most certainly could probably smell the coagulated blood forming the scabby scratches that marred her arms. Probably had heard it last night, and the night before that, and the night before that—a continuous, repeated wail of agony and sorrow that pervaded her mind day in and day out.

It was foolish of her to think that he could not hear it, or even that he would ignore it. It was not whom Inugami was.

ookami no monshou ending relationship

The only surprise was that he waited so long to bring it up. He didn't immediately reach for his food. I don't like feeling powerless. The nightmares always do. Did he understand what she was going through?

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The ever-recurring, abhorred symptoms of PTSD? Did he suffer from it, too? Aoshika," he continued, gazing out the kitchen window, arm folded across his chest. The morning light accentuated the strong line of his jaw. The wolves were still out there, even when Inugami had left to go into the nearest town almost miles away. The trips were necessary, either to pick up the scant pieces of mail from the post office or to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables—something they couldn't always harvest during the harsh winters on the Alaskan tundra.

Aoshika didn't like going down there. She had made the trip once, early on, when Inugami invited her, but once she had arrived, she clung to him like a helpless child, cold and afraid with her hands bathed in sweat. Civilization seemed evil and polluted with her recent plight still fresh in her mind, conjuring up unwanted memories—even when Alaska bore no resemblance to the Japanese city in which she grew up in. He's just wearing a very good wolf-head mask. Bleed 'em and Weep: Aoshika aims a gun at Haguro and threatens to shoot him if he doesn't leave Inugami alone.

ookami no monshou ending relationship

Actually, she does shot him - it doesn't work. Keep some on hand, you WILL need it. The author and artist seem intent on destroying everyone Inugami doesn't hate. Specially poor Aoshika Another mention goes to Noriko's friend and fellow student-council member, Yuki.

Where's the former is a little neurotic from the get go, her friend starts off a very cheerful, outgoing personality, and seems to have a far more obvious crush on Inugami She ends up paralyzed from the waist down after Kuroda shoots her in the back, and the rest of her few appearances in the series all have her simply sitting silently in a wheelchair, staring at her knees.

Inverted in that it makes him haughtier. Bring My Brown Pants: Aoshika has a moment after glimpsing Inugami in all his splendor. The principal and the girl from the student council visibly pee themselves when Kurota has them looking down the barrel of his gun. Nearly every female in the series is one or becomes one. It's like everyone has a deathwish by trying to bully Inugami.

In fact, his aunt insinuated that normal humans have a predisposition to just want to start fights with Inugami, since he isn't a normal human and they therefore want to eliminate him as a threat to their hierarchy. But Not Too Foreign: Were-Chiba is mentally unstable and incredibly powerful even during a very thin moon.

Akira Jin initially wants to destroy him since he also had to deal with someone who Came Back Wrong, but decides not to since 1 he only wants to kill Haguro, 2 his mind is considerably stronger then Akira's blood recipient, and 3 it's really Inugami's problem.

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He promptly kills a bunch of people when he wrecks their cars to trap Haguro on a bridge. Can't Argue with Elves: Inugami dislikes humans because he thinks they are battle-happy idiots.

Though later after the school massacre he realizes that he really isn't any better. Pretty much any woman around Inugami is doomed to suffer or die. Except Ryuuko, who's damaged in a different way. The police arrive at Haguro's site in chapterbut they can't break in right away due to Haguro's henchmen's unbelievable especially considering this is Japan array of heavy weapons. The Cavalry Arrives Late: That said, they came after Inugami had already stormed his way in to find Aoshika, and is injured beyond belief while fighting against Haguro.

Digest that for a moment. She actually was married, but then she got divorced and is now going for this. She even lampshades it in the first chapter. Comically Missing the Point: No, Haguro, Inugami did not show you his werewolf form because he feels you can understand him and has a burning desire to be with you.

He did it to get you to leave him alone forever. As Inugami figured, most of the students don't care that he saved them from their gun-toting maniac of a classmate. Just that they got hurt in the process. Aoshika freaks out when Inugami reaches her, being completely dumbfounded and incoherent thinking she's dead or Inugami is just an illusion; Inugami gives her the heroic hug and Aoshika comes back to her senses.

This is not a happy place. Special shouts to Haguro, who beat up several adults with a sword at age While recovering from bullet wounds.

Some creepy-ass ugly ones in the case of the Kuroda brothers. Apparently sleeping with Ryuuko Konuma will drain you of your will to live if you are not Badass enough.

Possibly Inugami, at least in the earlier chapters.

ookami no monshou ending relationship

When he goes to fight Chiba on the roof around chapter 30, he knows it's a new moon and seems pretty happy at the thought that being beaten up by Haguro's mooks without the advantage of a healing factor might kill him.

Inugami pretty much says this word for word in chapter 81 to Aoshika. Haguro tries to invoke this trope with Ryuuko, but she points out that Inugami isn't interested in her.