Pastor secretary relationship

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pastor secretary relationship

I approached the secretary in the lobby and said, “I'm here for a meeting with It's not the deacons or even the pastoral search committee. Looking for a good church secretary? Take a look at what Pastor Jack offers as 7 traits in a great church secretary. respect, trust, must be in place. a church secretary must at all times have a solid relationship with God and. In this connection an important question for study is, How may a conference department secretary maintain good relations with the local church pastor? We shall.

Prayer Requests Too often, prayer requests turn into gossip.

pastor secretary relationship

I am sure there have been instances where prayer requests were sent in to the church secretary and by the time the last person on the prayer chain got it, it had morphed into something entirely different. Organized One of the gifts of the Spirit is that of administration. Not everyone is well suited to being a secretary.

Not everyone has the gift of administration. What if they put off paying the bills or keeping records of expenses? First Impressions First impressions are truly lasting impressions and so when someone calls into the church, the first person they usually speak with is the church secretary.

If a secretary is short with people he or she can give the impression that the whole church must be like that. Who wants to go to a church where the secretary seems bothered by your call?

pastor secretary relationship

Why would anyone want to attend a church where they have been treated rudely or as if their time is more important than the person calling in? Professional Appearances You might not think that appearances are all that important but if someone walks into the church, the way the church secretary looks can either help or hurt the image of the church.

A friendly and professional appearance and attitude can be the make or break decision as to whether someone wants to attend the church or to be associated with it. Does the secretary smile when someone comes in?

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Are they cordial or are they too informal? Are they pleasant in nature and easy to speak with? As with the paragraph above, first impressions can make all the difference. Print A fine young pastor and his family take a small church in a rural area, or perhaps in a tired part of an otherwise thriving city.

There is little money given by the church to hire anyone else other than this single leader. But right off the pastor is in a dilemma. His dreams include a lot more communication with the church, planning, and outreach.

He wants to be busy, and effective, like the pastors were in the church he came from. And therefore the church plans to offer the job to a volunteer part-time secretary in the church.

A woman in the church is available to work this part time job. Actually, she is the only one available. Jo Lee is a few years older than he is. Jo Lee eagerly addresses her job. She goes the extra bit that makes her a great secretary. She also has some former work experience. Things are going well.

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Four days a week, Jo Lee comes in for a portion of the day. Sometimes the pastors wife and baby drop in, but most of the time, the pastor is in his office and the secretary is just outside the door at her desk. He never closes the door to his office if she has to step in. As time goes on, the pastor finds it helpful to strategize with the secretary. She loves his ideas and is his biggest fan. She has ideas of her own, and she also knows a lot about the people in the church. The sleepy church needs help and this is the time it could happen—finally.

She also admires her pastor. Secretly she wishes her husband was such a man.

pastor secretary relationship

Her husband claims to be a Christian and attends the church, but seems totally uninterested in what drives her life. One day, Jo Lee shares a bit more intimately with her pastor. He suggests several things. Some Scripture is read together. They even pray together. It blindsided each of them. It was obvious that affection was building between them and it could only lead to trouble.

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Wisely, she decides to leave the job. Nobody knows that emotional affection was shared for a short time. There are awkward moments when they see each other, but the pastor soon leaves it all behind him.

He looks for another secretary—one much older, less attractive. And on it goes. But what if it had been different? What if the pastor had chosen a young Christian man in the nearby college to be his assistant?

pastor secretary relationship

What if a man who works nights at the plant and dreams of ministry himself would become his helper? What if the pastor requires two such men who can offer enough time to serve in this way?

pastor secretary relationship

A Tribute I have had some exceptional female secretaries, office assistants and helpers throughout my ministry. I owe them a lot. In fact, I knew them and asked them to help because of their integrity. These ladies were pure, kingdom-minded, hard-working, and selfless. They were carefully vetted and recommended for the work we asked them to do.

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And, after marriage, my wife was involved and consulted in hiring them. Although I have chosen male assistants for the last several years, I have been favored by God by the service of these faithful women, both to me and to God.

My aim is not to address the concept of women working. Obviously, there are many cases where this is necessary and many others where it is not. The discussion would be an interesting one, but not the issue concerning me right now.