Pentacles in love relationship questions

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pentacles in love relationship questions

Ace of Swords – Yes. For hearing from someone. Says nothing about the future of the relationship. Ace of Pentacles – Yes to sensual pleasures and exchange of. I agree with all you have said and would add that the 3 of Pentacles is a card that spiritual/esoteric knowledge about a situation (e.g. one's love relationship). To me, seeing a lot of pentacles come up in relationship questions, I would get the feeling of stablilty, just in general. A couple who feels rooted.

Might also indicate that one of the partners is going through a low physical time and the other partner is feeling that strain. In the relationship there is generosity. The sort of relationship where one partner maybe both likes spoiling the other with lavish gifts.

This is a time of waiting. Perhaps trying for or waiting for a kid or a new home. The pair want to move on or up--but it's taking time and impatience may strain the relationship.

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This could indicate a new start for the pair--a card one might get from a man or woman who has divorsed or been widowed and is starting over again; or a couple who had their home and kids and such--and now the kids are gone and they want to do something different. They're trying their hand at something new, a new line of work, a new home, a new way to relate. Could indicate a retired couple, or one who is happy living on the comfortable but modest income that they have thanks to the money they made in good times.

A physical relationship where the two give each other back rubs, work out in the garden, take nature walks. A couple who have achieved all they ever worked for--home, family, wealth--enough so that they can spread it wider; create a fund for the college education of grand kids or put a wing on a hospital.

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Messages are physical--"Action speaks louder than words"--this page would never say, or write when he could DO. He's the boy with a paper route, the kid willing to do chores for extra money that he can put in his piggy bank.

He builds his own clubhouse. As said, he does want things a certain way--overly organized. In a relationship, could indicate too much of a focus on work or health. A woman with taste. Appreciation for beautiful things--with a wisdom for investment and earning money. This is a woman who's not afraid to spend as well as save. Knows how to create a beautiful home--and knows how to dress and look conservatively rich herself.

I drew the Six of Swords reversed. Love has taken me to hell and back. Love has thrown me for a loop. Love has led me to great confusion and powerful insights alike.

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Love has asked me to go beyond the peripheries of my own awareness and consider the greater linking of all things. Love is taking me for a ride, and that ride is called life. How has my understanding of love evolved? I drew the Nine of Wands reversed.

Without realizing it, I used to approach love with great caution. And so I showed up in measured ways, cautiously assessing the situation. Instead of letting myself tune into my true self and softly unfold, I approached love with calculated strategy.

Pentacles in relationship questions

Now, my understanding has evolved. Love is not about avoiding parts of myself. Love is not about presenting a facade. Love is not about carefully measuring out how much of ME to bring to the table. Instead, love is about liberation. Love is about expression. Love is about being who I am, being open and curious about who others are, and leaving room for things to continuously expand and evolve.

pentacles in love relationship questions

What masks look like love — in other words, what might be mistaken for love? I drew the reversed Ten of Cups. Love wears the masks that society has placed upon it. Society says that love is about marriage, children, white picket fences. And of course, sometimes love is vibrantly held within these definitions. But these things do not always reflect love. Love goes beyond definitions and structures.

Love is boundless, showing up in all sorts of ways, moving to its own rhymes. What unconscious emotions can love evoke? I drew the Nine of Cups reversed. Love can lead me to a more direct understanding of what I really want. Love asks me to sit with what I think I want and see how that lines up with what actually makes me happy. Love asks me to consider what I thought would bring me fulfillment verses what actually DOES bring me fulfillment.

In this way, love is a teacher that brings me into a more refined and nuanced understanding of the emotions lurking beyond my surface. I drew the Eight of Pentacles. By engaging in the activities I really care about. By working on my business. By keeping the promises I make to myself. I can show myself love through my direct actions, by approaching these things with not a sense of duty but a sense of devotion. I drew the Ace of Pentacles reversed. Sometimes it feels awkward to reach out to others.

I do often fall into the trap of wishing someone else would take the initiative. It can make me uncomfortable for me to take the first step, to set the plans, to be proactive. But by being willing to be the instigator, by showing a concrete commitment to keep up connections, I can bring more consciousness to my love for others. What beliefs about love should I re-evaluate?

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I drew the Nine of Pentacles. In fact, I often learn more about love from those who challenge me as described with the Five of Wands. I can reevaluate any notions that love is supposed to keep me safely grounded in my comfort zone. How can I align more authentically with love? I drew the Knight of Pentacles reversed.

pentacles in love relationship questions