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It put a serious strain on their relationship and on the movies themselves. is no mention of the prison term he was sentenced to at the end of the original movie. The story was "rebooted" as The Pink Panther () and The Pink Panther 2. Cato and Clouseau have a love-hate relationship, with their fights being long At the very end of the film, Cato attacks them again, and the three fall into a fountain. In "The Pink Panther Strikes Again", Clouseau comes home and practically. Trail of the Pink Panther () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Actually, they (barely) manage to make a plot of some kind for about the first half of the movie. . lee_eisenberg12 February . films shown as the characters who knew Clouseau from the old films narrate about their relationships with him.

However, despite Ponton's insistence that she is most likely a suspect because Gluant cheated on her, Clouseau decides Xania is innocent.

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While in New York, Clouseau and Ponton eat hamburgers, and Clouseau discovers his love for the sandwich, which he had assumed to be nothing more than "disgusting American food". Meanwhile, because the poison that killed Gluant was derived from Chinese herbs, Dreyfus concludes that the killer is a Chinese envoy named Dr.

The bag sets off the metal detector at security control, causing the guards to be suspicious of Clouseau who is eventually arrested because of his inability to pronounce "hamburger" correctly he tried to smuggle some for the flight home due to his personal dislike of in-flight meals.

Upon his return to France, the press vilifies him and Dreyfus strips him of his rank of Inspector. Dreyfus now plots to publicly arrest Dr.

pink panther 2006 ending relationship

Pang at the Presidential Ball, where Xania will also be performing. Clouseau returns home and happens to see an article about his arrest online. He deduces from the photograph in it that Gluant and Bizu's assassin will target Xania next, and he phones Ponton and Nicole.

While Dreyfus publicly arrests Dr.

pink panther 2006 ending relationship

Pang for Gluant's murder, Clouseau and Ponton save Xania's life by capturing her would-be assassin, Yuri, the trainer of the football team. Jealous of Gluant and believing he should've taken credit for the football team's success instead of Gluant, Yuri used his knowledge of Chinese herbs, mandated by a soccer statute, to kill him.

After overhearing Yuri's rants, Bizu blackmailed him, so Yuri killed Bizu using Russian military tactics to target the latter's occipital lobe. Yuri targeted Xania because she ignored him while she dated Gluant. Clouseau reveals the Pink Panther was not stolen but instead sewn into the lining of Xania's purse.

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He discovered this after the photograph of his arrest also showed an X-ray of the purse going through airport security. Xania confessed that she received it from Gluant as an engagement ring — he had whispered his proposal to her prior to the football match — but she hid this fact because she thought it could implicate her as the killer. Clouseau concludes that Xania is the ring's rightful owner, while Yuri is taken into custody.

So, to remember the beloved bumbling inspector, here are 12 facts about the film. When Blake Edwards and co-writer Maurice Richlin first conceived the idea for The Pink Panther, it was a story "about a detective who is trying to catch a jewel thief who is having an affair with his wife.

pink panther 2006 ending relationship

When Gardner backed out of the film over disagreements with the producers, Ustinov followed. With only weeks to go until filming, Capucine replaced Gardner, and Sellers replaced Ustinov. Sellers, naturally a somewhat pudgy man, wanted to be in better shape for the film, in part because he wanted to rival the movie star looks of co-star Robert Wagner.

Sellers, who got his start in radio, was more of a verbal comedian than a physical one, but hoped to add slapstick to his arsenal as Clouseau.

Cardinale was a major Italian star at the time, but her English was not great. So her voice was replaced by that of Canadian actress Gale Garnett.

pink panther 2006 ending relationship

For the scene in which he skis alongside Princess Dala, Niven took a day to practice on the slopes, wearing the costume prepared for him. For the scene in which Simone Clouseau and George Lytton are in a bubble bath together, an industrial agent was used to make the tub extra foamy.