Price to value relationship

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price to value relationship

Oct 7, People don't want cheap. They want value. People don't really want things that rust, break, are inconvenient or difficult to understand. The following pages more fully discuss the issues of cost, price and value. . of customization the stronger the relationship between perceived value and price. It is difficult to pinpoint a specific numeric value of a "good" price-to-book (P/B) ratio when determining if a stock is undervalued and therefore a.

A customer only cares about how much value it receives from the service.

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Video of the Day Brought to you by Techwalla Brought to you by Techwalla Relationship The two different pricing strategies are completely unrelated because they are based on two different variables. Sometimes they can lead to similar prices but more often than not, they will be different.

price to value relationship

The cost-of-service pricing is a lot easier to figure out because all a company needs to know is the cost of the service and the markup they want on the service. Tips It is best to use a combination of tools and strategies to price your product. You have to see the environment you are in.

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Just basing your strategy on one concept may drive you out of business. If you are in a very competitive environment, it might not make any sense to do value-of-service pricing. Doing cost-of-service pricing does not make much sense in any environment because it doesn't matter to anyone what the cost of your service is.

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The Most Important Thing Is … The Relationship Between Price and Value

Reliability-The product performs consistently. Durability-When the product is being used it has to last under the conditions of normal use. Serviceability-The product is easy to maintain or repair either by the consumer or by providing a warranty which says the company will provide repairs.

price to value relationship

Aesthetics-This is important to consumers, products have to look good, and this contributes to a brand equity and identity. The customer has to have positive feelings about the product, the company, the brand name and the employees. Services Responsiveness-Services are performed in a prompt manner.

Most Important Thing Is … The Relationship Between Price and Value - Columbia Scholarship

Reliability-The service is performed right, the first time, and all subsequent times. Assurance-Knowledgeable and friendly employees are essential as customers will equate employees behavior with the entire company.

Customers expect technical competence and professionalism from salespeople. Empathy-Providing individualized attention to customers will make them feel special and keep them coming back.

price to value relationship

Tangibles-Some services provide physical evidence that they occurred, for example a restaurant cooks service and provides the food product.