Prison school mari relationship

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prison school mari relationship

Prison School is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Hiramoto. . In middle school, Mari helped Meiko stand up for herself when she was. Awesome Art: One of Prison School's highlights is Kate, Mari's arch-nemesis for the position of Student Council President and eventually becomes her chief. Even though I ship Kiyoshi and Mari, I see Kiyoshi x Hana as most likely to Because their relationship was not main focus in the entire + Chapters. b) Hana had the central positon in Kiyoshi's life in Prison School.

prison school mari relationship

Hope you like it. This is a rating T story. The Future 20 years have passed since our beloved heroes graduated high school. Hana and Kiyoshi got married when they became 20 and now have two kids. A 16 years old Toshiro who has blond hair, blue eyes and trains karate just like his mom. At the moment he owns a second degree black belt.

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They also have a 14 years old daughter Mitsuko. She has her father's dark blue hair and his blue eyes but she has her mother's character. Like her brother and mom she trains karate. She owns a third degree black belt. Kiyoshi and Hana both have a university degree. And are now working in the Hachimitsu Academy which is now a mixed school. Kiyoshi is the headmaster while Hana his vice. Two of their close friend Tekehito Morokuzu also known as Gakuto and Meiko Shiraki also work at the school.

Gakuto is the History teacher while Meiko teaches Home Ec.

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Their other friends are also happy. Mari became the headmistress of some all girls school. Shingo develops games for Nintendo. At the time Kiyoshi was standing at his window with binoculars in his hands looking at something.

Hana just sight and walk up to him. She the motion at him with her hand to give her the binoculars. He did so and then move to stand behind her. He is acting very gentleman like. Although her motivation was wrong, her actions weren't really any worse off than what Mari did during the boys' imprisonment — it's karma for the USC. Hence she was the main antagonist only because she happened to be in a personal feud with Mari AND happened to replace the USC's previous Wet T-shirt contest with a clamming event.

prison school mari relationship

Draco in Leather Pants: She is violent to the main characters, her interactions with Kiyoshi made her look insane in a childish way, and takes an antagonistic role in both the first and last story arcs.

Yet it is exactly her interactions with Kiyoshi that the fandom found her to be the most entertaining character in the series and most of them shipped her with Kiyoshi. Many had even believed that Hana's eventual crush on Kiyoshi was "authentic love", disregarding the many times Hana had clearly and selfishly disregarded Kiyoshi's feelings and thoughts throughout the entire series.

Hana is far and away the most popular character within the western fandom. Despite firmly being a supporting character throughout the first three story arcs and being far less prominent than both Mari and Meiko, she has topped every western popularity poll by a sizable margin. Her massive popularity was mostly due to her comedic entanglements with the main character Kiyoshi and to some extent her popular Anime VA Kana Hanazawa.

The Chairman for most of the series only appears in a few chapters, usually for a few pages. However, the chapter where he has Kiyoshi explain why butts are better that breasts turned into a fairly popular meme that got a lot of people who didn't even read the series familiar with him.

Kiyoshi has made it clear on multiple occasions that his feelings are for Chiyo. Despite this a lot of fans would rather see him end up with Hana instead. This is mainly due to Chiyo coming across as a generic Nice Girl to a lot of readers, her and Kiyoshi's relationship not being fleshed out until well into the series and some of the most memorable and hilarious scenes in the series occurring whenever Kiyoshi and Hana are alone.

Gakuto has gotten this with Kiyoshi and Joe. The first arc is pretty unanimously agreed to be the best, with its Great Escape plot making the best use of the series' strengths. In comparison the others that followed it all contained some amount of Base-Breaking content that caused a divide in the fanbase. There had been some backlash towards the writer of the English dub when he inserted a bit of Author Tractand his reaction towards criticism was to make inflammatory comments on Twitter.

Funimation's non-commited response to the controversy didn't exactly help either. However, the backlash was enough for Funimation to change the dialogue in question for the DVD release.

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Meiko under Kate's leadership. Her vigilante organisation, the USC, polices the traditional school rules of the private school above its own policies of not speaking or entering into illicit relations with the boys. Thus, she clashes with her father, the Chairmanwho supports male enrollment at the school and engages in an ass-fetish.

When the boys intrude into a female-only bathing area, she rounds them up and incarcerates them in the Prison Block. There she co-ordinates the guard system, the security and their punishment hard labor for one month.

prison school mari relationship

Mari continually increases the harshness of her punishments when she accidentally stumbles onto her father's pornography stash and online videos in his office.

When Mari discovered that Kiyoshi Fujino escaped prison just so that he can have a date with her sister Chiyo Kuriharashe tried to make Kiyoshi sign the school withdrawal form in lieu of one month extension of his prison sentence, but failed. The celebration proved to be premature when Mari found out that the Chairman gave the boys one-day extension to their imminent expulsion.

prison school mari relationship

Angered, Mari delegated Hana and Meiko with the task of stepping up the security on that final night to prevent the boys from doing anything that can help overturn the expulsions, and also participated in the monitoring herself. The boys successfully exposed the conspiracy in front of the Chairman, forcing Mari to admit her role in it.

Kiyoshi Fujino

The Chairman placed Mari and the USC on house arrest, subsequently agreeing with the Aboveground Student Council's proposal for a one-week imprisonment of the USC for their mistreatment of the prisoners. The ASC President Kate Takenomiyawho held a grudge against Mari ever since middle school, plotted to take everything away from Mari as part of her revenge and power-grabbing attempts.

True enough, Kate began a smear campaign against the USC, framed Meiko for starting a massive fire, extended both Mari and Meiko's prison sentence by another week, and announced her intent to permanently disband the USC. Kate also sent Kiyoshi to prison, where she manipulated Mari and Kiyoshi into compromising positions, giving her blackmail material.

Through this leverage, Kate used the blackmail material to force Mari into a final cavalry battle, facing the ASC. With the school's Sports Festival the next morning, Mari faced the prospect of losing the USC as the defeated Student Council cavalry team would be disbanded permanently. Believing the blackmail material will be a disadvantage against the USC no matter what, Mari sought Kiyoshi and the boys' help to come up with her own escape plan.