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quinn rachel relationship glee wiki

The third season of the musical comedy-drama television series Glee was commissioned on At the end of the season, eight members of the glee club graduate: Rachel, Mike, Quinn, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Santana and Puck. .. Their relationship was compared to Cuba Gooding Jr. and his wife in Jerry Maguire, as he. The Mercedes-Rachel Relationship, commonly known as Rachcedes, Merchel, The next day, Mercedes and Quinn tell the Glee Club, proving that Rachel told. The Puck-Rachel Relationship, most commonly known as Puckleberry, is the when she realizes she still has feelings for Finn and Puck has feelings for Quinn.

Though they are not together, Puck is seen to believe he and Rachel have a strong connection, saying that they are both "hot Jews. In Mash-Uphe has a dream about her and realizes that they are both "hot Jews" and should start dating to make his mother happy. He asks her out and the two begin a short-lived relationship.

The relationship ends, however, when Rachel breaks up with him when she realizes she still has feelings for Finn and Puck has feelings for Quinn. However, in Bad ReputationRachel still harbors feelings for Puck, even stating she is "turned on" by his "bad boy" image. Later in Special Educationshe makes out with Puck to level the playing field when she discovers the scandal between Finn and Santana.

Puck also sticks up for Rachel when he can, like when Santana claims that no one likes Rachel and that she is only put up with because of her voice. He states that he likes Rachel, though its unknown if it is meant as friends or romantically.

Episodes After Artie says that they need Rachel back in the club, Puck is the only one to agree with him and says that she can sing.

The Rhodes Not Taken Puck getting slushied Puck pursues Rachel after he has a dream about her that makes him realize she was a "hot Jew" and that "the good lord wanted [him] to get in her pants".

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The two are seen sitting next to each other during Bust a Move and later make out while working on mash up ideas together.

Puck then sings Sweet Caroline to Rachel, in front of the Glee Club in order to prove that he can handle her personality. Later, Puck gets slushied and Rachel helps him to wash it out of his hair, after which he apologizes for throwing slushies at her. By the end of the episode, Rachel ends the relationship due to the fact that they both have feelings for other people, Rachel for Finn and Puck for Quinn, respectively though both seem to be upset by the break up.

Rachel imagines Finn when they kissed. When they break up, Puck tells Rachel he was turned off that he wouldn't let her get to second base and complains, "How am I supposed to build a rep when I can't even hold on to a chick like you?

Mash-Up They shake hands after Puck hands Mr. Schue the money for their bus to Sectionals. This is proof that they have become friends after their break-up. Puck also moved the Glist off of Rachel's locker so she wouldn't see it, saying he was being a man. Puck also confided to Rachel about him wanting to be good and Rachel did the same. The Run Joey Run music video may have had three leading men, but it was obvious that Puck had the longest screen time out of the three of them.

quinn rachel relationship glee wiki

Rachel uses Puck to boost her reputation as a bad girl. She did this to make her reputation, as a bad girl more visible to everyone and get higher on the Glist.

quinn rachel relationship glee wiki

In addition, while talking about the Run Joey Run music video, Puck asked Rachel if he will have the chance to kill her in the video. Hold on to Sixteen Mercedes, along with Kurt, has a sleepover at Rachel's house where they are seen to be sharing popcorn.

Rachel reveals that she is engaged to Finn. To this, Mercedes questions her sanity, wondering why she had accepted the proposal. During the performance, Mercedes places her hand around Rachel's arms. Mercedes and the rest of the Glee Club members are shocked, when Rachel and Finn announce their marriage earlier in the episode. Heart They were hugging and holding hands in several scenes, as graduation nears.

Rachel later hugs Mercedes during Roots Before Branches. She only hugs Mercedes, Kurt and Will, suggesting they are the three people she is closest to aside from Finn.

This is the last time Mercedes is seen in Season Three. Goodbye Mercedes welcomes Kurt and Rachel back for the school musical. Mercedes welcomes them Rachel and Kurt back to McKinley. She says that it's good for them to come and that the kids are ready to bring the house down. Mercedes also mentioned about her busy UCLA schedules and her back-up vocals.

She invites both Rachel and Kurt to come and say hello to the cast. She then brings them to the stage with Kurt seeing Blaine, and Rachel seeing Finn, which is probably a tight spot for both. Mercedes notices the tension and leaves giving an excuse that she'll walk the kids through their warm-up. Glease They both come back for Will and Emma wedding. Rachel is seen provide back-up for Mercedes' song during the wedding.

She later tells Kurt about it. The Quarterback As Mercedes and Rachel return to Lima after Glee club is disbanded, both ladies seem taken aback at the lack of fan fair in their honor given their recent success-Rachel with Funny Girl and Mercedes with her upcoming album.

Several members of New Directions do congratulate each girl on their respective accomplishments, particularly Tina for Rachel and Unique for Mercedes. It becomes clear however that being in Lima has triggered some old rivalry feelings in both of them and during Brittany's Fondue For Two segment they decide to perform Defying Gravity as a "Diva-off.

However, after Santana 's rant to Rachel leaves her in tears, Mercedes and Rachel talk and then mutually decide that they should not be making New Directions vote on something so narcissistic. Will informs the girls that the rest of the group had voted already and the vote was tied, as they are both equally talented. Mercedes and Rachel seem pleased with the result. Rachel then "helps" Mercedes moving into her own apartment, saying she is excited to have her here in New York before she runs off to her Funny Girl rehearsal.

They are seen hugging, when Mercedes enters to hospital to see what happened with Kurt. Later, when Mercedes and Sam say that they are a couple, Rachel seems to be sad. Probably because she still thinks about Finn.

Bash Gal pals have a chit chat Mercedes is considering having sex with Sam, which would be her "first time" and seeks Rachel's advice. Mercedes expresses that she is not sure if she is ready to have sex and is concerned about her lack of experience since Sam is obviously not a virgin. Rachel reassures Mercedes that when and if the time is right for her to have sex, she will know and that Sam will make her feel as if she is the only one.

Later, after Mercedes has told Sam she needs to wait until she is married to have sex, Mercedes and Rachel are hanging out at the Bushwick apartment. Mercedes thanks Rachel for her advice regarding the "first time" talk. Rachel mentions that Sam is a great guy and is clearly totally in love with Mercedes. Rachel says there was a time when she thought she might like him, but felt it was just because she was missing home and he was close to Finn. Mercedes asks Rachel if any guys in NY have captured her interest.

Rachel says that her heart is "closed for business" and that she is not ready to date. Mercedes gently reminds her that while she doesn't necessarily have to fall in love or seek a serious relationship, it is okay to go on a date every once in awhile. Rachel agrees and says that eventually she will, she's just not ready right now.

Rachel and Mercedes both agree that it is nice having each other to lean on. Tested When Rachel freaks out about "internet trolls" and various online negative comments just before her opening night of Funny Girl, Mercedes is one of Rachel's friends that is there to support her. Later, Mercedes attends Rachel's opening night which goes very well and Rachel, Mercedes, Blaine, Kurt, Santana and Sam decide to go out and celebrate.

They go to a gay bar and sing Pumpin Blood and dance the entire night away. When they arrive home, it is discovered that Sue has brought home her date Mario to stay the night much to the disgust of Mercedes and Rachel and the rest of the group.

Rachel lays into Sue for leaving in the middle of her play as well as all the times in the past when Sue made the glee kids feel inferior to other kids in the school.

Mercedes and the gang approve of Rachel's rant. With Funny Girl reviews coming out, Rachel and Mercedes and the rest of the group venture out to get one of the first newspapers. Rachel is too nervous to read the review, so her friends, including Mercedes, read the review out loud for her. Much to Rachel's joy, the review is very positive and her friends, including Mercedes, share in her happiness.

She talks about how much Quinn has lost and blames it on the Glee Club. She invites Quinn into participating in her documentary about how show choirs ruin children's lifes. I Am Unicorn Sue calls Quinn into her office, to ask her for suggestions to get rid of her morning sickness caused by her pregnancy. Quinn tells her of her own experience, but Sue doesn't seem impressed by the suggestions.


Quinn asks Sue if she can rejoin the cheerios, since she wants to end her last high school year with things she loved. However, Sue declines, because she is convinced other Cheerios worked harder to stay in the team in the last month. After the New Directions' performance at regionals, Sue calls Quinn into her office a second time and says how impressed she is with Quinn and that's why she has decided to let her rejoin the Cheerios. Quinn gladly accepts the Cheerio's uniform and promises not to let Sue down.

On My Way Quinn decides to pay Sue a visit in her office, since she's in her last days and going to leave the school soon. Quinn tries to return her cheerio uniform, but Sue tells her she can keep it. Sue starts talking about how Quinn reminded her of a young Sue in the beginning, but soon turned out to be even better. Both of them seem to be very upset and shed a few tears. They share an emotional hug and say they are going to miss each-other, once Quinn headed to college in Yale.

Goodbye When talking to Kurt, Sue refers to Kitty as the new Quinn, by saying that "She's like a young Quinn Fabray, except she's not pregnant, manic depressive, or in and out of a wheelchair. She says that she erected Finn's memorial tree in the exact spot she first caught Quinn and Finn "fondling each other's breasts".

Quinn and Tina go to Sue, to talk about this. Later on; Sue, Quinn, Tina and Roz confront Darrell, asking a number of questions about how he's treating Becky, asking if he's been having sex with her. After Darrell states how their not letting Becky life her life, and leaves, they look taken back. Quinn is one of the two students to be called "a young Sue Sylvester", the other one being Bree.

ShowmanceGoodbye Both of them became pregnant throughout the show.