Rangiku matsumoto relationship help

Why Hitsugaya and Matsumoto make a good team

rangiku matsumoto relationship help

Hitsugaya Toshirou- The relationship Rangiku has with Toshirou is a very Matsumoto is always there for Hitsugaya, always willing to help him no matter how. With regards to Gin and Rangiku's relationship, the anime does not significantly deviate from the manga. I do not recall all the details of every. And how does it relate to Gin's relationship with Matsumoto? Rangiku was in love with him but she never understood why he did what he did.

But then I was like - hey! And then I felt better. Um, neither do you. Matsumoto acts lazy, but she gets serious when she needs to. Plus, although Matsumoto might slack off when it comes to things like paperwork, she can definitely get serious when she needs to.

I fought three times as many people as you did, Captain! Mine was an espada!! And Hitsugaya, in turn, may act like a continuous grumpy-pants, but he actually does care deeply for Matsumoto. Halibel even comments on how distracted he seems once Matsumoto is in danger.

If you profess your love now, the rest of the list will be awkward!

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They both lost someone to Aizen. Matsumoto, of course, lost her friend Gin to Aizen - as far as she knew for nearly the entirety of Bleach, Gin left her because he threw in his lot with Aizen. They both come from the Rukongai.

rangiku matsumoto relationship help

They both come from the same place, which I imagine helps their relationship on some level. Well, I dunno about this one.

rangiku matsumoto relationship help

We also did fine with Captain Shiba, and he was a noble. They divide up work well when they need to.

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Whenever we see Hitsugaya and Matsumoto fight together, they always divide up the opponents and fight separately. They can each hold their own on the battlefield, and they both depend on the other to do so. Although I win slightly more often when we fight together.

In fake Karakura Town against Halibel and company, we both lost. Hitsugaya likes being angry. Crushed that her only friend was gone but happy he managed to find a path in life, she began to work even harder at the mines there before finding a dull gray mana crystal during her shift. Keeping the unusual crystal with her as a good luck charm, Rangiku saved up enough money to open her own tavern in town. Life for the next several years were brutally uneventful until one day an old and weary shaman from Vohemar wandered into her establishment.

The old man had a long white beard and thick bushy white eyebrows to match; he wore a tattered black and white kimono that reminded Rangiku of the kind of dress depicted in samurai novels.

rangiku matsumoto relationship help

Offering her home to the shaman for him to rest, the old man agreed but told her he would repay her kindness once he reaches Solare. For several days, the old shaman stayed in her home and Rangiku felt as if she had another person worthy enough to call a 'friend' but soon the old man vanished without a trace.

Noticing that the gray mana crystal she had was also gone, the blonde assumed that the old bastard stole it while she wasn't paying attention. It was not until a year after their fated meeting that she received a heavy package in the mail. Within the box laid a bright red-sheathed blade in the middle of a pool of expensive fine silks. The bronze guard was in the shape of a feline's head and the long hilt was laced with pink and white.

Picking up the blade for the first time by its hilt, Rangiku heard a whisper from her soul command her to name this blade 'Haineko'. The gray mana crystal she thought she lost was forged to become this sword's steel by the old man she once cursed in betrayal and rage. Learning more about magic and mana crystals on her own, Rangiku ran across another traveler, this time a young boy from Kropmork-Nahk.

Taking a slightly motherly yet sisterly role with the young traveler, she taught this boy the basics about magic and taught him how to channel his soul within the Zanpakutou he owned. The two of them learned together how to master their blades but eventually parted ways once the young boy defeated her in combat.

With his skills surpassing his supposed Master for the last two-years, Toshirou Hitsugaya wandered off on his own to seek a new teacher in hopes of further developing his skills.

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Left alone again in this dusty town, Rangiku decided to take all her money hit the road. Like Gin and Toshirou, she left to find her own path in life with that precious blade by her side being the only companion she ever needs Its almost as if they are 'brother and sister' but at times it seems as if they are more like 'boss and employee' rather than just friends. The two of them do not have a romantic bond between them but they are more like soulmates of a different sense of the word.

Matsumoto is always there for Hitsugaya, always willing to help him no matter how many times he may fuss with her. The two of them are just inseperatable.

rangiku matsumoto relationship help

Gin Ichimaru - This relationship she has with Ichimaru is more complex than the one she has with Toshirou. They are childhood friends for the most part, the both of them relying on each other to survive during their youth.

rangiku matsumoto relationship help

Gin is perhaps the only person who knows Rangiku inside and out. They are not boyfriend and girlfriend but they do have a rather intimate relationship despite the fact the both of them have secrets they keep from each other.