Reassess relationship marketing

reassess relationship marketing

I recently reread a great article on customer relationships, written by Andrew Marriages — Adobe and its marketing solutions are great examples. into account, but also reassess the relationship as a whole quite often. Many factors affect a B2B marketing strategy, but these 5 best practices can be applied Create a strategy that builds customer relationships Remember, people are always changing, so always reassess your personas and. Given this base, key elements of relationship marketing (trust and commitment) this finding, firms should reassess the fairness and appropri- ateness of.

Do they take action after reading it and, if so, how frequently or consistently?

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Examining your click-thru rates can provide insight into the performance of your emails, landing pages and other communication pieces, and help you determine what to replicate and what changes to make in future campaigns.

In addition, be sure to review your social networks for engagement indicators such as likes, shares, reposts and comments.

reassess relationship marketing

Include at least one call to action on every web page, email, print piece or any other channels that provide a conversion opportunity. Consider moving the location or format of your calls to action, or the actual wording. Consumption Metrics How frequently are readers consuming your content and what channels are they using?

reassess relationship marketing

Are customers and prospects filling out forms and downloading assets, like e-brochures and white papers? For instance, use a tool like Google Analytics to look at page views, unique visitors and average time spent on your website. Set goals for conversions from email subscriptions or form fills and examine which landing pages on your site are driving the most conversions. If so, consider investing more time and resources on those channels and less on the lower performing ones.

Carefully examine the marketing pieces that resonate most with your customers and prospects, and look for commonalities — such as topic, format, images or tone. Use this information to adjust and refine your strategy accordingly.

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Look at subscribe and opt-outs rates, the number of returning visitors to your website or blog, as well as the number of social media followers. Cost Metrics These help you calculate a return on investment for your marketing. How much does it cost to produce an email or direct mail campaign, a blog post or a monthly newsletter?

How much time does it take?

  • Is it time to reassess your financial marketing metrics?

Checklists, self-assessments, and graphical frameworks deliver pragmatic value for the practicing manager. William Band Forrester Research, Inc. Cambridge, MA A very comprehensive and practical book on managing relationships with existing customers in the age of social media!

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I particularly enjoyed reading chapters on teaching customers new behaviors which were illustrated by excellent case studies. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing Emory University Atlanta, GA The strategic breadth and depth of this book is impressive as Gordon explores the new customer and how to plan and manage the new customer relationship. I found his review of strategies, techniques and technologies for social, mobile, mass customization and customer analytics to be particularly insightful.

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Gordon urges marketers to live and breathe one through one marketing and mastering social engagement techniques. The checklists, cases and examples make the content grounded and actionable.

reassess relationship marketing

This is an important, current and detailed book to which every organization should pay close attention to improve customer relationships and create shareholder value.

He considers CRM strategy and evolves it to recognize a new customer, one who is always connected, socially available and influential. It integrates technology with strategy, people, process and customer analytics to develop relationships continuously. This book is a broad and deep exploration of CRM, providing practical, fact-based perspectives that every company can use to validate and rethink their customer and stakeholder relationships. The new rules of customer relationship management require that companies use new thinking and apply new technologies to engage with customers, keep in contact and build relationships that matter.

Gordon shows how companies can innovate strategy and integrate technology, people and process to interact and collaborate with customers and achieve improved business results.

reassess relationship marketing

This book is at the cutting edge of CRM and is a must-read for any organization that wants to assess and improve its customer relationships. Peter Bergmann BMW AG Munich, Germany Gordon speaks to the heart of a most important strategic issue for our company as we develop on-going relationships with customers in a subscription-based pricing model rather than selling software transactions repeatedly.

Managing the New Customer Relationship

Gordon observes the changing nature of the customer and customer relationship, and describes with great insight how to interact with every customer to create mutually beneficial value.

It has never been easier to start a business yet never has it been harder to build a successful company.

reassess relationship marketing

Gordon understands that customers are bombarded with choice and provides very current and powerful methods for any firm to build relevance and preference, and develop relationships that can lead to lasting success.