Relationship goals tumblr dirty harry

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relationship goals tumblr dirty harry

15 Hilariously Inappropriate Harry Potter Tumblr Posts That Will Actually Make You LOL You can interpret this joke in a dirty way, but I'll stand by my We all know that James and Lily were #RelationshipGoals (well, except. Hufflepuff:Relationship goals- A relationship No kissing or holding hands, no sappy words, no dirty talking. Just the two of HARRY: Draco, it's not that bad. They Compliment Your Relationship Harry: “You've done a good job, you know? the pots and pans clean before having to bring in all of dirty plates into the kitchen. . 'Zayn and (Y/N)'s relationship is so perfect #goals' You had to admit you enjoyed when . See preferences1-d's whole Tumblr Show more.

We really wanted to do something special for you all because this group is so important to us. You shake your head as Ernie crawls into your lap.

She has a point of course. The family had just added two more, so why was she in such a hurry for more? You supposed that was an acceptable explanation, yet she would still catch you off guard every time she brought it up. You let Louis handle the responses to her for now, still not knowing exactly how to react. You hoped it would get better but so far it seemed very stagnant. But what were you supposed to do?

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Were you not happy? How could you not be happy surrounded by his loving family at Christmas time with his mom saying she loves the two of you so much she wants you to give her grandchildren?

It is just best to sit here and love on Ernie, hoping that one day when you and Louis have ones of your own the situation will be happier, because you have no plans of leaving. It was a nice gesture you supposed; you were still trying to figure out how they had figured out Zayn was the one that put together your birthday party last night.

It had been the time of your life. Everything was perfect, except for the fact that it was missing one special person.

relationship goals tumblr dirty harry

He was in New York right up until Christmas so you had to do this one on your own. He had been gone so much after the tour had ended, where did he even find the time? Regardless of when he found the time, he had. And the outcome was greater than anything you had ever expected.

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You had planned on going out with a few friends last night for dinner and then coming home to Skype him before it got too late. You had gotten on to see the pictures they had gathered up from last night and were pleasantly surprised to be greeted with their positive comments on your timeline. I dreamed about us being in love, about us kissing gently by softly nibbling on the bottom lip before soothing it with pecks.

I dreamed about getting carried away, about having sex with her — even though I promised myself to never have sex before marriage.

Because of my religion did I keep myself from having sex before marriage with a potential partner. The dream ignited something within me. I just never really took it seriously.

But once I opened my eyes that next morning and found her still lying next to me, asleep like the little angel she is, I saw her through different eyes.

relationship goals tumblr dirty harry

It was out of the blue, yet did I somehow expect it to happen to me. It crossed my mind. She and I have been together as friends for so long that we know each other better than our own family. And maybe that was an advantage. My feelings never made a bell ring in her head - I bet she thought I was joking around. She even came to me to tell me about this boy she met at school during one of her art classes, who seemed to show interest in her.

To hear her talking about him with her cheeks glowing and a smile on her face, as if she was excitement to be in a relationship with someone, made me feel the exact opposite from happy. And being the fool I was, I helped her with connecting her to this guy just like she always helped me chase after the girls.

So, after some tips on how to handle things, we walked to school the next day, which was the day she planned on making a move to try and get to know that boy a little better. As usual, I walked her to her classrooms to make sure she got there on time and completely in one piece. It gave me more time to talk to her, too.

But the thought of her safe comforted my mood and made me feel more concentrated on my own lessons. But the closer I got to the art classroom, the more bothered I began to feel. There was this stress bubbling up in me, which made me feel sick. Maybe it was the fear of losing our friendship. Maybe it was the fear of missing my chance with her to become something more than just friends.

And when I lead her into that room, and saw that boy she had her eyes on, I felt a sudden pang of jealousy, of anger and sickness. I remember how the boy waved at her, indirectly inviting her over to show her the kind of art he made. But I had different plans and grabbed her face into both my hands to pull her to me. Then, for the first time and in front of a lot of people, did I press my lips firmly on hers, kissing her right on her mouth in front of that boy she was interested in.

The kiss lasted for about five seconds until the teacher told us to do that in private. I parted from her, looked her into her eyes once more and then quickly walked to the classroom I had to be in, feeing before she could even say something. I hid in my room while my mother opened the door to let her in, of course completely oblivious to what happened between her and me at school.

It took two kisses to finally make her give into me and to kiss me back, leaving us snogging on the bedroom floor. Kissing her for the first time, while having her to kiss me back, felt amazing, like magic even. We did keep hanging out and shared some kisses, but nothing really changed until some time later. It took us about a week or more to become an official couple. When I took her on our first date, I asked her to be my girlfriend and was fortunate enough to have her to say yes. To my surprise it turned out that she planned on doing the same to avoid getting hurt by some guy who just wanted to get into her pants and nothing more.

Feelings of lust were slowly developing over time, as we grew closer and got to know each other in a whole new way. It was awkward at first to touch each other, but the more we did it, the more normal it became. Besides all the pleasure did we cross some unfortunate things in life, too. It seemed like all those years of being so close and growing closer were vanishing and slipping through our fingers right in front of our eyes. It got worse when One Direction broke through and everyone got to know about the boys and I.

Instantly, I knew she was considering a break-up with me. That night, with my heart thumping in my throat, I fled the city I was in to perform and took the very first plane I could find home. Some suitcases were packed and resting against the wall in the hall of our loft apartment. We talked that night, told each other how much we missed each other and I had my chance again to complain about her cold feet. That night, however, I kept quiet to keep her with me.

Neither one of us left, we were cozy and finally together, even if it were just for a few hours. Every time a Dementor would come near Harry, the poor boy would start feeling sick, and would eventually faint. And literally every time, after he would wake up, Professor Remus Lupin would be there to help him.

And like the awesome person he is, he would give him some food some chocolate, to be more precise, because it helps with the recovery. Well, I have to say, whenever I feel bad, sad, depressed, or simply bored, I eat food as well and most of the time it's chocolate flavored. You know what they say; food heals all wounds.

Or wait, was it time? Nope, it was definitely food. He was praised for his brilliant mind, for his school-administrating abilities, and of course, for his magical abilities. But a lot of Tumblr users think that his logic was kind of weird. Look at the post above — that's just one of the examples how Dumbledore's thinking didn't make much sense. I mean, the Dark Forest often referred to as the Forbidden Forest is one of the most dangerous places in the wizarding world well, at least in Englandand Dumbledore clearly said that it was strictly forbidden for all students to go there.

Seriously, is slow, painful torture and death a part of the detention? But have you ever wondered what Harry would have looked like if Snape had ended up with Lily, and was Harry's father? Well, one Tumblr user did. The photos shown in the post above are from a movie, Victor Frankenstein, which stars Daniel Radcliffe.