Relationship stories in nigeria nigerian

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relationship stories in nigeria nigerian

This is the first time I have a committed relationship with a man, who is 27 years old. Currently, we Love story: Re- she seems not to like my daughter. 25 Aug. story: My name is sophia and I have been married for the past 9 yrs. I'm blessed . U try o and thank u for telling those girls what is marriage. You probably know by now that Nigeria's diverse ethnicity intrigues me. Stories || Heart Breaking Stories of Broken Relationships, Mistrust &.

His husky voice was subdued as he said. How could this guy affect me this way? What my friend Haley told me back in Washington when I had just started working came to my mind. These Naija guys are so smooth, suave and sharp, else in no time they will have you eating outta their palms.

Many of them do that just to get US citizenship. I shook my head lightly to clear my head, dude oozed sensuality.

relationship stories in nigeria nigerian

He drove in silence, nodding to an Eminem song drifting through the speakers. I broke the tense silence between us in the car. I cover mostly music videos and relations companies. Whatever gives me cheese.

You probably sell meth or crack around or on the street. Do you need to pick anything from the mall?


We are already in Garki Central area. It has been so much fun riding with you, thank you so much Muna. He took charge and made sure that the facilities were all working. I looked at him suspiciously as I sank down on the sofa in the room; I blushed again and kicked off my shoes. He glanced at me. I know over there, ladies split bills with guys when they go on a date and are fiercely independent. Here our women let us take care of them, Naija love is different from any other.

This guy made me feel like a woman, pampered and able to exhale. I would love to do all sorts of indecent things to you and make you moan to no end but lady it will be at your time and no pressure, so relax.

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His mention of having me moan endlessly had hit me by surprise. Again I felt the twitch and pull in my belly. I stood up on tiptoe to give him a goodbye hug and he caught me in his arms like a starved man.

I looked up into his eyes, and again that look was there. Fierce desire and confusion, I felt a full blown hard on press on my belly and tried to push away from his embrace but he shook his head, his eyes drawing me in. His voice was like an aphrodisiac. The last thing I want to do is frighten you away or hurt your feelings, but this Oga down here no dey hear word, it has a mind of its own. I searched his face for any hint of an ulterior motive and saw nothing, probably like me he was a victim of our hot emotional and sexual connection.

His acting portfolio consists of over Nollywood movies and several dozen British and Nigerian TV series. In addition to his television and film career, Olu Jacobs also appeared on stage in the early years of his career, both in Great Britain and in Nigeria.

His acting career did not go past the critics unnoticed, which got him several awards and nominations for his lead and supporting roles in Nollywood.

relationship stories in nigeria nigerian

Davido and Sophie Momodu This story began inthe time when a large portion of our readers weren't even born yet. Both recollected that it was love at first sight. Joke Silva recalled that she has heard of Olu Jacobs before their meeting, as he was a very successful and popular UK-based actor at the time.

When Olu Jacobs saw Joke for the first time, he knew instantly that he wanted to marry that woman, which was exactly what he said to her the moment they met.

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Joke said that their relationship prior to the marriage was based on friendship and trust. Un addition, she immensely enjoyed his sense of style and humor. When Olu Jacobs was asked to recall the early days of their relationship, he compared their love story to a novel. Before meeting Joke, he was never in a serious relationship.

But one look at Joke Silva was enough for him to know that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He said on numerous occasions that Joke Silva was the only woman he had eyes for.

Since meeting her, he never looked at another woman in the same way again. After four years of a very beautiful and passionate courtship, the couple got married in Olu Jacobs proposed to Joke Silva on the set of a movie called The Pirate, where he invited her, while she was studying at the London drama school. They had to get through some severe hardships in the 90s, when they could barely afford anything. However, those times only made their love stronger. They supported each other through thick and thin and overcame their difficulties together.

The couple has been together for 32 years, and those years, both say, are the best years of their lives. Even though they have a very significant age difference 19 years is no jokeit never mattered. The kids never stop making their parents happy with their academic achievements. When people started asking questions, Olu Jacobs shut everyone up.

relationship stories in nigeria nigerian

He said that, even though they are happily married and share everything, that did not mean Joke Silva had to be Joke Jacobs. She is an accomplished woman, who many know as Joke Silva, which is why she decided to stick to her name.

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Her last name does not affect the stability of their relationship. Together, they are not only happy, but also successful.

relationship stories in nigeria nigerian

They are in charge of Lufodo Academy, where Olu is the chairman and Joke is the director of studies. Lufodo Academy is an educational institution for aspiring actors.

So what is their secret? How did they manage to stay together for so long and keep the fire of love burning? The veteran celebrity couple shared some tips on how to keep love going. Even though they are both famous, they managed to keep their relationship away from the tabloids. Very little is known about their family matters, and that is how it should be.