Ronaldo messi age difference in a relationship

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ronaldo messi age difference in a relationship

Nov 5, 9, Ronaldo mused about his relationship with the Barcelona icon and BARCELONA, SPAIN - MARCH Lionel Messi of Barcelona takes on Marcelo ( L turning from skinny teenager into a herculean talent for the ages. Oct 6, "Messi and Ronaldo should see their level fall, due to their age, but you have a different idea, in reality he's just like us," he explained. "I hope to be able to form a good relationship with him, because he's a great striker.". Last Clasico without Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo was in December And increasingly they look like coaches from another age, a time It has been suggested that Messi was the difference maker in Pep Guardiola's Barcelona side . tricky relationship with Mourinho blighted his spell at Real Madrid.

ronaldo messi age difference in a relationship

Ronaldo got a full collection of awards from the European championships and received a gold at the end of the Euro Ronaldo in an elite club of players who took the "Golden Ball", won the Champions League and a major tournament with the national team. Individual trophies "Golden Ball" and "Golden Boot": Now they are equal because Ronaldo has won the fourth "Golden Ball" in his collection this year. In the same time period, during the international European cups, the Portuguese scored more than the Argentinean: Both of these players have 4 Golden boot trophies, but Messo has an advantage in the amount of Pichichi Trophies — 4 vs 3.

You can see that the statistic of both footballers is very close. Transfer cost according to Transfermarkt: The difference in age may even play a role. But these numbers are not verified since they are not based not on an actual cost, but on some significant characteristics of the players. But the best performance the athlete will show inwhen he will hit the gates of his opponents for 50 times.

The period from to is considered the best in Lionel Messi's career, as he becomes the world's second player who received four Golden Balls. The achievements of Messi are truly impressive, and the directors even thought about making a new film about the player. In films about the famous footballer were shot in Spain.

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Also the film "Messi" was announced, where his best goals are presented, as well as a story of his success. In"Barcelona" signed a new contract with the famous forward, according to which he will earn 20 million euros a year after taxes, the cooperation will last until The Argentina football national team In the team, Messi did not show impressive results.

Initially, Lionel Messi received an invitation from the Spanish team, but he refused it and since plays for the national team of Argentina. It should be noted that his debut match in the national team against the national team of Hungary was not successful - the player got a red card. He won the tournament, becoming the Olympic champion.

At the World Championship in the national team played in the quarterfinal, where the Germans defeated the Argentineans with a score of 0: Messi was on the verge of getting the most important football trophy on the planet.

869 is the magic number for Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Lionel Messi finished his career in the national team Inin the final of the America's Cup, which was held in the US, the team lost in a penalty shootout with Chile - 2: After the match, he said that he finished his career in the national team.

Footballer explained to the media that playing for "white and blue" the nickname of the national team of Argentina are extremely unsuccessful for him, and he cannot win any significant tournament with his team. Ronaldo Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo: The debate over who is better continues to be argued.

It is difficult to decide the obvious winner in this confrontation. The starting point of the unspoken confrontation between the players is called Then the unspoken competition began between the Argentine and the Portuguese. Messi has already won a prestigious trophy 4 times.

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It would seem that the footballer of "Barcelona" with his perseverance will achieve his goals, leaving the Portuguese behind him, because in recent years, the Argentine has always won the famous vis-a-vis. He was on the covers of the best sports magazines in the world. The Portuguese won two major continental trophies and received the Golden Ball in Many people call such confrontation far-fetched, but still fans continue to create the image of the struggle between football superstars.

They follow Messi and Ronaldo Instagram accounts, as well as other social media. Messi is a genius. This is his best characteristic. He acts like an artist". Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo This opinion is confirmed by f the great football players of the past. Legendary Diego Maradona called Messi his successor: Basically, Neymar either goes past any player he wants to or is fouled by that same player.

ronaldo messi age difference in a relationship

His wondergoal against Villarreal is something few players in the world would attempt, let alone actually pull off and arguably wouldn't have happened if Messi had been on the pitch. Neymar waits up front on the left from a counter attack and has the ball played to him quickly. He heads it on to Suarez, who moves into the channel, freeing up space for Neymar to run into it.

Had Messi been on the pitch, and this is all hypothetical, it is very likely he would be the focus of the attack and would have had the ball knocked to him on the right. Suarez crosses ahead of Neymar into the box, who has the pace to beat the Villarreal back line and control the ball And the flick is incredible.

Had the attack started on the right, Messi wouldn't have tried the flick - he has other all of them ways of going past people, bringing others into play and scoring, hence his label as best in the world, but Neymar makes the truly difficult things seem easy. Because to Neymar they are. Barca passed the ball to Neymar on the left, he used acceleration, pace and an assortment of trickery to get into the box and win two penalties in quick succession. Neymar has all the flair of Ronaldinho at his peak, producing flicks, stepovers and all sorts of bamboozling bits of skill that leave defenders in tangled knots on the floor.

Crucially, whether through growing maturity, practice or guidance from teammates like Messi and Iniesta, he has learned exactly when to use them and when not to. This trick against Rayo Vallecano won Neymar his second penalty of the game to put Barca up.

Four defenders are watching the space Neymar can run into, two are directly in front of him.