Smuggler chapter 1 ending a relationship

smuggler chapter 1 ending a relationship

Chapter 1 is an excellent introduction to this relationship: the two men are not After that incident, Vladek is ready to end his marriage, and he makes Anja promise that The smugglers explain their plan, and the Jews discuss it amongst. MAUS Summary and Analysis of Book II, Chapter 1 Vladek and Mandelbaum run into Abraham, who tells them that the smugglers had forced him to write the letter that Art was born in Sweden after the end of the war, and was therefore The current relationship between Vladek and Art is perpetually. social concern have proved particularly important and arise in all of the chapters: 1. the relationship between the smuggler and smuggled person is one of complicity. Both parties seek the same end – the crossing of a border where both.

Right before the Ch. The apprentice recruitment story arc goes from mid-Ch. BH goes first because they take down Janarus and bring Corellia into the Empire in the first place. In the SW Ch. In the first Agent quest on Corellia, the Agent slices a file; a transmission from the Republic Supreme Commander expressing hope that the first wave of Republic reinforcements, namely, Garza, Havoc Squad and SpecForce, have arrived safely, showing us that the Trooper Corellia questline has begun only recently.

In the transmission, the Supreme Commander makes no mention of the second wave arriving. It can be inferred that they have not arrived yet. Deliver some sensors to a scientist. To make matters worse, you seem to have gained the special attention of one major workaholic customs official that seems to constantly pop up wherever you go.

Luckily, the sergeant that has your next delivery is willing to make a sweet deal. Turns out he knows Risha too! Turns out the core samples were stolen by scavengers during a raid.

smuggler chapter 1 ending a relationship

In fact, that deveronian son of a hutt actually just backstabbed Beryl to steal the core samples — which are really Tarisian relics — and sell them on the Imperial market, instead of selling them to Taris survivor descendants for a modest finder fee.

So a pox on him and back with the core samples so Beryl can tell us where to find our vault. Only there is — say it with me now — a problem.

smuggler chapter 1 ending a relationship

Luckily Risha is prepared. Because Risha is always prepared. This is the perfect chance to kill you and get the map. Not that it happens that way. You kill the goons, grab the map and hop back in the ship on your way to Nar Shadaa. Even Risha gives you props. Nar Shadaa You know, it never occurred to me until this point that despite it being essentially the Hutt capital not many class stories actually deal with the giant slugs themselves.

smuggler chapter 1 ending a relationship

I mean granted a lot of the time you are there for some kind of clandestine operation and getting the authorities if you can call them that would be detrimental to your cause. You never saw me. The reason I bring this up of course is that unlike most class stories the smuggler is dealing with a Hutt directly.

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Well, some of the time. Problem is that the Hutt wanted it as part of a pair — the last male and female of its species — to eat Yes. Running around and trying to track down the Alien Animal Liberation Front to get back the creature they stole so a Hutt can gorge himself on it. Your adventure eventually leads you to a mad scientist who in a delicious bit of irony has the PETA-phile locked up in a cage to experiment on. She apparently wanted to deal with the mad scientist to get the animal off world but instead became a test subject for what I will assume will ultimately be some sort of cyborg human centipede thing.

Imperial Agent Storyline

Beyond that the only real choice is whether or not to leave the activist in the hands of the mad scientist. Do you want to fight for the safety of the rich girl with a token cause that just dragged around all of Nar Shadaa?

Or just leave her there to get some… new life experiences? Up to you really. He never came back. I think the point of this whole thing was meant to contrast with the PETA Patrol trying to save the alien porkchop but it never really clicked for me. Wookies are intelligent, the mutated Akk Dog thing is not.

Wookies have societies, can use tools, build homes. The combo platter again does not. So it seems weird to try to equate either of these things. Once you prove to the Hutt that you and Bowdaar are more trouble than your worth, you get your engine and you get to keep the wookie. So now you can bring someone else along instead the space hillbilly. He also apparently knows how to bar tend based on a few cutscenes on the ship.

Generally the big thing with Bowdaar is that he honestly just wants to be treated like a person. Keep that in mind and his affection will soar during your conversations with him. Interlude So before you can head off too far you pick up a distress signal from a lovely lady.

Her ship broke down waaaaaay waaaaaaaaaay out in deep space and she needs a hand. But hey sure anything for a lovely lady, not my smuggler has made any headway on the whole Risha angle. She advises bringing the wookie. This interlude is short. The whole area consists of maybe three rooms with a few fights dotted in them. When you reach the end, you find out that it is actually — dun dun dun — a trap. Unlikely, as Skavak is just as convinced as I am that this young woman is a bit unhinged.

She sics a bunch of robots on you and when that fails falls back on her portable blaster shield to protect her. Which is does until Skavak reminds her that the batteries on those things are notoriously short and hangs up.

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Sure enough like a well timed comedy routine the shield comes down and you can then deal with her as you see fit: The lady just needed some space gas. Tatooine Meanwhile, in a completely different plot. Her journey has taken far and wide but she has finally cornered the enemy of all things good on the backwater world of Tatooine. Yes, Tatooine is a quirky little chapter of our storyline where our smuggler gets trapped in the middle of an epic feud between the forces of Light and Dark and pretty much has nothing at stake in the fight.

You got meet with his lieutenants, figure out how to enter his secret desert hideout, and go make the swap.

The Land of Odd

But somehow you keep stumbling into this massive battle between a Jedi and Sith almost like your the cast of Blazing Saddles breaking through the sound stages for other movies. You first bump into the Jedi at a local bar where she deals with some local rapscallions before chatting up with you.

Unfortunately for her, you have business to do. Business that requires breaking into an overrun warehouse and getting a fancy horn, because only the person holding the horn may speak to the gangster Apparently the gangster learned how to run his operation from kindergarten teachers.

On your way to pick up the horn, you bump into the Sith who is also looking for the gangster for some other unrelated to what you want reason.

The Sith says that since you and she are both looking for the same guy, why not team up? The Agent is soon given their first mission to locate and collect some valuable intelligence from an alien slave Jurithus. To locate Jurithus the Agent is directed to start by interrogating a slave leader at the The Unfinished Colossus where a slave rebellion is underway. Before heading out, the Agent meets the various support personnel including Watcher Two who becomes their primary contact with headquarters.

Shortly after obtaining the required intelligence, the Agent is summarily directed to Imperial Citadel for a private meeting with Darth Jadus. The Darth has taken an interest in the Agent and explains his intentions to forge the Agent into an effective tool for the Empire.

smuggler chapter 1 ending a relationship

This will start with a new priority mission. The Keeper informs the Agent that he must assist in identifying and eliminating dissident faction on Dromund Kaas. The Agent persuades Samara into helping gain access to her father Theovor Mindak.

smuggler chapter 1 ending a relationship

The Agent confronts Theovor, ultimately accessing his computer and retrieving new intelligence on the dissidents. As a result of Watcher Two processing the new intelligence the Agent learns that the dissidents are planning to blow up the power system under Kaas City. They intend to overload long forgotten conduits at the Dark Temple causing a chain reaction into the city.

Darth Jadus insists that the Agent alone thwart instead of a full assault due to the sanctity of the Dark Temple. The Agent is successful in stopping the terrorists at the Dark Temple, but upon returning to Imperial Headquarters learns that a secondary target, the Imperial dreadnaught Dominatorwas destroyed killing Darth Jadus who was aboard. The Agent is directed to quickly act to prevent a group of dissidents from fleeing by using a mouse droid to infiltrate and sabotage their ship.

After returning from this final mission on Dromund Kaas, the Agent watches, alongside the support team at headquarters, a pirate broadcast by The Eaglethe apparent leader of the dissidents. Imperial Intelligence is unable to jam the signal and the broadcast is seen throughout the Empire.

The Eagle takes credit for the attack on the Dominator and promises more attacks as long as the Empire continues to be ruled by Sith leaders who continue infighting that the dissidents feel is keeping the Empire from obtaining the rise to glory and strength it was promised.

The Agent is promoted to cipher Nine and asked to lead the search to eliminate the Eagle and his organization. The Keeper explains that along with the promotion, the Agent is given a large amount of freedom to conduct the investigation, including a new Starship and ability to recruit team members. Watcher Two will continue to be their liaison back to Imperial Intelligence. Along the way, the Eagle's plan of using weapons of mass destruction known only as the "The Eradicators".

Further investigation reveals that these are biological orbital strike weapons that fire randomly if not issued commands.

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After taking down the terrorists' main financier on Alderaan with the help of Vector Hyllusthe Agent rushes back to Hutta, where spies have sighted the Eagle. Before the fight he mentions a "Patron", a traitor amongst the Empire's ranks, that has masterminded the entire plan.

After the fight, Cipher Nine is praised and is informed of a Imperial Cruiser in deep space.