Snoring relationship problems

How snoring affects your relationships | Dating

snoring relationship problems

Lack of sleep makes the snores and their partners less patience thus leading to problems in relationship. The worst part is that they don't. Nearly 15 million Britons snore when they sleep. Last year, the problem got progressively worse and, although she was really understanding, I'd Jokes aside, the effects of snoring can be disastrous for a relationship. Your partner is in denial about their problem In the Snoreeze Sleep But, a huge 86% of those in relationships said their partner snores. It's not.

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It's not uncommon for people to be in complete denial about their snoring, because of course, they can't hear it! One solution is to play them a video of them snoring. After all, the camera never lies. Does this look familiar? You're about to get charged with assault Ever been woken by your alarm and felt like throwing it across the room? Well, it seems people feel the same about snoring partners. This is mild compared to the 1 in 10 who have considered putting a pillow over their snoring partner's face!

We'd opt for trying to solve the cause of the snoring rather than resorting to assault. They blame you for being a light sleeper "I don't snore, I just breathe heavily. You must be a really light sleeper!

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Some people have been found to snore at over decibels[i] that's louder than a low-flying jet! So, next time your partner tries to say it's not their problem, let them know just how loud snoring can be, and see if they fancy sleeping next to a runway.

snoring relationship problems

You don't go to bed together any more No, we're not being crude. We mean that you literally don't go to bed together any more. Date night turns in to a sofa snore-a-thon Gone are the days when you would enjoy a romantic night in, cuddling up together watching your favourite rom-com.

Poke? Prod? Separate bedrooms? How to Handle a Snoring Spouse

These days, your partner is fast asleep before Harry has even met Sally. Studies show that snoring actually causes the snorer themselves to suffer from daytime sleepiness[ii], even though they have been sound asleep all night.

snoring relationship problems

Letting your partner know that their snoring is causing their tiredness as well as yours might encourage them to do something about it. You're both feeling unhealthy and sluggish A disturbed night's sleep does more than just leave you tired. Science backs this up as researchers in Berkeley[iii] used MRI scans and found that sleep deprived people craved junk food. When I posted your question on my Facebook pagemy readers came through with loads of practical advice that was clearly based on extensive experience: Why do couples feel they must share a bed every night?

My partner and I have separate bedrooms, we cuddle before we go to sleep in one bed or the other, then sleep separately most nights.

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This makes him change breathing patterns. And then he stops snoring long enough for me to fall to sleep.

snoring relationship problems

Provide earplugs for bedmates. If it takes more than two or three prods to stop your snoring, your sleep mate deserves the bed to him- or herself. Remember that snoring is a medical condition, not a personal failing. Regardless, be gentle with your spouse and discuss this in a non-confrontational manner—and not when you both are trying to get some zzzs.

snoring relationship problems

If the snoring continues to bother you, consider sleeping separately. As one Facebook poster put it: Just before he wakes up I slip back into our bed to give him a kiss to start our day. Get to the heart of the matter as quickly as you can.

snoring relationship problems

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