Spring byington marjorie main relationship problems

The Gay Almanac: Born Today in Character Actress Spring Byington

spring byington marjorie main relationship problems

Marjorie Main: You're gonna think I'm prejudiced [against Europeans], but I'm Marriage is a BH: Other than Spring Byington, were you friends with other So she's hardly in a position to give advice or issue challenges. Spring Byington Born: October 17, , Colorado Springs, CO Died: September 7, , Hollywood Hills, CA Well documented partner of Marjorie Main. Born Today in Character Actress Spring Byington that she had a long- term relationship with actress Marjorie Main, who was known for.

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The Tab Hunter Show ran for two seasons over 32 episodes. Inhe became the only person in history to make the cover of Entertainment Weekly two weeks in a row, which is some kind of achievement I suppose. He had been deeply moved by the suicide of teenaged gay Jamey Rodemeyer.

spring byington marjorie main relationship problems

By it was all over. Inhe picked up a teenage boy at a public pool, they had sex, and the boy told his parents. A real pity, because he had talent and was likeable on-screen. Krebs, and Sheila was Zelda Gilroy, perfect as the tomboy chasing after Dobie. An instant hit with the younger crowd, Sheila looked set for her own spin-off series until her lesbianism became known and producers suddenly got very cold feet. John Travolta — as Vinnie Barbarino For decades there have been rumours about John Travolta having gay relationships, but just recently a pilot formerly in his employ, Douglas Gotterba, was lodging a lawsuit, not to win a lot of money from the outcome he says, but for a judgment that will permit him to disclose details about a 6 year relationship he says took place with the actor back in the 80s.

Gotterba claims that is a lie. It is now June I guess we just wait and see. Personally, I think Travolta is a terrific actor to watch. It was generally thought that exchange of body fluids, even saliva while kissing, could transmit the disease, yet Hudson continued to play love scenes regardless of the possible risk to the actresses he was working with, such was his fear of being found out as gay.

Did you ever hear rumors about her? And since she passed on before the war ended, I can say it with a clear conscience.

Spring Byington

She preferred the ladies. She had a good lady friend. Patsy Kelly, Actress — BH: Yeah, wait a minute: You may be the only woman in Hollywood to say that. I heard that when Barbara and Marilyn [Monroe] did a movie together [ Clash by Night], Barbara was very kind to Marilyn, who was new and very insecure. And the two became good friends, but more than that… BH: Who can be positive?

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There was an actress, more of a stage actress, though she was very big at Metro in the beginning [the s]. Elsa Lanchester, Actress — Boze: A very nice man. Was it widely known in Hollywood that he was gay? Many people did know he was a homosexual.

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He was a homosexual? Did you know Elsa Lanchester at all? Did you ever hear in Hollywood of her off-screen life? Yep… she had a husband or two.

When a woman has no children, what does that indicate to you?

spring byington marjorie main relationship problems

She can live her own life and not spend it worrying about some ingrate. No one ever tells me they envy me, not having kids, but believe me, some do.