Star wars lethal alliance ending a relationship

The Bioethics of The Clone Wars - Overthinking It

star wars lethal alliance ending a relationship

The Clone Wars series completely belongs to Disney. How was the Clone Wars going to end if not bought by Disney? . Against this backdrop, it's clear that Disney's relationship with TV in general as well as with the . Lethal Alliance. Now there's Ubisoft with Star Wars: Lethal Alliance, an action game for the PSP starring a sultry mercenary and her sidekick robot. To start, you. Learn about Star Wars romances, from forbidden Jedi relationships to droid couples. Opera House at the end of the Clone Wars with his wife, Koyi Mateil. Imperial scout who had befriended a colony of Rebel Alliance sympathizers. . The Clone Wars: Lethal Trackdown - The Clone Wars: The Deserter.

The Weequay pirate captain mentioned their past relationship when Sing came to visit his base on Florrum after she and her fellow bounty hunters had kidnapped Admiral Shoan Kilian and a clone officer. Whether they truly had something going on or whether Hondo was boasting, we might never know for sure.

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Mechanic Love Droids could apparently fall in love, too. That monstrous sentient droid thrived and fed on the energy of other droids, and owned his own droid harem. Their lovely time came to a sudden end when she was fed to the Heep. After the Great Heep was defeated, R2-D2 and the other astromech droids rescued KT and were able to power her up again. We are not counting the fact that R2-D2 once fell in love with a fire hydrant on Sesame Street.

Even C-3PO once seemed to possess feelings for a female droid. She provided the heroes with the plans Vanis stole and self-destructed, along with her master who had been destroyed by Imperial torture. The explosion also destroyed the entire Imperial facility.

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The most unusual love affair that involved a droid must have been the relation between Elise Montagne, an inhabitant of Dantooine during the Jedi Civil War, and her droid CGE3. After relaying the news to Elise, she fled to the Jedi Enclave. It was there she met a new love interest, a man name Samnt. And although relations would never work out, they were not completely absent.

They would maintain a very close relationship throughout their years as Jedi Knights.

star wars lethal alliance ending a relationship

Eventually, during a mission on New Apsolon, Tahl went missing. Qui-Gon set out to find her, despite having been told by the Jedi Council not to. After finding her and completing the mission, Tahl and Qui-Gon expressed their feeling for each other.

She was soon captured however, and passed away after being fatally injured.

star wars lethal alliance ending a relationship

Her death nearly drove Qui-Gon to the dark side, demonstrating the danger the Jedi Order saw in emotional attachments. It was Tahl who stopped him from killing in revenge, by reaching out from the afterlife with a warning. She learned to be more patient after being rescued by Obi-Wan from bounty hunter Ona Nobis during a mission on Sorrus.

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After that, Obi-Wan and Siri discovered that they were more than just childhood friends, but they always put their missions before those feelings.

It was not until they found themselves on a ship rigged to explode that they truly acknowledged their feelings for one another. He was now a Jedi Master, so he knew better than to risk all for a true relation, but upon her death at the hands of Darth Maul, Satine expressed her eternal love for Obi-Wan.

Other Jedi found love and companionship in many different ways. Djinn Altis and his fellow Jedi split from the Order over a conflict over emotional attachments.

star wars lethal alliance ending a relationship

Quinlan Vos found love with the Separatist agent Khaleen Hentz. But the Jedi, as far as I can tell, have no qualms whatsoever about leading this army. In fact, they make an implied choice to use clones over drones. The Kaminoian puts it this way: Clones can think creatively. Presumably, the Republic has the resources to build its own robot fighters.

star wars lethal alliance ending a relationship

But humans are better fighters than robots, so the Republic chooses to use clones, genetically engineered to have limited free will. This allows them to avoid a draft, which would be politically tricky.

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And they then dehumanize their clone army by making them wear helmets at all times. In any other work of science fiction, this clone army would be terrifyingly evil and tragic, not plastered all over paper plates for birthday parties. Judge Dredd This is a world in which the police can execute criminals on the spot, and they are still horrified when Armand Assante wants to clone himself.

Alien Resurrection The best scene has Sigourney Weaver discovering a room with a bunch of deformed clones of herself. And what have we got for movies in which cloning is good?

star wars lethal alliance ending a relationship

Multiplicity Michael Keaton makes a bunch of copies of himself, and hilarity ensues. The bottom line is that in almost ALL the works of fiction I can think of, the people who clone people are the bad guys. And not just in fiction: They share every other value of Western civilization, like monogamous marriage, democracy, and a hatred of Jar-Jar Binks.

To be fair, the show does occasionally deal with this elephant in the room. But Dion Detterer, who writes an excellent blog about the philosophical side of Star Wars, sees the hypocracy in this: Besides, the clones are clearly NOT supposed to be completely benevolent.

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They are only fighting for the Jedi because Palpatine tells them to fight for the Jedi. When I think about A New Hope, I have no trouble believing that all those faceless storm troopers were grown in a vat. They literally address each other via serial numbers: The retcon that made a lot of them clones was actually a clever piece of plotting by George Lucas he does that on occasion.