Student vs teacher relationship meme

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student vs teacher relationship meme

PH shares over a dozen funny teacher vs student memes that can make Teacher-student relationship may be very challenging but it is one of. When people ask me what makes for a great learning experience, "a positive student relationship with a teacher or other caring adult" is always. Whether you're celebrating the return of your kids to the classroom or gearing yourself up to teach, you'll find something to emphasise with on.

Some of them have been not so good. And we know why kids drop out. We know why kids don't learn. It's either poverty, low attendance, negative peer influences. But one of the things that we never discuss or we rarely discuss is the value and importance of human connection.

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J ames Comer says that no significant learning can occur without a significant relationship. George Washington Carver says all learning is understanding relationships. Everyone in this room has been affected by a teacher or an adult.

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A colleague said to me one time, "They don't pay me to like the kids. They pay me to teach a lesson. The kids should learn it. I should teach it. They should learn it. Some people think that you can either have it in you to build a relationship or you don't. I think Stephen Covey had the right idea.

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He said you ought to just throw in a few simple things, like seeking first to understand as opposed to being understood, simple things like apologizing. You ever thought about that? Tell a kid you're sorry, they're in shock.

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Can we stand to have more relationships? Cardi B is the warden in this classroom.

student vs teacher relationship meme

Twitter This teacher is using the popular Cardi B internet meme to make sure no one in the classroom is using their phone. Twitter Is there ever such a thing as being too obsessed with internet memes? Apparently, this teacher does not think so!

student vs teacher relationship meme

Twiiter Drake is used to constantly inspire kids as they walk through the hallways in this school. This teachers is urging her students to focus on good grades, and not boys.

student vs teacher relationship meme

Twitter This millennial teacher knows students can get distracted easily. Memes can count as decorations too! Twitter To decorate her filing cabinets, this teacher printed her favorite memes. Newby said I can go to the library.

Twitter Cardi B's childhood picture has been blowing up the internet and has been reposted as different memes. This Cardi fan took it one step further, and created hall passes out of the meme.

Not all memes are for students Reddit If you're a teacher, you can definitely relate. This teacher used Spongebob to get her students excited for back-to-school. This teacher used the popular CW show, Supergirl, to remind kids not to cyberbully. The struggle is real. Respect Drake, and the no food rule.

student vs teacher relationship meme

Reddit Is there such a thing as being too meme-able? Because Drake definitely is.