Swan song ouat ending a relationship

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swan song ouat ending a relationship

Once Upon a Time "Swan Song" Review: Headed to Hell in a Handbasket . They could end it with Hook running Emma through with the sword and then have Season 4 did great things for the Regina/Henry relationship. In the mid-season finale of Once Upon A Time, Swan Song, we learn't all those missing pieces (except how Merida ended up in Storybrooke) last week. but this week we got to learn about his relationship with his father. For the Once Upon a Time fans who were fretting over Emma and Hook being separated by a new curse and thus losing their happy ending, suddenly they love to do — this was really the next step in the relationship between them. I' m a Captain Swan lover and I'm GLAD Rogers isn't “real” Hook.

First, I was angry. My favorite pirate was not the man I thought he was. He really was going for his revenge. Then, I was concerned. Everyone was marked for death, and though I expected pain, I expected Once Upon A Time to leave me hanging, that was just too much. I needed at least a measure of hope if I was going to survive the hiatus.

Then I was horrified. Actual tears falling from my eyes as I tried to keep them open and witness the devastation, Emma crying, Hook finally, finally deciding what kind of man he wanted to be, and I was wrong, but I was right, and it was excruciating. The show had broken me. But I still had time to go back to anger. To scream at Belle to run away, please, save herself. And, finally, to cheer as Emma decided to give into love — and as her and our heroes walked into the Underworld, ready to save one Killian Jones.

This is going to be long, and perhaps rambly. But after last night, what did you expect? Boy, were they useless. I mean, other than look menacing in their black cloaks, what exactly did they do? They were supposed to be scary! Have actual faces and stories! We were meant to be something other than slightly judging of their attire. At least, I assume we were. In the end, they were just the pretty distraction for the main even.

And the main event was Hook. Well, Hook and Rumplestiltskin. So, maybe, in the end, it was all about the Dark Ones.


Just not the ones we expected. Did I want this storyline to be wrapped-up and tied with a nice little bow? Did I want Guinevere to come back to herself, become the Queen of Camelot, banish Arthur and live happily ever after with Lancelot, all while proving that yes, sometimes women do it better? Did I want Merida to be the one to exact revenge on Arthur?

You bet I did. Did I want to see Arthur suffer? Again, we only have forty minutes in an episode. Once Upon A Time has never been very good at juggling time, sometimes sacrificing important moments for the main characters to give the guest stars more to do.

This time, they chose another path. I think Amy Manson did a great job. I wanted Guinevere to rule. Papa Hook We already knew Killian had been abandoned by his father. This was not news.

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Especially a father who, in their only interaction of the episode sounded like he really, truly cared? That I did not expect. The rest of it, however, I did see coming. Oh, I saw it a mile away. They were villains, and they acted like villains. But they were not the same. This flashback only reinforces that idea.

Intentions, however, do not count. They only serve to give us a glimpse of the person underneath, the pirate who, despite everything, always wanted to be a good man. The villain who made the wrong choice again and again, and again, and who, in Emma, finally found a reason to try. Writers, you better be planning this.

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I will never forgive you if this is one of those plots that are left hanging. Fact is, this is an impossible situation for Robin, and in a way, for Regina. Zelena is a certifiable crazy person. And yes, making a baby grow up without her mother is not a good thing, but is Zelena capable of being a mother? When Regina finally banished her to Oz, I was ready to banish her somewhere myself. Fact is Zelena overplayed her hand. Rebecca Mader does crazy like no one else.

Calling her that until they announce a name. What kind of a normal life can this girl have in a cursed town with people constantly fighting over her? At some point someone has to decide to put her first.

swan song ouat ending a relationship

I don't actually hate this show, but this half season was mostly a mess without the usual redeeming features. No setup, and retroactively ruins his whole arc for the season so far. D posted by twist my arm at 7: Hook especially looked kind of puffy and sickly but Emma too and Josh Dallas seemed to be trying to cover up his pallor with a bad fake tan. Also yeah this episode was damn nonsense and I'm both irritated by it and kind of glad it's just out of the way so that now maybe we can start the next half-season and actually do something with it.

I feel like we haven't even seen Granny in forever and what about, like Gepetto and everyone? This would also explain why none of the Dark Ones stalking the town actually DID anything except wear cloaks!

It all holds together! God this episode was disappointing, and frankly so was the whole season. There were twists that meant nothing to me because they didn't make sense, stuff was established only to be dropped, characters behaved completely out of character exception: Belle aka Stockholm Syndrome Barbie came back to Rumple as soon as he was evil again, should have realized he was evil when she turned upstuff just got dropped kind of randomly like whatever is going on with Arthur?

Do we even know or care? Regina, I mean where has she been?! It had great potential for Regina and Henry to work together in a continuation of Operation Mongoose to save Emma. What did we get? No seriously, what did we get? It was a great extension of trust for both women. Emma sacrificed herself for Regina to save her, to give her hope of a happy ending and fulfil her promise. At the same time it was a great leap of faith for Emma to trust in Regina to save her I can't let my family and friends go to hell.

P's accurate list of stupidity aside, i'd still watch the show if it gave me the core characters being themselves every episode. Look if you or anyone thought the show would be that sensible you really can't be trusted. I've liked Hook in the past and even had a crush on him but making the show about him is both unfair to the other, better characters who have been well-developed and puts too much pressure on his character which isn't strong or consistent enough to carry the show.

Also, yeah, there are all these good relationships that just don't even seem to exist anymore. Even Charming, who is a delightful dope, isn't really a part of things anymore, nor is Snow except for the occasional Being a Dopey Nitwit cameo. We get a lot of Hook's relationship with Hook, some of Hook's relationship with Emma, a bit of Stockholm Syndrome Barbie's relationship with Rumplestiltskin, and less and less of Emma's relationship with Regina, topped off by virtually no relationships with Henry or anyone else in the family.

It's a shame and I totally agree with this: Like, fine, make the show about MacGuffin after MacGuffin. Every Dark One ever has wanted the Sorcerer's Hat? Every Dark One ever has wanted the author's pen? Every Dark One has sought Excalibur?

MacGuffin away if you must, I don't really care, but for God's sake stop flat-out ignoring the characters and relationships that made the show worthwhile. I enjoy the crazy nonsense and plots that can't be explained because they're too convoluted and ridiculous!

This is something I like! I enjoy trying to update my roommate's girlfriend on the two weeks worth of plot she missed by being like "Well, it makes sense once you realize that the Stone of St.

swan song ouat ending a relationship

Balderdash was part of the necklace worn by the Pink Fairy who it turns out is actually Princess Guinevere's half-twin from a different realm so it can only be wielded by someone who has collected the tears of a centaur which means The more stupid and convoluted the better!

It's great and tons of fun IF it's backed up by real emotions and relationships among the characters about whom I actually do care and instead the show is substituting increasingly-predicable twists for time with the characters and, in fact, dropping stuff that could be good. Are we EVER going to learn about them?

Emma's got a baby brother and he's actually being raised by her parents because she was the Savior who allowed that to happen and she loves him and is excited BUT he's going to grow up with the family she didn't. Can we address THAT please? How do her parents cope with their guilt towards her while expressing their love for the first child they actually get to raise? These are interesting questions! No wait let's take the total remaining cast Emma, her parents, Lana Parilla, Henry, and like sometimes Leroy maybe, plus Belle and Rumple and march them into Hell to save Hook.

That sounds like much more compelling drama.